KTM Duke 200 Ownership Review by Sreekanth

09th April 2012, the birth date of my Duke. I still remember the day I saw a KTM Duke 690 few years back, I was like “I wish I could buy KTM one day” and that day came in real. I have got my KTM Duke 200 after waiting for about a month and 9 days, I booked the bike on 1st March 2012.

The story dates back to Auto expo that was held in Delhi in Jan 2012, I heard KTM will launch its Duke 200 soon, and then I decided to check out the bike, enquired the Pro Biking outlet and they dint reveal anything, just told me to wait for few more days to get thrilled!

Feb 1st week I was at the KTM stores to have a test ride of the Duke, the KTM guys were really warm and welcoming. They explained me every aspect of the bike and the test drive! Oh yes I got it! Trust me I was amazed after I took a test ride! I decided to book the bike then and there, unfortunately my dad wouldn’t let me do that.

Convinced my dad on Mar 1st and booked my Duke, there I go, worst part of all- waiting for 3 months! I already saw Duke’s on road, that too a lady driving the Duke in an amazing style, made me feel more pathetic that I wish I had my Duke too! March Last week I got a mail from KTM that my bike will arrive soon, I completed all my finance formalities, troubled the Finance guy a lot.

A big thanks to Vishwanath (Bajaj Finance) and Praveen (KTM) for their patience and understanding my condition. April 9, I got the Duke and trust me it was a heavenly feeling, a feeling that can be understood by someone who is waiting for his/her loved one to arrive! Got some do’s and dont’s from the KTM guys, took the key, the trip showed 4kms already run, and then I sat on it and there goes a photo session! Everyone would do that (to upload on FB).

Inserted the key, I was welcomed by “Ready To Race!” note, and a warning lamp showing low fuel level. Ignition, and I started thanking my parents, sister, my cousin Bharat, my best friends and a special someone who was with me and supported me to go ahead with the bike blindly without a second thought.

Ok ok, coming back to Duke, I cranked to First gear, blipped the throttle, and the pocket rocket launched! there was a big smile on my face and I felt as if me and the Duke were known to each other very well. Perfect gear shifts, perfect acceleration, perfect braking, a never before feeling! No other bike gave me that adrenaline rush which Duke gave, awesome power and handling.

Went to a nearby Gasoline station and asked for high octane petrol and that person was showing me a blank face! When I asked, he told me that he has Rs.76 wala petrol, I smiled and told I am asking for octane rating not fuel cost! Another person from the station attended me with Speed 91 Octane petrol and I filled it full. And there started questionaires.

Then left to my friend’s place, she did little puja for my bike, felt great! I am 6ft tall and still I feel comfortable on the bike though some say it looks small for my height, doenst matter though. I need to see the comfort level in the long run though. I observed that the bike loves to get revved, doesnt like lower rpm’s, faced it in traffic signals when I tried to move the bike gets turned off unless I revv it hard.

Reached home asked my dad to check it out and all the kids near my place started checking out my bike, common question “Where is the exhaust?” “My friend standing with me replied to the kids telling its an electric bike!” and they beleived. Then I went to a temple nearby my place and got the puja done. Only then I realised that “Yes I got my Duke!”

Couldnt sleep in the night till 3am, got up in the morning felt it was all a dream, checked out my garage and luckily it was not a dream. Wherever I go I see people staring at my Duke and asking all kinda questions. Parked near a hotel and people gathered and started checking out the Duke, so the road presence is awesome!

The bike gets heated up very soon, I could feel the heat and felt like my legs were getting baked. The radiator fan gets switched on at 72 Degrees, and the sound of the fan makes me feel great! Mileage is not a concern for such a bike but still its returning decent mileage of around 30 kmpl in city.

My Verdict: A perfect bike for a reasonable price! WP USD’s at front, WP 10 step adjustable spring at the rear, fuel injection, oil cooled engine, 4-Valve DOHC head, 25bhp engine, ribbed aluminum swing arm, trellis frame, multi functional cockpit, the list goes on! So penny spent on the bike is worth it, and Rs.1,40,596/- on-road Bangalore is a hot deal of the year! Go get your Duke now if you planning to go for a bike, cause I am sure this bike will make you proud and feel great. I have a great satisfaction with the bike! Will get back to you with another review after my first service!


  • Please fill in high octane rating petrol, minimum 91 Octane.
  • Ready to race doesnt mean it is really ready to race, please take care to maintain optimum speed during running in.
  • You might get some chain sound in the beginning, so when you receive your bike make sure you get everything rectified.
  • Do not panic if your bike gets heated up, that is common in oil cooled bikes.
  • Do not keep the bike’s fuel level in reserve, this avoids fuel pump issues.
  • Get your bike’s chain lubed every 500kms and use only KTM prescribed engine oil.
  • Last and most important, Ride safe! Life is precious.
  • KTM Duke owner’s please mail me on shreekanth.sharma@gmail.com and share your thoughts and problems, the more we share the more easier it becomes to troubleshoot any kind of issues. Also let me know if you going for some trips, Duker Boyz can hit the road together!

Thanks for reading my review with patience. Happy riding and take care of your bike!

– Sreekanth