Honda One Make Race Sees Nailbiting Finish at MMSC

Honda has always been interested in promoting motorsports in India. In its eight edition this year, the Honda One Make Race saw an action packed finale at Chennai’s famous Madras Motor Race Track.

Held in two categories, HOMR CBR 150R Novice Championship and HOMR CBR 250R Championship, here are the results…

HOMR CBR 150R Novice Championship:

  1. Kishoar VS (from Coimbatore), best lap time of 1:15.531
  2. Piyush Ranjan (from Patna), best lap time of 1:16.050
  3. Aravind B (from Chennai), best lap time of 1:15.507

HOMR CBR 250 R Championship:

  1. Sumit Locus Toppo, best lap time of 2:02.983
  2. Sarath Kumar, best lap time of 2:05.209
  3. Hari Krishnan, best lap time of 2:06.133

Honda One Make Race 3

Keeping rider safety in mind, Honda requires all participants to have undergone a racing training regime from Honda Ten10 Racing Academy or any other training school recognized by MMSC. The bikes for the race are provided by Honda and no modifications or change of settings are allowed in the vehicle.

The CBR 250R for this year has been fitted with a new engine for the 2015 racing season. Honda is also offering free racing suits and riding boots to the participants of HOMR CBR 150R Novice Championship.