Honda Promises Attractive Price for its 100cc Motorcycle; Launch in 2 Days

We quickly analyze the possible Honda Shine 100 price band two days ahead of its launch. There is another teaser out as well..

Honda, which is preparing big time for its next onslaught against arch-rival Hero MotoCorp, has released a new teaser of its upcoming 100cc motorcycle. This is the third teaser in the last few weeks and reveals that the motorcycle will be attractively priced.

Here is the teaser…

Currently, Honda sells two 110cc motorcycles – CB110 Dream and Livo. The entry level CB110 is priced at Rs 71,133 whereas the sportier Livo sells for Rs 75,820 in Delhi. Now, it is obvious that if Honda wanted to knock-off Rs 4000-5,000 and present a motorcycle at around Rs 65,000-68,000 levels it could do so from this existing 110 platform it has. But that does not appear to be the case.

Let us see how are the existing 100ccs priced in India from Hero MotoCorp. The most basic HF100 costs Rs 56,968 whereas the HF Deluxe range starts from Rs 59,990. The largest selling Splendor portfolio is a costlier affair and spans across Rs 72,076 to Rs 76,346. In all probability, Honda would not undercut the HF range as we all understand that the Jap does not like to play the pricing card and places its motorcycles at a higher pedestal.

honda shine 100 price
Considering the hints that we get, the upcoming 100cc could get the Shine 100 moniker…

This, then, gives me an impression that the Honda’s 100 – likely to be called as Shine 100, could be a Rs 60,000-Rs 65,000 motorcycle. There could be one or more higher-spec variants as well that may cover that complete price gap uptil Rs 70,000, either at launch or sometime later.

2023 Honda CB350 & CB350RS Launched at 2.10 Lac

Launch is scheduled for 15th of March in Mumbai and more than anyone else, it would be Hero that would be keeping its fingers crossed…!

Apart from that, the company has recently unveiled new custom kits for its CB350 range details of which you can check in the following quick video…