Honda CBR250R Review by Atul Agnihotri

CBR250R made me feel proud. This is my first ever review. Have never written anything like this (except copying from classmates). It was the time when I was in 7th std. When my dad bought used Rx100. That time I wasnt curious about bikes. So I didnt have any information bout bikes or anything. By the time I started riding RX100 and got full aware about its capability but was still a rider not a biker.

In 2002 my dad bought CBZ (first edition) for himself and I started riding that too but still the biker inside me didnt wokeup. Then in 2007 we sold RX100 and cbz (first edition) and my dad gifted me Pulsar 180 UG-III and got cbz extreme for himslef. And for the first time I rode 150+cc engine I rode.

It will sound filmy but when I accelrated it the exhaust sound got matched my heart beat and I felt a deep sound inside my soul and I felt as biking is the thing which makes me happy.

I have driven it on 124kmph but I felt happier and relaxed when I used to drive it speed of 80kmph. Cruising on speed of 80kmph feeling the deep exhaust sound soothing to ear, getting a feeling that another twist of accelerator can take you speed of 120+kmph, feeling bike under control, relaxed sitting posittion, and getting speed in digits makes you feel like Wowiieee.

Time started passing out and my bike crashed several times (because of me and majorly because of my friend and sometimes because of nature) (nature = because of heavy winds. Twice tiles from two different buildings fell on my bike and damaged tank, headlight fairing and seat). Anyways but never costed me very much because of Insurance cover.

In last I sold it with a broken heart just aftr 4 yrs in 2011. By the time I got info about CBR250r Booking. Searched many times on internet used to see techincal info 100s of times. But then suddenly because of some down I fully got involved in work and heard that delivery of CBR250r will be delayed and now will get deilverd in April mid then in April end then in May.

Which made me to feel like Stay AWay From Honda. But once bike s\tarted geting deliverd I heard about lacking of of its spare parts. Which was like WTF! And I decided to not to go for CBR250R. And I kept my this whish under dark. Then in August I saw CBR250R in showroom and I started reading its positive reviews and heard that it can be booked at price of 5k. And can be taken home at downpayment of 50k.

Which made me feel like that why not give it a try because it will take 3 months for delivery so I went to showroom on August 22nd 2011 on janmashtmi and booked bike by paying 5k. Now the waiting period started. On october 16th I got news that my bike has reached showroom so I applied for loan and WTF? loan rejected. Applied again and again rejected now what?

With a cracked heart I felt like to cancel it. Then suddenly I got news that my salary got increased. So again a new hope inside my heart got lighten up and I started saving up as much as I could. By December end I had enough cash to pay 1 lac. (Previous 50k and saved another 75k) got some more money from dad and Yepiii. I can have bike in cash. It was december end.

So I thought to wait some more days to get a 2012 registered model. So on January 8th 2012 I went to showroom to get STD. CBR250R in cash . They took nearly one and a half an hour to ready the bike and I took full PDI. By the time paper work was in procedure. After some negotaiation. I managed to get a discount of approx. 1500rs including free helmet and cash. + 5ltr. Petrol and a tefloan coating. Which made it actually a good deal. And finaly by 3:45 I got my bike delivered.

By the time I started riding CBR250R and noticed one thing that most of the poeple are looking at me and that time My CBR250R Made Me Feel Proud.

CBR250R is totaly awesome as per the cost its totaly worthy. Its seating postion, soft suspension, powerful engine and wonderful handling makes it combo of beauty with beast. I have ridden it upto 135kmph and I didnt feel any unstability or any handling problem. It can go upto 155kmph but takes a bit time. I have gone for long drives and this bike never made me feel of lack of power & comfort.

Everybody knows its technical specification.

Pros of the bike

  • Powerful engine.
  • Detailed meter console.
  • Looks.
  • Wider tyre.
  • Soft suspension( really comfortable for long drives and crusising).
  • less costly parts.


  • Vibrations on 6+ rpm
  • Exhaust sound
  • Paint and fibre quality
  • Waiting period even for parts
  • Tail light could be of LED(my own wish in it)
  • Two caliper brakes.


I have never compared it to any other bike its just none of any other bike (except Pulsar 180 UG III) satisfied me and my wishes. Be a biker by heart. Rider Dont Choose Bike, Bike Choose A Rider. Have a happy and safe riding.

Atul Agnihotri