As we know Indian market is fast growing market in two wheeler segment due to large amount of interest in biking and so demand due to lack of imported motorcycles. So generally people tends to change the machine from stock to high performance for either street racing, circuit racing, drag racing or for dirt purpose. Earlier some of the high performance material was not available in India due to lack of knowledge about material or because of importing it to India.

increase-motorcycle-performanceNowadays in India there are some high performance spares available by some of the direct distributor or importers, for example K&N filters, Piper Cross, MSD Ignitions, NGK, DYNOJET, Microns, TwoBrothers etc. The material is extremely high performance but just by putting few spares you can’t increase the performance due to lack of information. The performance is depending on channels or the way you put those spares in-line. In simple language it’s a kind of computer flow chart.

In the market some people just trying to do business for money. Anyways lets talk about the high performance for Indian motorcycle. Lets start from Filter, In the market you get K&N or Pipercross, LM filters or BMC filters or whatever. When rider or mechanic installs those High Free Flow Filters they generally forget or don’t change some or the other things just to avoid complications.

High Free Flow Filters means Air without any obstruction or rather than increase in Air quantity. Stock Motorcycle comes with some particular ratio of Air and Fuel. For example if the stock has got 5:1 ratio that means 5% is air and 1% is fuel. Now consider Air with Free flow filter is 10%, people always forget to increase the fuel ratio, that means fuel should be 2%. So when you are putting High Free Flow filters don’t forget to increase the ratio of Fuel by Re-Jetting.

High or low number jets are available in the market or you can get it from some local manufacturer with accurate required numbers. Dellorto/Spaco has got jets but not suitable for Mikuni or Keihin because of thread size. In Two wheeler all Indian bikes are coming with Mikuni or Keihin carbs. So make sure about thread sizes. so after Re-Jetting next step is burning all the fuel, that means change in spark plug (NGK-Ir), change in spark plug cable (MSD Ignition Cables), High performance Ignition coil for better and high voltage for burning the fuel.

Next step after plug and it’s cable the main and priority change in Exhaust canister, which people always forget or ignore or avoid to use High Performance Free Flow exhaust canister. The reason behind Free flow high performance canister is, when the intake is increased by some amount the exhaust should also go in that ratio which stock silencers can’t do. For that reason it’s priority to change the canister from stock to high performance (TwoBrothers, Microns, etc). In all mods the channel of modifications should be in route for good performance. So this is the main flow chart for modifications in Indian Motorcycles without tinkering much and very much easy because of external changes. For ECU controlled or EFI system and Carburetor motorcycles some of the modifications are common, But EFI needs some different modification due to it’s ECU, which we need to remap for high performance.

Don’t forget to work on Lubrication for better performance. In the market you might get some high performance lubes like synthetic, semi synthetic oils. Oil is the main factor in the engine for performance, wrong oil grade can decrease the performance rapidly and might damage the motor or moving parts.

Please note: Some of the imported oils are not suitable for Indian Motorcycles, they are very good for Higher CC engines. The major lag of power starts from clutch, so wrong oil can start slippage in clutch. So make sure before you buy and pour in the motor. Now lets move on to Internal changes which I call COREPOWER.

The first change should be clutch springs, the main engine power transmission is through clutch so bad clutch springs or low tension springs kills the BHP, so use proper tension or some high tension clutch springs which should high tension than stock springs. The second step is nitriding of intake and exhaust valves and so the cam, which will reduce the wear and tear. Somehow if you are able to get titanium connecting rod, Valves then nothing like it, but sadly for Indian motorcycle it is still not available.

Anyway, so the next step in internal change which is Big Bore Cylinder. Change to higher size piston for big bore cylinder. After that next change should be Hard Chrome Plating on cylinder bore, which helps the piston for fast motion. The next step is increase in intake bore for better intake. After those changes you will definitely get high performance from your Indian Motorcycle.

Ride Safely And Enjoy Life

Chinmay Dangre

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  • fas

    Nice article there with all the basics covered. Most people tend to overlook the important points like re-jetting and better spark plugs. Waiting for a similar article on FI mods.

  • FZrider

    Very nice article…..could you tell me for my FZ-S what neccessary changes required to get better performance?

    and if you could please give some price estimation also.

  • Chinmay Dangre

    In YAMAHA FZ-S the carb. is BS type so check the stock jet first, then try to find higher number jet for re-jetting. for example if your stock jet is 100 then try to find 110, 115,120. Then you will see two rubber pipes which are connected to Air Box. One is for emission controlling kit (AIS) and another must be for crank breathing. When you are fixing K&N you need to put this filter directly on the carb by removing the stock air intake hose. Then try to find one more small filter to put on crank breather because you will be disconnecting that breather from air box. Then shut of the emission controlling kit(AIS), if you don’t then impure air will enter in your emission kit and when it will operate it will also use the vacuum from carb which is basically obstruction. Then ride your motorcycle and try to see if it gives you problem or not. When you are riding at a high speed if yes then go for re-jetting with higher number of jet. But in all this procedure if you keep your silencer stock then I suggest your all efforts will be in vain, because the more air you allow, engine needs to exhaust gas in that ratio. Catalytic and the stock baffle will not allow to do free exhaust. It always need a free flow silencer…….In this all mod get skilled mechanic

    • jainamshah

      my name is jainam shah i m owning a fz … and i wanna a add a muffler in it so plz let me knw if u can the part to mumbai via sum services … thnx

    • Jaxz

      I would disagree with the disabling of the Air Insertion System. It only provides very little boost to the torque but it will decrease the top speed, in fact the torque gain is so insignificant that it is not worth it, as the idle timing will be adversely affected, causing very tedious carburettor tuning.

      What you need is to modify the mikini carburettor by drilling and enlarge the holes of the Slider of the component. This is to increase the vacuum flow.

      2) Change to a high velocity air filter like K&N Stock. Pod K&N Filter is not ideal as it is susceptible to rain especially if these bikes are bought by customers staying in tropical countries. Besides, Open-Pod filter will not give top speed and in fact will decrease it. Lastly, Open-pod filters are very prone to dust.

      3) Change the CDI to a custom racing CDI. This I leave it to the people to search for it in the internet. There are some enthusiast who have created a racing CDI for this model of the bike.

      4) Mod the piston block. Enough said.

      5) Change to a high exhaust like Yoshimura Pipe.

      These are the only things one can do to increase the performance.

  • FZrider

    Chinmay Dangre: In YAMAHA FZ-S the carb. is BS type so check the stock jet first, then try to find higher number jet for re-jetting. for example if your stock jet is 100 then try to find 110, 115,120. Then you will see two rubber pipes which are connected to Air Box. One is for emission controlling kit (AIS) and another must be for crank breathing. When you are fixing K&N you need to put this filter directly on the carb by removing the stock air intake hose. Then try to find one more small filter to put on crank breather because you will be disconnecting that breather from air box. Then shut of the emission controlling kit(AIS), if you don’t then impure air will enter in your emission kit and when it will operate it will also use the vacuum from carb which is basically obstruction. Then ride your motorcycle and try to see if it gives you problem or not. When you are riding at a high speed if yes then go for re-jetting with higher number of jet. But in all this procedure if you keep your silencer stock then I suggest your all efforts will be in vain, because the more air you allow, engine needs to exhaust gas in that ratio. Catalytic and the stock baffle will not allow to do free exhaust. It always need a free flow silencer…….In this all mod get skilled mechanic

    Thanks alot…..but i dont wish to change the stock silencer…..shall i only install a K&N filter and a NGK platinum [Ir not available yet for FZ-s] spark plug….will it increase any performance??

    • Chinmay

      Hey thanks a lot man, but will it affect the mileage ? and if yes then how much will it be reduced to ?

  • Chinmay Dangre

    Can’t say, but I guess that will change only low and mid range but not high range…choice is your’s goodluck….So if you wish then try it….

  • Chinmay Dangre

    NGK (IR) – part number for YAMAHA FZ = CPR7EAIX-9

  • FZrider

    wow…thanks i will look for that….

  • Chinmay Dangre

    Dear FZRider,
    If you are from pune, then you will get this plug from Pro-Biker shoppe which is near to ABN Amro Bank. For more details you can visit my workshop.

  • FZrider

    thanks for the help…but i m from Kolkata.

  • Manish

    hey Chinmay Dangre….

    may i plz no whr ur workshop is ?? is it in pune ? can i hav ur contact num….

    m buying a new pulsar 220 Dtsi (2009– carb version)… performance wise its already top notch… but i wana push it 2 its limit… doing everyting mentioned in d article… what kind of performance can i expect after d upgrades n what will b d approx total cost ??

    — Thanks

  • vicky

    I am a fz16 owner n i want to change my stock exhaust…would u plz tell me that with which exhaust can i change it..i am thinking of under seat exhaust…if i will make custom exhaust wat would the size,length,diameter etc..with which i can get maximam performance…or can i get any under seat exhaust…plz guide me

  • I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  • sagar

    hi chinmay m 4m pune cn u give me ur no m lookin 4 sum upgrade 4 my fz…….

  • Chinmay

    Sagar, My contact number is 9822212496, my workshop is in Nigdi.

  • Chinmay

    Vicky, wait for DAYTONA.. all the performance spares will be coming soon.

  • sagar

    thanx alot chinmay.i’ll get in touch with u soon.

    hi you mean airfilters n other stuff as well by DAYTONA….

  • subrata

    I want to take a new bike within 2-3 weeks, my choice is HONDA UNICORN or SUZUKI GS 150R. Can one suggest me that which one is better. Presently I am Using RX 135 (5 SPEED) from the year 1990.

    • anil kumar

      hi. Keep using the rx. Best bike. Get it tuned up and i am sure it should serve another ten yrs. Buy off some spares and keep it. If u still wanna buy a 4 stroke u can take the hero honda for economy any cheap running cost. Dnt sell yr rx .

  • Chinmay

    @ subrata,
    I am really very sorry for late reply.
    In some points Unicorn is good and in some points suzuki is good. But as we know the unicorn rolled out much before SUZUKI that means no issues with unicorn. But SUZUKI is also big manufacturer so they will not make ne mistake in GS. I road the GS150 n I found it’s cream.

    I just got the mail from one of the yamaha dealer that the DayTona Kit will cost near to 53K.Will let u know all the Daytona kit details soon.

  • vicky

    thx chinmay…
    one more question…
    there is any way to put some parts of daytona kit…bcoz i cant afford 53k ….

  • Chinmay.D.

    @ vicky, I guess the kit I have mentioned should be open kit so i dno’t think so it is kinda of a package which u’ll have to buy fully. So u should be able to buy separatly in spares. besides if the kit is available in spares so prolly u can go for Exhaust canister and remapped ECU. other things i don’t think u need ’em. But I suggest wait for some more time coz yet there is no news from people or any magzine about the review. I heard that they r not worth coz the kit is hardly increasin some BHP. Well in that case I don’t know what people exactly did. But this is what I have heard.
    lets wait n watch………

  • raj

    hey nice info……………
    i need to know that did i am able to modified my herohonda cbz-xtreme.
    if yes then what can i do and from where…………….


  • Chinmay Dangre

    @ raj,
    It depends on your budget.
    so here is the list I can tell u about the performance.
    1. High lift cams.( if available)
    2. Performance HT coil.( if available)
    3. Performance Power cord.
    4. Carb upjetting.
    5. KRP exhaust canister or else some imported canister like two bros and all.
    6. Performance Air Filter
    7. Supplimentry Crank Brathing filter
    8. NGK spark Plug.
    9. Steel braided Disc brake pipe frm New P220 carb version.
    10. Change in compression.
    11. Performance Timing chain.( if available)
    12. Higher side Carb number.
    13. Forged piston. ( if available)
    14. Titanium Con rod. ( if available)
    15. Head porting.
    16. Change in timing towards advance.( if available)
    17. Sprocketing for top end. ( if available)
    Some of the things u can vomit coz they r related to core change. for external change u can go for some points.

    • ramswaroop

      Do you know wher to find a crank case breather filter in bangalore.?

    • Virendra

      Hi Chinmay
      My HH CBZ classic is giving lots of problem eg ignition, mileage, petrol tank epoxy wearing off causing slider getting jammed n bike loosing power. In nutshell plz advise where can i find a good mechanic in mumbai to sort out my probs.

  • pavan

    Hey! chinmay
    i own a CBZ-extreme..itz already givin a gr8 perfomance instead of being a stock bike…i wanna chane it to a performance bike..can u exactly tell me frm whr i can get those parts .

  • Chinmay

    Dear Pavan,
    Please let me know your city. If you are from Pune then I can guide you.

  • Jai

    Hey Chinmay

    Nice Article !! I have a pulsar 180(2007) which i wish to modify .I am planning on putting a K&N filter (1060)+ jetting , NGK spark plug and sproketting (top end speed) . Can you tell me where in pune i can get these parts and a mechanic who can fit all these (wud be nice if you can list out the prices also ) . And do you recommend i go for all these modifications ? (I want some performance ya !!!!!!! )


  • Vicky

    Hie chinmay.
    Plz suggest me…i want to change my rear sprocket mainly for stunting…wat size of sprocket should i use…i hv fz16

  • Chinmay Dangre

    @ Jai, If you are interested in changes then you can come to my place. I do marchandising and fix it too. I am from Pune.

    @ Vicky, If you are not worried about warratny then you change the sprocket. B’coz Yamaha is very much tight about warranty issues. For stunting you will be needed bigger size rear sprocket. But by that you will loose your top end. It won’t go more than 70 to 80 is it ok with you? Please wait for my next advice for the same, since I don’t have calculated sprocket for FZ. So I will let you know about it.

  • Vicky

    Thx chinmay.
    My warranty is already broken…so warranty is not an issue…..n i dont drive my bike above 100 bcoz i alwayz driving in cities n traffic….i use highways very less..wich size of sprocket is suitable for me.,

  • Chinmay

    40 or 42 teeth sprocket. Also try to work on your Pilot Jet. Up-Jet the PJ for low end reving. But careful b’coz FZ carries huge n bulky n heavy weight tyre which is already loading the main shaft in the gearbox. So by changing the sprocket and jet the total load will come on main shaft, chain kit, clutch.

  • Jai

    Hi Chinmay

    contact or address plz !! or my Email id is – .

  • vicky

    thx alot man…

  • Punit

    hey chinmay
    Nice article,
    i have a pulsar180(2007).
    Guide me the modifications that i should do to increase its performance.

  • Punit

    hey chinmay,
    nice article,
    i have a pulsar180(2007)
    can you guide me how to increase my bike’s performance.

  • Ankit

    hey chinmay,
    i m interested in buying a bike and i am confused between yamaha fazer & fzs.
    please help me out.

  • Tarun

    Hi Chinmay.. thx for such a fantastic post… I own an R15.. i’ve already got a K&N filter installed.. I am planning to get the spark plugs changed. M confused between NGK’s n OWS plugs…please suggest wht u think is betta.. also i did not get any jetting done after installing the k&n.. is it required since its an FI engine.. please suggest.. anythin else i can do to enhance performance( sumthin nt complicated)… any help would be highly appreciated.. thanks again.. cheers

  • Bhupesh

    Hi Chinmey
    Nice to see the all info at one place, what is more amazing is you do this professionally.

    I owned a Apachey RTR 160 its 1.5 years old, i some how very much like its control and handling compared to pulsor- its equally stable at high speeds and at curves, top speed is also good 115-120(off course what more can be expected by this low end bike). i dont want to buy a pulsor 200/220 just dont like the brand and its not much worthy to go for apachey 180(maybe wating for tvs to bring in 225cc model that wud be ideal).
    In the mean time i wish to update my present bike. please tell me how much bhp(present is 15.2) and top speed can be increased against Rs15k-20k budget.Also if say i need to boost the performance to 18-20Bhp with no significant improment in topspeed which i belive is not possible, how much cash will i have to lose.

    Thanks again for putting up somuch usefull info for indian low end bikes.

  • Bhupesh

    …..addition to above comment———

    if i sale my presnt RTR160 and go for RTR180 how much will it cost me.

  • EJAS

    Hi, chinmey,i have pulsar220fi,please give me some info to increase the power.thankz

  • salil

    m from mumbai n own a karizma. i already hav an K&N air filter on ma byk… will u plz let me know how i can push ma byk ovr 135kmph?

  • salil

    n ya, how do i tune ma engine 4 d max performance?

  • pavan

    chinmay i m from lko…let me know if i cud find the parts nerest to me….like delhi..

  • Please refer my other articles for performance. So all you high performance enthusiastic riders will get to know about external modifications.

    All the modifications are external, not internal. Get the changes in your machine from professionals. It is not DIY.

    I am from Pune, So not familiar with Delhi market.

  • ejas

    hi,i have a pulsar220fi,i have installed k&npower filter,got some changes n acceleration but no changes on topend,can any help me to increase topspeed above 135,,pleasee…..thnx

  • vinod

    I want to buy a pure out and out performance bike and my budget is around 750000/.iam really inclined towards the rtr 180…………is it really better than everything else in its segment performance wise……iam hesitant towards pulasr 180 because of its low torque…..also the rtr doesnt have a rev limiter ………please guide me which is better in terms of performance and which gives more adrenalin rush?

    • Abhimanyu Raj

      Beta ek zero jyaada nahi ho gaya hai kya!!!!!!
      TAke Suzuki Gladius (7 lac, 67 BHP) or Suzuki V-Strom (5 lac, 63 BHP), and keep remaining money in bank which can give u some 3k to 4k interest per month for the petrol…

      TAke Apache RTR 180 Great power n pick up compare to any bike pulsur 180 also

  • sonu

    Hi Chinmay,

    Nice article man.

    I m having Karizma R and i need some info regarding the below mentioned lines of u.

    that means change in spark plug (NGK-Ir), change in spark plug cable (MSD Ignition Cables), High performance Ignition coil for better and high voltage for burning the fuel.

    Chinmay, I have changed the bike’s plug to NGK-Ir. But can u please tell me about the other things like spark plug cable (MSD Ignition Cables), High performance Ignition coil.
    Please reply me if u don’t mind dear.


  • suhas

    Hi chinmay

    I have fitted kn filter and iridium spark plug in my FZ16, the air hose linking carb and air box was removed and conical kn was fitted directly on carb. My confusion is that the air box is open now at point where hose is removed and further no pipes were closed and no other filter was put in place. I am not knowledgable abt where each pipe is going,cn u plz tell me whether i have to close pipe or the open point in air box(at which hose was conected). It would be great help if someone cn suggest me a real gud mechanic in chennai who knws stuff well

  • rahul

    can u pls tel me how mucg wil high tensi0n clutch spring be for n wer can i get it from in mumbai?

  • wasim

    hai chinmay iam wasim i met wid u wid anand and ajay so hope u will recocnize me well i need exhust for my rx135 where i will find,

    • anil kumar

      exhaust system varies on each bike and for specified racing rally or street purpose.

    • Abhimanyu Raj

      Beta apna photo bhi laga deta hum bhi to dekhye kaisa lagta hai tu….. Go find in google

  • guys please mail me at
    …we can discuss more

  • FzLowONTorque

    Hi Chinmey!

    I wish to increase torque on my Fz16 for stunting … will a larger sprocket in the rear do the trick ?? if so which one will I have to buy and how much will it cost me??

    • Abhimanyu Raj

      It ll cost ur life.
      ha ha ha ha ha

      • Abhimanyu Raj


  • @ FzLowONTorque.

    Go for proper pilot jet upjetting and rear sprocketing,,,since u want initial torque or the power or the pick up. u will be needed big size rear sprocket..but don’t forget u w i loose top end…and some things might worn out faster than it’s actual life…

  • FzLowONTorque

    Ok!! then thank you for that 🙂

    what about the sprocket then ?? My local mechanic says the “hog needs to be replaced for this” is this correct … ???

  • DioDudes’

    basically for two-wheelers like HONDA DIO and HONDA ACTIVA the mods are as follows-
    1> you can change the air filters..
    the two options are k n n air filters and pipercross air filters.
    pipercross air filter has proven to be the better one..
    both of them come for the same prices, ie. 1650 bugs
    2> you can change the engine oil
    mobil 1 oil can be used in your bike. it is a synthetic oil which improves the engine output and efficiency. it would cost around Rs 900 per litre
    3> you can change the spark plug
    a ngk irridium spark plug is most suitable for any indian bike..
    it comes for 550 bugs..
    4> you can change the ignition wiring
    Msd ignition wires are best suited for honda dio and activa. it comes for around 650 bugs per metre.
    5> you can increase the petrol supply
    petrol supply can be increase by jetting. it hardly costs 100 bugs

    thats it.. get these things in your bike and experience the change…
    these tips can be implemented on any bike..
    keep revvin’

    • 0wnR-of-aN-!mba-D!o

      Omg dude….diodude…u r such a life saver..thanx for all the above tips…btw…my dio has a prob…it doesn cross above 70 now…thats aftr i got it jetted for no reason…the bike also has a push n pull prob…thats because the mechanic i went to was a retarted 1…b4 my bike used to cross 90 easily…there aint no proper mechanics in bangalore…do u know about any1 or somethin…plz plz plz help me out

      • Mansoor

        Hi dude…….there is one good mechanic in bangalore by name Mr.Ansar Baig, who knows how to repair any kind of the bike n he’s got approx 35 to 40 years of experience n still his tunning is awesome. I know about his job b’coz m 1 of his customer n i own a 1984 350cc rajdooth n Yezdi Roadking. He has tunned my yezdi in such a way that no any stock or powered yezdi can keep up with it. If u want to give a try call me on 9972854960 or if u know Kammanahalli R.S.Palya u cud cum there n call me i’ll pick u from there…………


    • kamar

      dude like you said about petrol supply
      how to do jettint and what is it???

  • fayaz

    what should i do to my karizma to get wheelie in 2nd gear

    • anil kumar

      snap yr clutch against a road hump. But its not gud trying stunts unless bike is good enough for such acts. Also watch yr bones. U may end up braking yr teeth also.

  • siddharth Puranik

    Great post!! Helped to resolve lot of queries in my mind…

  • ayesha

    HII all ,
    i want to buy a scooty … confused between activa and dio… pls help me to select the ryt one

    • anil kumar

      hi. Buy activa. Its comfortable all round!

  • Faisal


    I recently purchased Pulasr 180cc 2010 Manufactured.

    I have driven 600km till now and its time for servicing .

    Please Suggest me a high performance engine oil for my bike.

    Also tell me …… can I upgrade my bike to MSD ignition , NGK-IR,and high voltage HT coils right now.

    What else small performance mods can i do in this early stages of my bike.

    Please Reply…….

    Thanks and Regards

  • aditaya

    plz tell me about MSD ignition cable where can i get it for my r15 i have got NKG iridium spark plug

  • pampam

    owned a karizmaR..suggest me to increase performance..thnz in advnc

  • dead star

    i ave unicorn i ave fixed k&n filter i get good millage then the stock filter.but i dont get a good speed after fixing k&n filter my bike reaches only 100… wit stock filter my bike reaches 120+ wat should i do to get more speed wit k&n filter

    • anil kumar

      hi if u keep breathing wit ur mouth u go out off yr breath same thing wit yr bike. Get back to oe filter. Yr bike is a smooth commuter not a racing bike. putting nike shoe wont make u a grt printer. Its all round build that defines power. Enjoy yr bike safely. Take care.

  • saurabh

    I need to modify .. 2000 Model.. awsum Roaring sound CBZ to jump into high perfomance category.. what all changes i need to make..
    K & N Filter.. (I need part no. which suits d most)
    I can do jetting on my own..
    Where i could IR Spark plug with high performance HT Coil in delhi ??

    I dont wish to change my stock Muffler.. will it do.. ???

    Please reply

  • varun

    where can i get MSD cables for 2009 honda dio i live in kerala n plz help me to find out the places frm where i can get one n also is der any after effects for da changing of ignition wires frm stock ones to da MSDs n als da same for changing 2 suitable ngk spark plugs…plzz reply iam in a very desperate condition guys….

  • varun

    plz respond guyz…i need your advice n iam trusting on u guys…plz be kind enough 2 reply…plz dnt ignore…

  • varun

    bike advice… plz dnt ignore dis poor soul…iam counting on u guys 2 help me with ma query….

  • Ahmed

    Hi Chinmey!
    i hve gt yamaha fazer i want to increase bike performance plz help me wat changes i can make i stay in mumbai

  • darwinder singh

    i hav yamaha fazer , i want to increase my bike’s performance & speed. i have touched 118km/hr speed. i want its speed around 130.
    i have bought bike in november. i m planning to change air filter and other parts mentioned in the above article. help me out.

  • Singh

    Please can anybody tell me what r the changes i m about to experience if i replace the stock plug of my honda activa 2008 model with iridium spark plug and what r the diadvantages and advantages of doing this …………

  • dushyant

    For Karizma R Model 225cc Which Airfilter is suitable for high performance K&N Or Piper Cross please tel me ……..

  • nony

    what to do with YAMAHA gladi for more torque and better cooled engine

  • Nishan

    hi guys,
    plz tell me if i install K&N filter,NGK(ir),MSD Ignition Cables and high tension spring clutch cable to a 125CC(hero honda glamour) bike then what performance I’ll get and millage?

  • Ninad

    I m havin a pulsar 220cc dts-i, so cn ne1 suggests me wat changes shud i do for better performance n i wnt 2 fix a air filter so vich is da best…. Plz help….

  • Ninad

    I m havin a pulsar 220cc dts-i, so cn ne1 suggests me wat changes shud i do for better performance n i wnt 2 fix a air filter so vich is da best…. Plz help guyz….

  • tom michael

    hi chinmey……..
    i owns a pulsar220 dtsi…2010 model.
    i am planning to improve the performance of my bike,in all possible ways..i ve read yr was very informative..
    so cud u pls suggest me from were i can do all these stayin in cochin,kerala…..


    hey chinmay
    Nice article,
    i have a pulsar150 (2007)
    Guide me the modifications that i should do to increase its mileage.

  • EyzzZ

    hi chinmay,
    can u suggest me a gud engine oil for yamaha fz-s.
    as of now, i’ve put petronas full synthetic 5000.
    but i’m not much satisfied with it..
    the feel is not as smooth as i expected..
    how is castrol Power 1 Racing 4T (full synthetic)..

  • ayan

    Hi Chinmay,
    My name is ayan and from calcutta i have victor edge 125cc where i had fit k&n rc1060 what i have felt it is getting good initial in 2nd gear and now i want it to be more powerful and i want good initial and top end so please suggest me what should i do and what do i need to change and where would i get.
    my number 9331613722 pls feel free to contact me anytime.

    thank you ayan

  • harsh

    hey can any one tell me about honda stunner performance kit how much it costs and what are the prons&cons
    and where can i get a nos kit for my bike

  • Amrit

    I have an apache 180

    i have already installed the ngk spark plugg

    what else can i do to make that even better

    if possible reply me on my email itself


    • Abhimanyu Raj

      Remove the spark plug i hate spark , and sell the bike @…

  • i liked your post..!!! too informative. great hard work.

  • Suman

    Hey Chinmay,
    I am Suman from Pune,and i own a Pulsar 135LS.
    Its been just 9 months i bought the bike.
    But the pick up isnt thr as before..i have got it diagnosed at Bajaj service centres(near Akurdi).
    It has given temporary results.
    Can you suggest on the same.
    I get it serviced regularly and maintain it properly.
    But still the problem persists.
    you can mail me on if required.

  • bun2

    i want to modify my gladiator n enhance its performance…. plz help…

    • Abhimanyu Raj

      Watch gladiator movie

  • Rumaiz

    I’m from chennai. I currently own pulsar 150 2007 model. Would like to increase performance of my bike. Kindly suggest. I’m not worried much abt milage.

  • Rumaiz

    I’m from chennai. I currently own pulsar 150 2007 model. Would like to increase performance of my bike. Kindly suggest. I’m not worried much abt milage. 30-35 should be fine for me. Now milage is around 45 kmpl.

  • anmol

    hi i have a herohonda cd delux 100cc i want to increase the performance of my bike please give me advice

  • Sam

    Can you please suggest me some performance mods for my Karizma ZMR ?

  • chandan

    hi Chinmay. i own a HH-CBZ- Extreme, which has clocked 14000kms. I had fitted a NGK GPower Plug, K&N RC1060 and up jetted my carb. but the prob is whenever i try to pull her above 100km/hr she loses power. she cruises well within 80-90 but after that it loses breath. tried many ways but failed. wat can be the prob? please help as im getting frustrated. please help.

    • Swanay

      you can change your exhaust for free flow… it might just help

  • John Khanna

    Hi Guys,
    I Own a 2010 Model HONDA Activa. Tell me all the Performance Parts i can install in this Scooter. Right Now i have already fitted a K&N 1060 Air Filter and NGK Iridium Spark Plug. I am planning to install a MSD Spark Plug Cables in some days. Tell me something for upgrades. I want this Activa to start from a wheelie. Tell me the parts and there prices which i can go for. I live in New Delhi tell me the approx prices they can also help a bit if you don’t know the exact prices

  • Prabu

    hi guys… i own an apache rtr 160.. want to know how to improve its acceleration any ideas and what woud be the best engine oil???

  • Hey guys dont install any air filter if u install any air filter silencer se zyada air filter sound karta hai 😀 //changing rear sprocket dont put smaller, like ur original sprkt theeth 46 and if u put 39 theeth u will loose ur bike initia pick up, my suggestion is change ur bike silence if u want praformance, sorry for my bad english thanx

  • EyzzZ July 9, 2010 at 9:11 pm
    hi chinmay,
    can u suggest me a gud engine oil for yamaha fz-s.
    as of now, i’ve put petronas full synthetic 5000.
    but i’m not much satisfied with it..
    the feel is not as smooth as i expected..
    how is castrol Power 1 Racing 4T (full synthetic)

    Use motul oil

  • John Khanna

    Can someone tell me which Synthetic Engine Oil should i use for my HONDA Activa New Model

  • bikerboy

    how to increase the bhp of my tvs 50

  • vishnu

    could anybody please advise me on how to tune the keihin carb in my aviator?

  • I am planning to install a MSD Spark Plug Cables in some days. Tell me something for upgrades. I want this Activa to start from a wheelie. Tell me the parts and there prices which i can go for. I live in New Delhi tell me

  • Darshan

    hi chinmay
    i want perchase new 150cc byke which have high performance, good mileageand comfort
    in this byke pulsar, apache ,gs,unicorn which is better please give suggestion

  • swagat73

    i have aroyal enfield 350cc thunderbird twinspark 2010 bike give me the mileage about 40 to also give me top speed up to 115km/h.i want to modified my bike.please say me in details, which high performance spares and accesearies available in india for it to give me more power on top speed and mileage and modefieng .
    cont no—-91 94 3862 3863
    any one suggest me

  • Manoj

    Hi chinmay,
    Thanks for the good article.. I own 2006 modal Pulsar 150.I would like to change my bikes silencer to freeflow system can you please suggest me where can i get the one bcoz i am from kochi, and also my bike lags in pickup and top speed whic is 95-100 kmph now(was getting 110kmph).Please suggest me the changes to b done.Where can i find a good mechanic in kochi.
    Others suggestions are also welcome 🙂

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • uttam

    hi chinmay, ‘m from manglore i want to increase d power of my HH splendor i’ve changed d silencer.. n opened d stock air filer .. there is change in initial pick up.. i want to raise d power further .. what can i do? help me pls..

  • s c shekhar

    i would like to replace for my avvy 220 is it possible to fit or any other option pls suggest me

    thanx in adv

  • s c shekhar

    am looking for K N filter what is the cost n pls let me know its for my avvy 220

  • andrew


    1) Go for a larger front sprocket. so if you got a 14 teeth, go for 15 teeth and so on. i got a stunner pgm fi and i’ve got a 16 on it now and i’ve GAINED 10kmph top. it shouldnt cost you much

    2) Get a free flow air filter + a free flow exhaust fabricated (costs around 8k) for maximum top speed benefits, dont use just either one it wont even increase ur top end by 1kmph.

  • tamzid

    i envy you guys for getting this kind of help directly… i am from bangladesh and i have been looking and trying my best to get the best out of my bike with whatever i can get a hold on to.. i have a stunner 125 and i want boost its performance please help me out on what do i have to do in a bit more detailed way since i am a newbie.. ill be ever so greatful for your support.. please..

    currently im thinking of installing the mechanical abs for my stunner which i saw just today in the market … is it a good idea let me know..

    im using castrol power 1 for my bike which is 10w-30 … is that appropriate for my bike? let me know.. please..

    im looking to buy a ngk platinum if anyone that i know goes to india recently (long switch??!??!) to replace my ngk r will that increase my performance?

    im also thinking about buying K&N filters for my stunner and just replace my existing filter will that work??

    please help me out.. im in desperate need of good advice.. 🙁 🙁

    • andew

      Tamzid, dont buy ngk iridium unless u want maybe 1mpl or 2 fuel savings, in terms of performance that plug will do no good, instead go for a larger front sprocket, 16T. u should be satisfied with that performance itself. u will be able to go 110 easily

  • Anurag

    I’m havin R15 v2.0, can I hav a list of after market performance upgrade parts for it…
    “bugdet no-bar”
    I want to give my Ride the bestest thing it deserve…

    • Swanay

      Dude, there is a full package of performance kit available for r15 from daytona. its available in yamaha service center itself and daytona has collaboration with yamaha. as you said budget no – bar, you can go for this.

  • raj

    I have 220 pul I done some spring tension and spracketing in my bike but I need more power wat should i do to get more speed …… my bike top speeds s 147 ….. my email I’d s

  • Karthik Krishnan

    Hi, I own a Avenger 200cc. After reading your comments, I plan to install K&N filters, alloy wheels, Windshield to start with. Can u suggest any other modifications or performance changes. Thanks.

  • andew

    Anurag, your bike is quite new. let it be stock for now, but if you really want performance, try getting a free flow exhaust (around 8 or 9k) and a free flow exhaust, try getting SpitFire Ignition Cable for better fuel burning and spark. go with Fully Synthetic engine oil, and what is your top speed as of now?

    good luck.

  • Jeevan

    Hello guyz
    my name is jeevan nd im fm kerala
    i ove a honda shine 2008 model,
    since im too crazy abt perfomance i had put a K&N, i exptd more when i changed it but the sound is only jus awsom.but nw i realised the tips for higher perfomance reg sprk plg nd high perfomnc coil ignition nd wires nd all thaku guyz for these info.
    But i jus need detaild clarification reg the re jetting of carbs
    ma bike is ving stock (CV) carbs nd hw can i get the spares or rejets
    pls help me
    or plz suggest me perfomance shoppe in kerala if u guyz know
    im eagerly waiting to find such a shop here to get these all things
    tank u guyz

  • kuldeep

    hi chinmey i want to buy kn filter for apache rtr160 to increase performance so please suggest me where i can buy plzzz reply me

  • Ameya

    Hii…there Chinmay…..
    plz can i get any modi ideas for my bike..i own a Unicorn Dazzler n wish to upgrade for performance..
    can u help me out with better performance, pick up, and Acceleration..
    i am also concerned with mileage….
    plz consider this one….

  • Swanay

    Hi Chinmoy,
    First of all thanks for such a nice article. I have a Yamaha R15 ( 1st Version) which I bought on 2011, July. Already I have clocked 138 kmph as top speed and completed 4300 kms. Though tachometer is designed for 12000 RPM, it does not cross more than 10200 RPM. I asked in Yamaha Service center and they told me about Daytona engine kit as performance enhancer. But its too costly to be fitted with. So if I want to replace my air filter with K&N air filter and fit an oil filter ( if possible), will these help to improve performance of the bike ? please reply soon.

  • Swanay

    please reply fast guys… I am waiting for you suggestions…

  • fanpulsar

    better to change bike… dumb*** ….why will one spent so much money on spares and yeah indian motorcycles are really good in handling indian roads…there are no roads to drive in such a way tat u need performance oriented parts….

  • fanpulsar

    hi swanay u will have to do rejetting if u install k and n…performance will surely increase ….mileage and sound will be improved….i dont know about oil filter but installation of air filter will increase 4% of total bhp…ie …if u ha r15 producing 17 PS than it will be around 16.6 bhp and u will get additional 4.1 bhp……extra ,i.e, 20.7 bhp….so just install it

  • Siddharth

    Hello, Chinmay i have tvs victor gl 2005 model my bike gave me good milage of 50-60 but its pick up is low so suggest me how to raise its pickup plz reply fast…

  • rahul

    I want 2 modify my 5speed rx135 electrical assembly especially for dirt racing what can I go for n where n what would it cost me? What Am I supposed 2 do stop d water getting into my air filter in Mansööns while racing?

  • Grayson albert

    I am going 2 buy pulsar 220 f 2012 model what all can i do 4 increase the perfomence i am from kerela earmakulam

  • Jeremy

    I need help with my Pulsar 150 2005 model. I’m plannin to get a new K&N filter. But I need more performance upgrade. I just changed my rear wheel to size 120/80. So the pick up reduced. Hence I need horse power increase. What upgrade could I do to increase my horsepower and where? I’m from Pune.

  • Chirag

    What are all the necessary modifications can be made to honda dio to increase its performance…….

  • Hassan

    Hi i am hassan from hyd i own a apachertr180 abs of 21 dec 2011 i want to now where i can find best place to purchase my bike parts for upgrading

  • sandeep

    hi i am sandeep from bangalore. i have an apachi-160 (hyper edge) i want to increace it’s BHP and top speed but i don’t want to bore the engine. so can u help me out in upgrading my bike…….

  • ronit rao

    hi… Chinmay Dangre
    i lives in delhi i owned p220 in 2010 nd recently i modifyed my bike with k&n nd iridiun spark plugs from bosch……i got 72kmph on 2nd gear….its awesome…bt i want more punch in pickup….suggest me please…:)

  • Preetesh

    plz have add to me of your workshop as i leave in PCMC area..

  • Gringo

    Hi Chinmay, I read your article and some of the answers you gave.
    Really shows that you know what you mean.
    I am from Argentina, I have a motorcycle Bajaj Avenger 200DTS-i, and with 5 other friends who have the same bike we tested various improvements.
    So far we tested two types of coil Nology high performance, but none worked correctly, down seems to lack power.
    We have even developed a CDI, which operates both spark plugs at once in the entire regime of the motor 100 to 11,000 rpm.
    If you want it, we can share with you this information, including e-mail CDI wiring diagram and photos of some of our “Indian” with tuning.
    We also believe that the flywheel could be replaced by another of higher performance.

    Could you give us any suggestions for improving the electrical system?
    Brand ignition coils and the guy who actually works for example.

    From already thank you very much by the time we can spend.

    • John

      This is to Gringo from Argentina. Can you send these wiring diagrams of the Bajaj. J. Dkhar, Meghalaya Shillong

  • Nitin

    Hi guyz…i have a bajaj pulsar 135..can i install the above mentioned my bike? And i would also lime to know to what extent my bikes performance will be increased. And what will be the total cost of the above mentioned accessories by chinmay.

  • Raziq

    Dear Sir, i have an yamaha rx 100(1987 model)i want to increase its speed and pick up that means i want to port the bore of it plz suggest me that to how much cc i have to port the bore of it

  • dennis

    Sir,I have Yamaha r15 2010 model and I like to increase its performance without loosing fuel there any way to fulfill my dream? me.
    Thank you .

  • zeeshan

    hey chinmay..
    i hav a R15 2008 japan series.want 2 modify it….
    ive hav inbuild my stock exaust system..
    n got a ngk spark plug bt dnt kwn wer can i get msd sprak cable in banglore n wen my bike gts heated my gears get harderr n deosnt cum neutal…so plz hlp me na

  • Arjun .U

    I have a 2012 model Pulsar 180.It has been 1 year now. I want to replace my silencer with the pulsar 220’s silencer.Will this affect my bike’s mileage?
    I also want to add a rear dic this possible?

  • moin

    i hv a honda dio latest model…what i do to get a better performance….and i also want to change my exhaust so can any guide me????

  • Royal Meena

    I have a 2010 model Hero Honda Glamour 125cc PGM FI.
    Could you give me any suggestions for improving the top speed and pick up for Hero Honda Glamour PGM FI ?

  • sunil

    hey i wanna change whole cdi unit in my pulsar 180 .so tell me how to adjust air flow,adjust spark rate,n fuel rate…..plz hlp

  • shounk

    if i install the exthaust of aprovic and k&n air filter in my cbr 250 then wht should be the step that i remember to do so?

  • cunning fox

    how to increase the performance of hero honda glamour fi ?

  • this parts are really rare to find thanks and what is jetting

  • poisonous sirshajit

    hey my my pulsar 220 is nt going above 160 km/hr can u give me any advice to increase it upto 200 km/hr

  • rohit ralph

    hello dudes…
    i hav a simple query…
    i own a pulsar 135 ls…prety neat bike….bt lookin frward mod it a lil….basicaly just k&n filter n iridiun sparks….dnt wanna change da exaust n stufff….
    wat difference will it make to da performace n efficiency of da bike considering petrol prices in mumbai @ f**kin 81/lt….plz reply…

  • venkatesh

    I own 2013 CB unicorn.I liked to change my stock filter, prefer me good filter(Green cotton,K&n,pipe cross etc.,) in all aspects.also should I need to do works on rejetting(bcoz i heard that Mikuni CV carb doesn’t support it seems).does iridium spark plug supports for for my wing rider?…….

  • seenu


    i have Fz s 2012 model..i need to change it as BYSON cage 6 model and the performance. can u give me the list of modifying ..i should be in budget plz..

  • Jathavedas

    I am using a Yamaha RX 135 2-stroke stock 1998 model… How to upgrade the performance by retaining it as a stock product(i.e. without adding or modifying any of the parts). I am concerned about the maintenance of the vehicle. So I wanted to know what are all the parts that need to be checked time to time and properly maintained… Does the mileage and efficiency of my vehicle decrease with increase in the performance???
    Anyone please help me by answering this…
    Thank you 🙂

    • Jathavedas

      Replacement of tires or seats can be accepted but I am worried about the replacement of main parts of the motor bike because it is rare and a highly wanted vehicle and has high value in India now…
      So anyone please reply…
      Thank you 🙂

  • sushant

    which bike hav more powerfull engine and power speed
    cbr 150 or duke 200?

  • Avinash Chandra

    if I do all the modification as suggested here on honda stunner, what would be the estimated charge sir? and also let me know if there is any other mods I’ve to do.

  • sagar

    where can I modify my apache 180 in Bangalore ????


    hi I m a street racer and I own fz bike but I need more performance . could you suggest a best bike modifier in Coimbatore

  • jithin

    please tell me how to increase the initial performance of my pulsar 220 .if the piston change is usefull .please tell me
    my mail id is please send to this id

  • Harsh Ashi

    how to increase top speed for Suzuki GS150r

  • pratik

    Hi chinmay I own TVS Victor 200w model hat can I do for performance

  • Harish

    Hey buddy, I got pulsar180 speedline engine with K&N. I want to know, what exactly the changes will happen if I increase the sprocket chain size.. Will it effect my speed or engine clutch plates will slip off?? Please buddy calculate chain tooth also

    • Jai

      mostly keeping manufacturer one is safer

  • Prithvi Kulloli

    I got a pulsar 200ns and plzzzzz … A Suggest me a how to increase its performance…. I want to put a drag wid duke 200….

    • Bavani Sankar

      1. Bore out the cylinder
      2. Performance Camshaft
      3. Aftermarket exhaust
      4. Free flow air intake

  • Shubham Banginwar

    What are effects of biger boaring in pulsar 150 cc rejetted.. alos free flow air filter used.. valves polished .. and spark plugs are irradium and also i have regeared my sprokets… will my top speed increase after re boaring.. my current top speed in 139