KTM Launches 1290 Super Duke R in Indonesia; Coming to India Then?

KTM, the Austrian bike manufacturer, has launched the menacing 1290 Super Duke R in Indonesia, a streetfighter which will surely change the way naked lovers look at bikes.


The first ever single sided Swingarm, with the exhaust integrated into it, is not just a masterpiece by the engineers, but is a work of art. The bike is powered by a 1301cc twin cylinder (arranged at 75 degrees to each other), liquid cooled engine which churns out 180PS of raw power. The bike also features an ABS developed by Bosch.

KTM officials claim that the 1290 Super Duke R has been designed so aesthetically that not even an iota of material can be found on the motorcycle which does not help the bike gain ground towards its goal of ultimate riding perfection.

Getting back to the engine, the 144Nm of peak torque helps this 189kg (O-N-L-Y!!!) beast hit a speed of 200kmph in just 7.2s! This is a shade quicker than the acceleration figures of the rocket Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport! 100kmph? That comes in under 3s. Merlin’s beard.


*Super Duke in Black!

The feature list includes slipper clutch (which reduces the effect of engine braking while a rider decelerates while entering into a corner), ride by wire (to improve throttle response) and traction control (which can be turned off for those track day outings). The Chromium-Molybdenum trellis made-Steel framework with the WP suspension allows the bike to perform on the tarmac like a knife in butter.

The 1290 Super Duke R has been priced at 475 million Indonesian Rupiah which equates to Rs 23.56 lakhs in INR. We also hope that KTM will launch the bike in India sometime later and at prices lower than this, since bikes in Indonesia are priced higher than those in India.