How to Handle the Bike in a Curve

Most of the accidents occur on curves. So it is important for us to practice handling and braking the bike in curves. Usually when you are approaching a curve, the safest tactic is to start turning late and take a sharp turn rather than having a long gradual turn. When you turn late, you will have better visibility of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction, or any other possible distractions and would buy you some time if it was going to be a risky show up.

The usual human nature is to take a ‘C’ turn. I prefer you to take the ‘L’ turn. Alright, nothing technical… ‘C’ is the gradual curve and ‘L’ is the near right angled turn. Although it is impossible to have a perfect right angled turn, try to work your way up from ‘C’ to ‘L’. If you are riding a new bike for the first time be extra careful. Curving nature oof the bike differs from model to model. I had a shock when my friend’s Yamaha R15 refused to turn as I wanted it to.

It is very difficult to practice this in a curve but you can practise turning in a round about. Choose the one which has little traffic. Also choose the time of the day when there are not too many vehicles and especially when there are no guardian of road laws! First practice in a big one and work you way down to small round abouts. As you get used to turning and leaning, start braking. Imagine an emergency situation and brake suddenly. Be careful.

Wish you safe biking,