John Abraham Cannot Use ‘Hamara Bajaj’ in His Movie

John Abraham is in news these days. A few days back we heard him getting gifted with an Aprilia RSV4 and now he is being talked about for his upcoming movie. John Abraham was reportedly producing a a movie under the title ‘Hamara Bajaj’ which would have starred Ayushman Khurana and Yami Gautam.


Now, John’s production house can not use the tagline ‘Hamara Bajaj’, neither as the title nor anywhere else!

Bajaj says, in order to protect its intellectual property, the company moved the Bombay High Court on 25th March 2013 and after a prolonged hearing, ruling has been made in Bajaj’s favor.

According to a press release shared by Bajaj, Mumbai High Court has ruled that the tagline ‘Hamara Bajaj’ will remain with Bajaj.

Bajaj used the tagline ‘Hamara Bajaj’ in its earlier advertisements and generic junta definitely associates this tagline with Bajaj. A minor controversy was also created a few days back with the movie ‘ Mere Dad ki Maruti’.