Honda Displays 2012 CBR1000RR FireBlade

It is a trend in India that even if a bike is all set for launch the same year, not many companies will reveal it to public, not even to media. But it seems that the strategy of Honda is just nowhere close to this. The Japanese two wheeler maker is all set with its 2012 model of its flagship bike – The CBR 1000RR FireBlade. The company has displayed the next year’s model on one of the showrooms in Hong Kong.

There are not much of upgrades from the present model which came to the market prior to this version. However the difference is observed in the form of its alloy design and the fairing of the bike.  The company has taken efforts to create a new look for this old bike and to a greater extent it has worked too. The bikes looks refreshed with a new lease of life. I also felt that the bike looks very aggressive when compared with its siblings or even with its previous models.

According to the rumours in the industry, this model will be equipped with a new type of Fuel Injection system known as DSFI which stands for Dual Stage Fuel Injection. Also the chassis of this new model will be based on the present 2011 model, which means that the basic structure will be the same. (It’s of course not an entirely new bike to come up with an all new chassis).

But we do not have any clues on when exactly the bike will hit the roads. Also, there is not an actual spec list for this bike that is available. This makes us unable to guess the features that these bikes are equipped with. But, we’ll soon come up with more details of this bike.

No details on the price as well. But, I guess there will not be much of price difference between the present model and the 2012 version of the CBR 1000RR FireBlade.

So, the video would have made you analyse how the bike looks. If you’ve something to say, leave your thoughts in the form of words below.

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