Honda Introduces Unicorn Dazzler Deluxe @ Rs.66,198 Ex- showroom, Delhi

Honda is one bike manufacturer that has just underwent a separation from its 26 year old partner Hero and is trying to stabilize the market for them. Day in and day out Honda is trying to come up with something interesting so that it can grab a healthy market share. Aiming to bag major market share, Honda came up with introducing a new deluxe version of CB Unicorn Dazzler @ Rs.66,198/-. With the introduction of this new bike Honda is aiming to increase their revenue and the market share. The new CB Unicorn Deluxe comes in two dual tone color options to suit the requirements of different classes of consumers. The different color options are Pearl Sunbeam White (with Red) and Black (with Grey).

The new deluxe version features is a good looking model with enhanced graphic features which makes it look cooler. The bike features good graphics on both sides of the tank and side cowl. The company said in a statement that the bike will up for grabs by the end of November, 2011. However one thing that has the potential to disappoint people is that the technical specifications have remained unaltered i.e. they remain same for old and the new models.

Dazzler rolls out a power of 14bhp with same 150cc engine. The bike also  comes with tubeless tyres accompanied with alloy wheels. One can also get maintenance free batteries and air filter equipped with the bike for more convenience. One thing that has to be noted is that the standard (old) version will continue to be available @65,198 while the deluxe version of the bike is priced at 66,198 (Ex- showroom, Delhi). Well this was basically about the bike but unaltered tech specs surely will disappoint a lot of people. We shall have to wait and see if Honda manages to grab any buyer attention with the introduction of this bike.

– Atul