While surfing the Internet, I came across the IronButt Association of USA. IronButt association has certification for long distance rides called the SaddleSore1000. In this ride you have to complete 1,610kms (1000 miles) in a period of 24 hrs. I had to locate a suitable route where the roads were good and traffic was light. For proof the ride has to have petrol receipts,logs,witness forms for verification process.I choose the route of Mumbai to Eklinji and back to Mumbai covering a distance of 1650kms. Eklingji is located in Rajasthan which is at a distance of 15kms north from Udiapur. So the route was Mumbai (Maharashtra), Surat(Gujarat), Udaipur-Eklingji(Rajashtan) and turn back and come back to Mumbai thus completing the required 1,610 kms.

DAY1: I started out from Sion (Mumbai) on 23rd November’09 at 7:54am at western express highway. The W.E highway connects to the golden quadrilateral which takes me across to Gujurat and Rajasthan. This route goes all the way north direction to Delhi. I topped up my fuel tank on my Yamaha FZ16 took a petrol receipt as proof for documentation and my saddlesore ride has begun.

My destination was to reach Eklingji which is ahead of Udaipur and head back to Mumbai. The journey on the golden quadrilateral is much better than riding on other highways. I had to be extremly carefull of the trucks plying as I did not want to be run down by any of them. Riding the FZ16 was fun as the engine and gear change was smooth, rest assured the extra wide 140mm tire on the bike provided fantastic grip and stability. I reached Surat at 11:35am covering about 284 kms. This was my first stop after my ride begun to fill fuel in my tank.

The scenery covered while riding the bike is breathtaking, I thought to myself this is the best part of doing the ride. I finally reached the end border of Gujurat at Himmatnagar at 4:30pm. The only stops I did was at the petrol pumps to refuel and I sipped on red bull to give me energy. I continued my ride entering into Rajasthan. This was my first visit to Rajasthan, it is really a lovely place to visit once at least. Finally I reached Eklingji at 7:26pm and I was glad. Now I just had to make it back to Mumbai in one piece. After leaving Rajasthan to return back to Mumbai I reached Himmatnagar(Gujurat) at 10:28pm.

DAY2: The journey in the night became a problem as lots of insects were starting to hit the helmet. I had to stop frequently to clean the helmet visor so that I can have a proper view in the night. I reached Surat (Gujurat) early morning at 3:40am and my god I was dead tired not knowing whether I will be able to make it back to Mumbai. My odometer reading showed that I had covered a distance of 1363 kms. Continuing riding I made it to Dhaisar check naka and to my surprise there was a hell line of trucks lined up. Making my way on the side path I made my way out. I reached Mumbai and I made to to the western express highway, I was nearing my time. After much riding I reached a petrol pump but the credit card machine was down . Ahead I was glad to see a ATM machine and I quickly punched in my card and got a time stamp slip for proof. I reached Goregaon (Mumbai) on W.E highway at 7:50am on 24th November’09. I had done it, I had completed 1650 kms in 24 hrs. Now I had to make my way back home satisfied that I had done the SaddleSore1000 ride.

– Melroy Alphonso

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  1. Awesome!! Hats off! Truly saddlesore 🙂

    ^^Hemant There are definitely better places to be asking about mileage… Come on.. He deserves better.

  2. Wow that’s a hell of a quickie! congrats! what is your riding impression for the fz on such a long trip. was it comfy? any area where you think the bike needs improvement or where it shines as it is, do share.

  3. wonderful man…hope u’ll post more articles of ur trips….i always chek the tours and adventure tab but do not find more articles…m glad u stepped up!!!!
    really greta article again…wish it cuold hav been longer!!!

  4. Truly fantastic!!! I rode my bike (Unicorn) once for about 100-120 KM continuous and my back pained like hell, riding for 1600KM in 24 hours. You really have an Iron Butt 🙂

  5. Hats off to you… 1650 kms in 24 hrs is really mind-blowing.

    Did u do any modifications to your Fz like changing the headlights or installed any kit etc.

  6. Bharath I used the same halogens headlights.

    Viper I was glad with the FZ16 as there was no viberations from the handlebars unlike the apache and the bike did not feel front heavy as the pulsar150.

  7. who is the guy that was asking mileage(average) i mean common thats the height of stupidity ….instead of congrating…
    i firstly congrats you for such a success……now what americans have to say….???

  8. great.. damn ..you made it sound so easy…though i know it isnt as easy… truly..you have “iron butt” and titanium hands and spine..good work..keep it up

  9. This is the right place to talk about mileage of fz,as we can get perfect reading of a perfect fuel sucker machine ! There are very few chances that any other ‘mai ka laal’ will bust his ass again on fz !

  10. one crazy guy…i don’t knw wat to say.
    “Madness is like gravity all it needs is a little push”
    its more of a mental achievement than freakish biking…

    Congrats on a rare achievement…

  11. Well Done Bro. I am proud of your achievement your article makes it sound like an easy trip but I know it must have been difficult. But even more glad that you came back safe – Thank God.

  12. Melroy,

    We all knew that you had it in you and by completing this you have proved yourself. This has indeed been a commendable achievement and talks about your strong determination, dedication, persistancy and passion towards this great initiative. With the publishing of this article now the entire world knows you and you have become a HERO. It’s great honour to have known a braveheart like you as I am sure it was not a easy decesion to take this up. Great job done, Excellent Performance – Keep it up & we are all proud of you.


    Darryl D’costa

  13. great work dude..i think you should be a part of yamaha ad campaign now..you can pump up the sales of Legendary FZ series.hats off to the endurance of you and your bike.

  14. Man, you did this trip simply to get your name enlisted on that website?! You’re a crazy guy!! Well, anyway congratulations to you!

  15. Long back for suzuki feiro bike tvs used to advertise bangalore to bombay in 12 hrs.
    you have doubled the figures on your own without sponsors.

  16. That was awesome !! When i started reading your travelogue i had thought you would have had mini nap of 2-3 hours somewhere in the night.
    But this is even more impressive. No sleep. Forced to maintain fairly high speeds. To average 60 kph am sure you need to ride consistently at 80-90. Cool dude.

    Does FZ have a small tank(it looks big 🙂 ) that you had to keep refueling ? or just that you used refueling as the only means of taking break.

  17. awsome dude!!u’v done it!hats off to u !!!
    u didnt need ny other break while riding?coz bikers do need 10-15 mins brake after around 300kms.

  18. Siddharth Yamaha FZ16 is a fantastic bike.Well the low mileage of 40kmpl and the high price tag(Rs 65,000 ex showroom) goes against it.

    Balu FZ16 bike tank capacity is 12 ltrs. I had to stop at regular intervals at petrol pumps to take a electronic receipt which states location and time for documentation purpose.

  19. u r unbelievable….u r 1000 times better than those americans.To ride for 24 hrs nonstop on indian roads..U deserve guiness record………..

  20. congrats alphonse…..u proved ur passion towards saddlesore 1000
    i heard about fz that it’s rim is not strong as it used to be….is it true
    please reply

  21. Thanks prikshit. Never heard of any quality issues with the Yamaha FZ bikes so far.The bike was very reliable even when I continuously rode the bike at 90kmph for 24hrs.

  22. First of all Congrats Melroy. Tremendous will power. Your well written ‘Ridenama’ inspires us never to give up and conquer our weaknesses. Wish it went on and on! I wish to relive your experiences on this ride.
    I stay in Chembur. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty much sure I have seen you ‘vrooming’ fast on your immaculately maintained FZ around Central Avenue.
    Well done once again and hoping to read more of your achievements

  23. I bet your must have got a real saddle-sore during this trip…how did you deal with it ?? Is there any way to make long drives comfortable without getting the irritating saddle-sore ?

  24. Dear ,
    Truly inspirational Ride and Hatts of to your will power and commitment along with the passion you have for “Riding”, I have made a trip 750 kms in 14 hrs, that time i thought i was hellowa rider, but reading ur article along with Vinu’s Burn Rubber challenge, i ve understood wre i stand as a biker, Really Hatts of to you two , Melroy and Vinu , for completing SS, & BB.

    One more thing you both have been the talk amongst my fellow riders and we have decieded ,” lets give it a try” So , Kindly can any one provide any leads to either melroy or Vinu or both for acquriring more details from the experienced campaigners, We are planning for ss as of now, ( its just a try ). So anyone to help us out??
    Mainly we do not have express highways like in the North ( I am from Kollam , kerala) so lot of HOMEWORK needs to be done..

    Untill then Safe riding, God bless everyone, cheers mates.

  25. Mindblowing…. I was always thinking to make a trip from Chennai to Coimbatore… which is 500 km+… but reading this… I think I should take the challenge one day…

    Congrats man!!! But i wont agreeyou got an iron butt… it should be “Adamatium” 😀 😀 else this is not at all possible

  26. Dear, Congrates. Can you advise the details about this. I wish to participate this ride. Please advise the tips for travel, ride kit, food, fuel, rules& regulation to participate and how to register.


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