My Honda Unicorn 150 : A Real Bummer

I own a Honda Unicorn since Sept 1 2006. From day one carburetor issue hunted me, and still persist like day light. After about 10k km a kind of wobble problem started out and even after reaching 28k km its still remains a hard to crack puzzle. All together I have wasted nearly Rs.7000 for a service which turned out to be worthless.


Stability Issue: When the motorcycle is ridden over any uneven surface like cracks, potholes or even the thickly painted white colored median, the motorcycle automatically wobbles or tilts itself abruptly sideways. This becomes the most scariest thing on a highway and at higher speeds. Mind you, I have tried it with every possible tyre pressure and pillion tested. It is awfully worrying experience. I had done the front fork oil change (seal) and coneset overhaul 2 months before. I had paid nearly 2000 bucks for it and nothing made the difference.

Fuels Flow Problem: Even after riding for a 100km and 5-6 liters of fuel in the tank the motorcycle feels like going into reserve/gasping for fuel/someone pulling from back when the throttle is applied. I live close to NH-47 so 90 percent of my ride are on highway (very less use of clutch and brake). The carb might be the culprit. If the motorcycle is left for 2 to 5 days it is impossible to ride for at least 5 km in the beginning. Mileage is below 45 for a liter apart from sluggish acceleration.

A month back I got the carburetor overhauled. The nightmare doubled. Put the motorcycle on side stand or if the front wheel is on a lower surface, the engine dies on its own. I paid more that Rs.1200/- for fork/carb/chain overhaul. To my surprise I found one hose left open on one end(small one in length). I had connected it.

Starting Trouble: I don’t know if this coincides with the increasing fuel flow problem. Exactly after 3 years(Sept 1 2009) I found the motorbike failing to start after its left out for about 6-8 hours. I checked battery and plug. the plug color very different from what I had seen for 3 years. It was quite black This is my second plug (changed at 24k km). After 5 days of no usage the voltage is 11.65v, and after running its 12.28 – 12.34v on multimeter. Does the battery needs charging.

Brake: There is very little bite and motorcycle hardly feels like stopping on speed in excess of 60. Very spongy feel. I removed the caliper, but how to remove the pad?? I took off the cotter-pin, How to remove the long rod at the bottom (I can’t find any screw head or threads). I am thinking of stripping all font brake assembly. The piston o-ring and dust seal needs to be changed.

Kindly help me out step by step. I am stuck after getting the caliper out. The brake fluid is quite dark, I think the master cylinder also needs stripping apart from changing the fluid passage hose and banjo bolts. The brim of the fluid reservoir is disintegrating with froth. Fuel flow problem, stability, brake issue and reduced fuel economy and acceleration etc is giving me more of an insecure feeling.

I had never been happy with the dealer service but had restrained from giving to any other local mechanic owing to several fear factor like lack of tools, know-how and infamous hammer-treatment at every chance, etc. Honda service around Cochin is the worst on the planet.

Usually I do all the regular check-up’s myself like battery check clean contact, top-up, spark clean, adjust/replace, chain clean/lubricate (90W oil), blown pilot lamp replace, clutch cable replace, front disk brake caliper remove and clean, air filter clean & change. I had tried my best to keep it in mint condition. Recently I took an emission certificate, found the ‘co’ level quite high and increasing on every repeated test. I am thinking of doing some serious work myself.

– Rayme Geo K.J.