Honda Introduces CB Twister in White

I was in my hometown a couple of weeks back and spotted a white CB Twister; discarded it as a possible after market job. However, after encountering at least 5-6 others, I begin to understand that its not so. Later on, came to Pune to find out that Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India (HMSI) has launched a new color for CB Twister and it is called as Pearl Sunbeam White.

According to a dealer here in Pune, it has been more than 3 months since this color is in the market and heck I dint know about it! Surprisingly, I am yet to encounter one in Pune. On road Price remains the same and as reported nothing else has changed in the bike or the new white colored variant.

HMSI website is also updated with the white color. Now CB Twister is available in 6 color options:

  • Pearl Sunbeam White
  • Heavy Grey Metallic
  • 3. Candy Palm Green
  • Electric Yellow metallic
  • Pearl Sienna Red
  • Pearl Nightstar Black

On road price of CB Twister in Pune:

  • Drum Brake equipped variant: Rs.55,420
  • Disc Brake equipped variant: Rs.58,809

It’s good that companies in India have started to understand the importance of ‘once the neglected’ white color. It was thought that white color only looks good on bulky heavy motorcycles. Quite a few companies are paying special attention to this color now. Hero has its ZMR in white, HMSI has Twister, Aviator, I also get a feeling that HMSI might also launch Unicorn Dazzler in this white color pretty soon and it would be a good move. Don’t you think so?

– Saad Khan