Insights on the 2012 Bajaj Pulsar

I’ve never been fascinated greatly by Pulsars as I‘m now. The first generation Pulsar launched way back in 2001 which stood perfectly for its tagline ‘Definitely Male’ was the only when I admired, but that was in my school days when bike was still a dream at that point of time. But, taking a look at the spy shots of the next generation Pulsar which is the 2012 model, I’m left speechless. An Indian company with a bike like this is something I’ve never ever dreamt of.

I do understand the hard feeling of die-hard Indian Pulsar fans after seeing the Pulsar with Speed Curves thinking it was the next gen Pulsar. Rejoice that Bajaj hasn’t let you down this time too. The Pulsar 135Ls has so far been the most stylish one among the entire lot of the brand which is why the 2012 model has derived most of its styling cues from it. There’s nothing to regret about it as it looks perfectly cool this time. I still remember Mr. Rajiv Bajaj announcing to the media that the next generation Pulsar (the one you see in the pics here) will not be a merely facelifted version of the existing Pulsar but will be a completely new bike based on an all new platform with the best of technologies incorporated onto it.  All his words have taken shape now.

The following are the insights we get to know about the 2012 Pulsar from the spy pics clicked somewhere near the Bajaj’s Chakan plant in Pune.

  • The rear tail light is similar to the traditional twin lamp design which still looks perfect on the bike.
  • The rear quarter of the bike will more or less compete with the Yamaha R15 V2.0 which has a sharp ending. The rear lamps are now more sharper and note the number plate holder. It is perfectly inspired from the Japanese bikes.
  • These bikes have no rear wheel hugger which we’ll find in the production models.
  • For all Monoshock suspension lever, it’s time for you to rejoice. Note the yellow colour mono-shocks on the rear. It looks damn sporty on this model.
  • The design of the alloy wheels is sure to rock. There is a ten spoke alloy which is fitted to the 2012 Pulsar which looks terribly hot and is even one of the best looking wheels on the Indian bikes.
  • The seating position is all set to see a change with this model. It is very clear that is resembles the KTM Dukes in this aspect. The KTM 125 Duke which I reviewed in Singapore in the month of August is what I got reminded right at the first sight. Kudos for that!
  • Note the biggest change in the 2012 Pulsar. The exhaust is not visible onto the right rear half nor it’s got an underseat exhaust. Then where is it? There are more chances that it houses a centralized exhaust which is very new for an Indian bike
  • The front disc appears to be pretty bigger than the one found in the present model. Implies improvised braking which gets to feel it’s need in a bike with improvised performance. So what is the change in engine now? Awesome question with absolutely no answer (unfortunately)!
  • The engine might now be liquid cooled to take the R15 V2.0 head on. There are more chances of this to happen.
  • There is a complete makeover with the headlamp fairing in the front as well. Let’s wait for some more time to know what is exactly is as it’s not clear with these images.
  •  The platform on which the Pulsar was built on has also seen a complete change. Looks like Bajaj has made use of KTM’s platform to build this bike. Very evident from the pics.
  • For an all new visual upgrade, air scoops along the side of the fuel tank have now grown bigger and resembles the KTM Dukes once again. Bajaj’s 39 per cent stake in the Austrian maker KTM has not gone waste.
  • But, a major concern is that there are no discs at the rear. Will this see a change in the production model? Let’s see how it goes

As the proverb ‘Everything comes to him who waits’ means, Bajaj hasn’t ditched it’s prospective young customers who have spent so months waiting to see the next generation Pulsar before getting their next bike booked. This model is sure to continue its reign in the sport bike category. I’m now excited to see this model in the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 which is scheduled in the month of January. Start pouring in your thoughts about this bike, Dear PulsarManiacs.

Disclaimer: Either I, as an Author or BikeAdvice is not responsible for any changes which’ll get incorporated in the production bike compared with what you see in the pics. We’re not responsible for the authenticity of the images as well.

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