After 6 Months How is Kawasaki’s Cheapest W175 Doing…?

Let us discuss Kawasaki W175 sales numbers in the first four months of dispatches and after many months of its launch here in India

Apart from its other sub-brands, Kawasaki sells its classic motorcycles under the ‘W’ moniker worldwide. In India we have had the W800 and recently the Jap introduced the W175 – that also went on to become the most affordable motorcycle in the portfolio – and by a big margin.

W175 is a retro classic that, frankly, is too small and too basic even in terms of specs for our market. It gets a 177cc single cylinder air cooled engine that is good only for 13 PS of peak power and 13.2 Nm of max torque. The motorcycle that weighs just 135 kilos, has its price as the main USP. At an entry tag of Rs 1.75 Lakh it is the entry into the Kawasaki fold and that is what the maker appears to be harping on.

So, let us quickly understand how is the motorcycle, that was launched in September 2022, doing in terms of sales…

According to the official SIAM sales data that we have, factory dispatches and eventual deliveries of the W175 commenced in December 2022, around 3 months later. In the first two months of December 2022 and January 2023 the retro motorcycle did over 200 units of wholesales in each month – and it was the largest seller for Kawasaki in terms of numbers.


However, numbers sharply dropped to under 100 units in February 2023 with the model falling to only 32 units (equal to much costlier Ninja 650) in the month of March 2023.

Kawasaki W175 Sales in India

Dec 2022224 units
Jan 2023241 units
Feb 202379 units
Mar 202332 units

So for the four months data that we have, W175 did wholesale numbers of 576 units – an average of 144 units a month. We aren’t sure of the internal sales target but these are not really very impressive numbers for a motorcycle of that price, from a renowned premium manufacturer.

Kawasaki W175 sales

What could be more worrying for Kawasaki is the major drop after the initial push of two months – in which W175 fell below the evergreen Ninja 300 – that costs more than double!

It will be interesting to see how interest levels pan up for the entry Kwacker in the months to come but do you think Kawasaki should have launched it in India…?