India to Participate In MotoGP Championship by March 2011 with Mahindra’s Support

Today we have very important and long awaited news. India will participate in international MotoGP Championship! It will happen in March, 2011. And what company is standing behind this great decision? Most people are thinking that it should be Bajaj Auto. Wrong! It’s Mahindra! They already submitted the names of their 2 riders to the international racing associations, and they plan to name their MotoGP squad – “Mahindra racing team”

I know what you are thinking – Mahindra started motor-business only in late 2008, and they made only 1 (one!) motorcycle model! (well, they made 4 scooter models too, if that matters) But the company itself was created in 1945, and they were focusing exclusively on car production till July, 2008. As you see they have some serious experience in this area, but how good are their motorcycles?

Well let’s see what they had to offer at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2010. They presented a 125cc Concept racing bike, which produced 53bhp and maximum peak torque reached 32Nm! Top speed should be about 245km/h. If this information is true, Mahindra might be really competitive machine in MotoGP 125cc class. All 125cc class machines have maximum power around 50-55bph, with speeds reaching 242-245km/h. So they fit perfectly in that “gap”. Well, there is only one monster machine that can surpass this – Aprilia. In 2010 they became most successful motorcycle racing brand in history (they have more wins than MVAgusta). They claim that power output of their bike is ~60bhp and maximum speed is 250km/h! But, let’s hope that Mahindra can improve their bike, especially balance and handling. And of course it depends on the rider very much.

Interesting thing is – China plans to participate in MotoGP racing too! And in the very same year – 2011. But their machine shouldn’t be a problem for Mahindra racing team. And I think they still need to work on it, because it isn’t as good as other MotoGP bikes – 48bhp at 13000rmp and top speed of 240km/h. However, this is quite feat, and I congratulate Chinese engineering. But let’s get back to Mahindra.

For braking system Brembo mono disc brakes were used (both at the front and rear). For front suspension – inverted fork from Paioli, and the rear suspension is Paioli monoshock. Also for cooling Dynamic Intake System is used, which runs on a forced air. I don’t know if this will be a great idea, other bikes in 125cc class are using liquid cooling systems, which are very efficient. But we will see the results. Aside of that not much is known; only that fuel tank will be 13.5 liters. And also they will be using 17” tires for the both wheels. Weight of this bike is not reported, but it should be standard – 110-125kg. We can clearly see that there is some carbon fiber used for few body parts, so weight should be pretty low. Design is pretty similar to other 125cc bikes, nothing unusual, and bike looks quite aerodynamic. But racing isn’t about design anyways. But I like red tube-frame which was used for hardening motorcycle construction, it is very similar what Ducati engineers use for their bikes.

We can see that Mahindra created very high-tech bike, that meets the great standards of the premium MotoGP class. They proven that their engineering can keep up with world class manufacturers. And it was a smart move too – their popularity is rapidly increasing, and sales rising. When they will participate in first world championship they will get on a whole new level. Hopefully they will produce more real bike models soon, because only serious model is Mahindra Stallio.

This is also quite a chance for riders who want to become expert racers. If you prove your skills to Mahindra’s racing team they may get you aboard! Imagine how best bike racing championship would feel like! Participating in MotoGP race would be more than most people wish for, but now there is a real chance. So get to practice and hope for the best!

– Aleks