KTM to Launch RC200 Along With RC390, Most Probably on 9th September

If the Tata Zest can be called as the most spied four-wheeler of the year, the title for the same in the two-wheeler world will undoubtedly go to the KTM’s upcoming Supersport motorcycles, the RC200 and RC390 (and the faired Pulsars). A few days back reports poured in which claimed that the RC390 will be launched on the 9th of September, without any word on the smaller RC200.

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (10)

At the media ride of Discover 150F & 150S (review coming up shortly), we asked a top Bajaj official about these dates and the RC200. The first update is that both the RC twins will be launched together which means the RC200 which was speculated to be coming later will be launched along with the RC390.

And in the second update, he also confirmed that the launch date of both the RCs have been finalized and it is indeed around this time of 9-10th September, however did not reveal the exact date. This must put all speculations to rest regarding the launch of RC200.

It must be noted that KTM Bajaj have not started the official bookings of either of these bikes but they may begin soon. A local KTM dealer in Delhi, upon being contacted, said that the bikes will be unveiled in September (he does not know the date), official bookings will start soon and deliveries will start in October.

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (12)

Meanwhile just a few days back, KTM launched the RC125 in Austria, which churns out fantastic 15PS of power from its 124.7cc mill. The RC125 will also be produced in India along with the RC200 and RC390 but, like the Duke 125, will not be sold here for KTM does not see the Indian market mature enough for a sporty 125cc!

The RC series bring a fresh gust of breeze into the Indian market. Affordable motorcycles which look straight out of a MotoGP garage, oozing of uncompromising racing spirit. Designed by the legendary Austrian designer, Gerard Kiska, who has designed every KTM motorcycle since 1992 (along with the iconic X-Bow).

The racing bodywork, the narrow flat tank and the clip-ons mounted below the upper triple clamp, underbelly exhaust and the ever so agile 375cc & 200cc single cylinder potent mills, all make us drool over the prospects we see coming. And the expected price!

How many of you are booking one then?

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