Karizma ZMR 11000 KMs Ownership Review by Benny

Hi Friends My Name Is Benny Abhilash I Am From Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It’s been a long time since I bought ZMR and the love for this bike is just increasing everyday.

Today after completing 11,100 kms in about 14 months it’s time for me to pen down how my experience has been on riding my Karizma ZMR. After munching miles after miles on my ZMR I can proudly say that this bike has been an excellent companion for me where ever I travelled so far.

It’s sheer presence, huge size, superb metallic paint job, FI engine, higher displacement were the key facotrs which made me pursue this ‘Grand tourer’ I had options like R15 & P220 but since I m 6’2 feet tall, It was uncomfortable for me for riding R15 and felt it will become difficult for long distant travelling on R15 as I needed more relaxed position bike. P220 was also looking as a good option but not reliable enough in my eyes hence, I decided to go for ZMR.

Headlight Issue

For someone like me who does a lot of rides on bike I always felt the need of switching over to Projector Headlight with HID which I bought from MXSMotosport.com which will give me better vision at night. With the stock bulb your visibility in dark is very low.


At a cost of over 1 Lakh rupees, ZMR is slightly overpriced if you compare it with other bikes in this segment. However if you plan to use the bike for a long time then this price will be justified because of the wonderful mileage this bike returns. I have always managed to get an efficiency of 48+ at highway and 45+ in city which makes it the most fuel efficient premium Indian motorcycle mainly because of the PGM-FI. I Have Changed My Spark Plug (NGK Iridium) & A K&N Air FIlter (R-1100).

It is definitely above all in terms of mileage and the RTMI [Real Time Mileage Indicator] another feature in the bike is very useful if you want to keep a check on how you are faring on the mileage at your current speed. Though this feature is more helpful if you are riding at a constant speed. Talking about features, one of features is the digital intrument cluster which has all the information you need starting with welcome message where you can add your name. Nice touch I would say.

Engine Performance

This is the primary part of any review and surely Karizma never fails to impress in this part. Having 17.6 bhp with a 223 cc engine this bike can hit 0-60 with in 3.7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 132 (126 claimed by Hero Honda). With effective gear ratios I am sure your Karizma ZMR can also touch 130 as mine. Overtaking is the easiest job when you are on this bike, shift down the gear, increase the throttle little and you will fly past others, few seconds later other bikes vanish from your rear view mirror too! I would call it as “Karizma Power”.

The “programmed electronic open loop fuel injector” adds more power to this Horse. The addition of six sensors has added refinement to the engine and hats off to Hero Honda for those! The MRF tyres provide good grip while cornering extremely. The quality of the engine can be felt from 3-6 rpm (fantastic smoothness). The ZMR Gives A Power Of 17.6BHP @ 7000RPM And A Peak Torque Of 18.35NM @6000RPM.


ZMR’s suspension is wonderful and this bike can be taken anywhere because of the telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers in front and GRS (Gas Reservior) at the rear which provides great comfort to rider and pillion. I Think That Mono Suspension Would Be Better.


After years of riding on this machine, I can say that it is very easy and comfortable to ride this bike because of its seating arrangement. The up right position is a boon for riders who are into long distance touring.

Digital Console

The digital console in ZMR is unique. It Starts with a personalized message and ends with a ‘BYE’. It’s like the bike is maintaining a relationship with the owner. A light glows if there is any problem in the fuel injected engine, this I think is a step ahead than the other bikes. This console is a treat to eyes after sun.


  • The bike has PGMFI engine, so better mileage & a smoother ride.
  • The suspension is very comfortable; GRS is what Hero Honda have termed it.
  • The digital speedometer console is undoubtedly the best on any Bike available in India Under 500cc as per my observation. 2 Trip meters, clock, welcome message with your name, adds a nice touch, last 10 secs fuel average in kmpl. Easily viewable in day light as well.
  • Disk brakes at both front and rear.
  • Tubeless Tyres.
  • Sensor: 7 types- crank position, oil, throttle, air intake, etc. Totally awesome!
  • Lights are good looking and illumination is decent, rear one’s are LED.


  • The bike is well built, the paint is good, the plastics are of good quality, and it’s a head turner.
  • The suspension is on a softer side thus can absorb the potholes quite easily without any concerns.
  • The ride position is just awesome; you won’t feel stressed even after long rides.
  • The power is Okay, it can take you 0-100 kmph quite comfortably without letting you know.
  • The 5 speed gear shift is smooth; the engine is the smoothest I have ever driven (at all RPM’s).
  • The balance of bike is excellent.
  • Fuel injection engine give smoother ride and better mileage as well. It give 35-40 Kmpl, any way you ride.
  • Longer seat length, Split seat isn’t there, I feel, this is better, practically, if tripling is to be done at some point of time, (although not advisable).


  • The top speed isn’t that great, although you can cruise at 110-120 kmph for all day long.
  • The bike suspension is on a softer side, so isn’t made for track surface.
  • May be bulkier for shorter people, it’s quite huge in size.
  • Tyres could have been broader, given the fact that every other manufacturer is giving it now.


If you are looking for head turner, if you are looking a comfortable bike, if you looking for refined engine, good handling, decent mileage then ZMR is the one. Just ride it once and feel the difference!

Benny Abhilash