Karizma R Review & Ownership Experience by Jassim

I readers, I am Jassim and over the next couple of minutes I’ll take you through my biking experiences. I’m one of those guys who has humungous thirst for raw power, extreme adrenaline and a delightful ride with a happy smile in the end. I’m one of those street racers whom you can always see. I started to ride bikes at the age of 12. My first vehicle was a Bajaj Chetak which was owned by my dad but I was the frequent rider. Like most of immature riders, I used to often meet with accidents and my legs faced most of the injuries.

My dad then bought a TVS Victor which was the first variant available at that point of time. The motorcycle which used to give a mileage of 60km/lit started to give only 40. The mechanic always used to complain about me stating that it was because of me that the bike gives a very low mileage. Thereafter my dad started hiding bike keys so that I wouldn’t be able to ride it. This gesture of my dad made me so very angry and frustrated as I was not able to ride any bikes.

At the age of 19, I started my career in a MNC BPO. After 6 months of my completion in the company, I went ahead and bought a bike of my dreams and it was none other than Pulsar 150 DTS-i. I went for Bajaj because I hated HH for the bikes which had no looks or power (that was my thinking).I rode this bike for almost an year. Even though it had the looks and good mileage, it was lacking power, pickup, torque and the adrenaline which I wanted. Then my bike met with a serious problem and so I went to a mechanic as everyone does. However, this was completely different. Why? Because this was the day I started to know more about the internal parts of the bikes.

When I went to the mechanic and asked the fellow to set my bike up in perfect condition. Then as it was costing around 8k’s for getting my bike ready completely. So I asked mechanic whether I should go for a new bike instead of investing on this. He didn’t give me any recommendations but just told me that it was my wish. I was unable to decide so I thought I asked the mechanic to use low cost spare parts and get my bike ready for 2k instead of 8k. It was almost a week after that I got my hands on my pulsar. But then, once again I asked myself whether I should for another bike as my pulsar wasn’t able to quench my thirst. Then again I asked my mechanic as to if he can give any suggestions regarding the bike I should go for. He knows very well about the way I ride my bike and what I need. He didn’t give any second thought but just said that I need Karizma R.

As I didn’t like HH, I said I’m not interested. But then he (Mechanic) gave me his bike key which was a Karizma R and asked me to go for a ride. MAN! The whole experience was so great, that’s how I felt after taking this baby for 3 km ride. I just sold off my pulsar within two days and went for a Karizma R. After 1Week waiting, I got myself a beast (A beast that is meant to kill every other bike). Let me tell you, tastes differ for everyone. But the following are what I’ve done on my bike:

  • 0-60 in 2.8secs (i.e in the middle of 2nd gear)
  • 0-100 in 7secs (As soon as u shift to 5th gear, your bike has already exceeded 100km/hr)
  • A top speed on 148km/hr on a highway
  • In an instance I was caught by highway police who then used a IR gun to test my speed. The gun has clocked a speed of 138 km/hr. The gun was accurate in reading as I tested it myself on my own bike with the police riding it. So the bike does clock more than 145km/hr. It depends on how you shift the gears.

The following are the things which I felt about my ZMA R:

  • Awesome handling and braking
  • An Adrenaline rush which can crush your bones
  • A silent Self Starter, you never know when your bike has started
  • Imported 223CC dirt bike Honda engine which makes you feel like heaven when you ride at low speed
  • Gears which shift like butter
  • Comfortable seating position for both the rider and the pillion, so long rides are possible.
    Large front disc makes the bike to halt at an instant
  • Balanced weight on both the front and back part of the bike that makes the ride feel better. Unlike Bajaj and few other bikes where 70% of the total bike weight is on the front
  • Till now People turn their heads with their eyes wide open to see my ZMA R.

However, I feel very miserable when I meet with an accident because spare parts for this bike cost higher than the competitors. However, they are worth every penny. Why? Because their life is more and the quality is far better than the competitors. As far as mileage is concerned, it gives an average of 35 Km/Lit but when I ride it very fast, I get as low as 25 km/lit. However when the bike is driven at 50-60 km/hr, it easily gives you 35 km/lit. I guess this is enough for someone like me who seeks more adrenaline, power and punch. You will never stop loving your ZMA R as I do it every time when I ride my baby. It will make you ride more than you normally do. This is my experience with my ZMA R. Hope everyone likes it.

Thanks & Regards,