Honda to Increase Production of Activa

The next time you go to a Honda showroom to book your favorite scooter, Activa, you would not have to wait very long. Honda is increasing the production capacity of its 110cc Activa scooter by 300 units per day. Currently, Activa has a long waiting period in most of the parts of the country which ranges from 1 month to 5 months.

Honda currently produces 2100 Activas per day at their Manesar plant and with its increased capacity; the production would go upto 2400 Activas per day. Honda is India’s largest scooter manufacturer with a share of more than 50 percent with Activa forming the major chunk of sales every month. Very soon after its launch during the initial decade, Activa became the largest selling scooter model in India and has helped Honda completely kill Bajaj’s supremacy in the scooter market. Recently, Honda upgraded the long serving 102cc engine with a more efficient 109cc engine with a bump in power as well as fuel efficiency. This news will surely relieve a few of the prospect buyers.

– Saad Khan