Honda’s Rumoured 700cc Automatic Transmission Bike

A few of you guys might have heard about Honda VFR1200F. This bike comes sported with a dual clutch automatic transmission. Yes, it’s an automatic transmission enabled bike.  The bike is enabled with two driving modes – ‘D’ and ‘S’ mode. D mode is the Driving mode which is suited to regular driving and the S mode, which is the Sports mode. This mode offers a sportier and a peppy riding experience to the rider.

It seems like Honda is testing a new 700cc Dual clutch Automatic Transmission bike, which would be the younger sibling of the above mentioned VFR1200F. The testing of this bike took place in the Alps with Honda’s R&D team working on it. Rumours are also been heard that this new bike might be showcased in Milan Auto Show, this November. Expect this bike to hit the road by mid of next year i.e 2012.

Here is the spied image of the new 700cc, Dual clutch Automatic Transmission bike tested by Honda. Notice that the bike has no clutch lever

I really like its alloy design. It is basically a 5 spoke alloy, which branches out into 10 spoke towards the end. Anyways, coming back to the topic, though there are no news regarding its Indian presence, I feel that it will surely hit the market here. When we have the bigger VFR1200F in India, why not its younger bro? Also, when logically thinking about this bike, I gotta know this fact. There is full one year left for its launch. Presently, we have only one sportbike in the 600cc category which if the Hyosung GT650R.

In a couple of week’s time, we will also have the much awaited Ninja 650R in the market. We have no clues, as of now on what is the next bike that would rival up this particular segment. Why shouldn’t Honda come up with this bike as the rival for these manufacturers? Moreover,   the bike boasts of Dual Clutch, Automatic transmission which most makers fear to incorporate in their bikes.

Like the Honda CBR250R, this bike also can be used by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India Ltd (HMSI) to enhance its presence in India as a sportbike manufacturer. For us as bikers, we get the chance of choosing from a wide range of options. Doesn’t that sound great? But these are all only anticipated news. To know what exactly Honda is planning, we need to wait and watch.

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Courtesy: Brenda Priddy & Company and Motorcycle, USA.

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