Jaypee Racing Circuit – Track Details With Layout Video

All you readers might know that India is going to host its first ever F1 race on Jaypee racing circuit next year i.e. in 2011. In this post we are going to showcase the first video of the Jaypee racing circuit layout. Before jumping in to the video, let us equip ourselves with the details of this amazing racing circuit.

All this originally began in the year 2007. In October 2007, Formula one administration paid Rs. 1600 to crore JPSK sports private limited to construct a F1 track in Noida.

JPSK group is together operated by Jayprakash Associates (74%), Sulba Realty Private Limited (13%) and Delhi based Track work International Pvt Ltd (13%).

Formula One Racing’s governing body has declared an inclusion of Indian Grand Prix for October 2011. The F1 committee will have a final call on the event after seeing if the track is ready by May 2011 or not. The Jaypee racing track near Noida is expected to cost a whooping 10 billion INR ($215 million) to build and is expected to be completed in May 2011.

The track will be spread in an area of 875 acres with a length of 5.14 km. The initial seating capacity is speculated to be around 1, 50000. However there are plans to increase the seating capacity to 2, 00,000 later on. The sprawling circuit will be a part of Jaypee Green Sports city. The sports city is planned to include 100,000 seat cricket stadium, 18-hole golf course, hockey stadium (25,000 seating capacity) and a sports academy. The Sports academy is expected to cost around 4000 crores and will generate $170 million revenue annually with an employment capacity of 10,000 people.

The sprawling racing circuit will also be used for hosting one or more rounds of Moto GP championships in the year 2012. All in all, we can say that this racing circuit is built for hosting world class racing events like F1 and MotoGp.  This racing circuit will put India ahead of many nations as far as hosting racing events  are concerned.

In the video one can find even the minute details of the Jaypee racing track. JPSK group is really working hard to make this dream a reality. The video looks promising but we will have to wait till next year to see if the track is as the layout. For now let’s just enjoy the video and take pride in being an Indian.