Interesting: New Law Bans Small Children from Motorcycles in Philippines

A very interesting law has been passed in Philippines which bans small children from motorcycles completely. In simple terms, you can not carry your (or any) child on your two-wheeler any more in that country. It is illegal if you ride your two wheeler with a child on board. This is done for the safety of children and in the wake of increasing road accidents.

What sized Children are Allowed?

According to, children who are around the waist of the legal rider, and the ones whose feet can touch the footpegs ‘comfortably’ are¬†allowed provided they wear helmets (at least). Even if the child fulfils the above mentioned criteria, he is not allowed to sit/stand in front of the rider; he can only be at the pillion seat.¬†More importantly, you can not adjust the height of the footpegs from its default position to bypass the law.

The ruling has been implemented from 19th May and people not adhering to this law will be penalised. Penalty for the first offence is php 3000 (~3900 INR), PHP 5000 (~6500 INR)for the second and PHP 10,000 (~13,000 INR) plus one month driving licence suspension for the third. If caught for the fourth time, the license will be completely cancelled.

This brings us to India and I am in favour of such a law to be implemented. Very often we have seen scooter/motorcycle riders carrying truckloads of children with them posing each and every life on board in danger. But yes, the public transport should be strengthened and made seamless before barring small children from two-wheelers. Your views..?