Honda PCX 125cc Review

The new scooter Honda PCX 125cc is here! After having looked over the bike, while it doesn’t look bad, it certainly is not the best looking scooter either. It’s not a very sporty bike and it will probably not cause people to turn their heads to look at it a second time, but it does come in two nice different colours; white and red.

It has a 125cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine so if you’re looking for something that can take you safely and comfortably around town, the Honda PCX will definitely get the job done for you. Also, the PCX being a small scooter, the 125cc does provide some nice acceleration if you want to have some fun. Like all scooters nowadays, it has an automatic transmission.

From the driver’s position, the dashboard, instrumentation and steering handle is not something that looks very cool, but if you’re not looking to impress your friends, it does get the job done and it’s certainly not bad looking in any way. The dashboard is very simple to understand.

It fits two people, despite it being quite small. Somehow Honda claims that it does have a lot of storage space, which could of course be true. Like most scooters, you can fit your helmet and then some under the seat. It also has additional storage space.

It’s a nice scooter if you’re looking to carry another passenger with you because it does have something for that person to hold onto, something that some scooters for some reason don’t have.

It has a 1.6 gallon tank and Honda claims that the PCX can go 110 miles per gallon. So once you’ve bought it, you won’t be paying a lot of money for gas. Like any scooters, it is easy to maintain in a good condition as long as you develop some good habits of looking after it regularly.

The Honda PCX does provide you with an easy and comfortable ride, no matter whether you are one or two people riding on it. You can but the Honda PCX for $3,399, which definitely isn’t bad for a scooter that has gotten quite good reviews.

It’s a great choice; it’s easy to ride, comfortable and easy to look after. If you’re not looking to win people’s hearts with its looks, then it could be the right scooter for you. Despite it being a good scooter, I would have a closer look around at other scooters before buying.

– Victor