KTM Announces Price Cut for Three Models

The first KTM bound for India will be showcased in the Delhi Auto Expo by the moth of Jan 2012. Ooof, how many times to report the same news man. I’m in fact bored about it. So, here I come with a post that will make you start scratching your heads and get involved with the post atleast for quite some time.

The Austrian maker KTM on which Bajaj has a 38 per cent stake will be launching the KTM Duke 200 in the Indian market in just a couple of months. But, we are all least informed on what is gonna be the price of this particular bike. Following the foray of the Duke 200, the Duke 350 will also enter the Indian market somewhere round the corner.Across the Globe, the most successful models from the KTM family are the 690 Duke and 990 Super Duke R and the 990 Supermoto R. For the 2012 models of these 3 bikes, the company has announced price cuts in most of the markets dominated by these three models of bikes.

There are most chances that these models will hit the market by the month of February of next year.

Will this advantage of price cut by KTM be passed on to the potential Indian customers? This price cut cannot be taken for granted by us because all the products under the KTM umbrella will most likely be marketed by Bajaj Auto. Hence they will have a say on the pricing if the KTM products here.

We will indeed have to wait for some more time so as to get an announcement from the company about the price structure on KTM products. To know more about the product details stay tuned with us as we’ll be bringing live updates from the Delhi Auto Expo.

What do you think should be the price band for the Duke 200 and the Duke 350? Will it sweep the Indian bike market? Leave your comments in the form of words below.

Author – BikeAdvice.in