Honda CBR 150R Ownership Review by Vishal

Hi guys I’m Vishal, from Kerala. I’m an engineering student doing 1st year mechanical engineering. Like all of you I’m also a great bike enthusiast. I bought my cbr 150R just more than 6 months ago. I’m here to give you A review of my bike, so sit back and enjoy.

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Flash Back

The CBR 150R is my first bike. I always dreamt about bikes from my child hood. I’m very fond of cars bikes and each day my
passion towards is increasing. My dream is to own a superbike and I’m sure that I’ll definetly fulfill it one day. I learned to ride bike on my friend’s Yamaha FZS and the bike was very smooth and easy to ride.

When I was in 12th most of my friends have bike and I doesn’t have one. Like everybody I started forcing my parents for buying anew bike. But they were against it. Its beacause of the more bike accidents and our bad road conditions. By march 2012 I completed my 12th and again I started pleading my parents and at last they agreed it.

Which Bike?

Now I started planning on which bike I should buy. I searched internet, automotive journals, watched lot of reviews and at last I decided to go for Yamaha R15 v2.0. But my friends say that R15 will not suit for me. The main reaon is my height. I’m about 6ft tall and it I’ll be like a giant sitting when I rode it. So I’m again in confussion, at that time specs about launching of the new Honda CBR 150R spreads out.on 15 march ’12 honda officially announced the booking of 150R.

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Before launching in India the 150R was introduced in Thailand and some other East Asian markets. I got excellent feedback about the bike from many thail blogs and websites. I was even more impressed when I first saw the pictures of Indian version of 150R especially in vibrant orange and I was sure that this is the bike for me.

Finally after spending hours on internet watching reviews, pictures, and many bike journals I decided to book the bike. On 11 june “12 Iwent to the showroom and at first sight I had fallen in love with the ceeber. I booked the deluxe version in vibrant orange. Deluxe version priced 1k more than the standard version. The booking amount was 5000.

The Worst Scenario!

Same thing happened to me also like every other bikers, the long long waiting period. While booking the showroom guys said that the bike will be delivered with in a week. But after two weeks the bike doesn’t come. I called up every day to showroom and every time they reply ‘your bike has not yet come’.

At last after a long waiting my bike reached showroom on 8th july. But again issues. They can’t give the bike because of some problem with the temporary permit.finally on 12july ’12 I got my ceeber.


The best day ever in my life. I reached showrrom and cleared all the papers and got the keys of my ceeber. I just can’t explain how happy I was. I started the engine and I feel like its roaring.when taken to the road every eyes were on my ride. You will be like a star when you ride it. Every moment with my ride make mo so proud.

Now get in to the actual review. Before that I have to say some thing. The bike is completely in stock condition. No engine modifications have been done. Only add on’s were keiti transparent tank pad, LED park bulbs and nitrogen in both tyres. The bike has now covered 4500kms and two services has been done.

Performance and Engine: (8.5/10)

This is where the 150R really shines through. Like every other Honda motorcycles, the 150R is also well refined. Its powered by a 149.4cc liquid cooled engine with DOHC (Double Overhead Cam shaft) and 4valves,generates 17.58 bhp of power at 10500rpm and produces a torque of 12.66nm at 8500rpm. It would appear that the engine was built to be a high revving machine that produces most of power at higher rpm’s.

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Even at high rpm’s the silken smooth engine has no vibrations. But when it comes to city condition the performance is slightly sluggish and on highways it will be a blast. The 150R comes with Honda’s famous PGMFI (Programmed Fuel Injection Technology) which makes sure a quick throttle response every time. The 6speed gear box is smooth and slots into every gear sharply.

Looks & Design: (9/10)

When you stop by a signal you are going to turn heads, that kind of attention you will enjoy when you ride it. The physical appearance of the bike although similar to its elder sibling 250R. The sporty colours and graphics, which extend to the tank gives a youthful appearance to the 150R. The black treatment in engine case and alloys looks great. The Y shaped headlight with black surrounds and eye like twin pilot lamps add a brutish appearance.

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The multi layerd side fairings enhances the styling and also it makes easier to replace single part rather than the whole unit in case of crashes. The short exhaust design helps in the mass centralisation of bike. The exhasut note is best in 150cc segment. The instrument cluster is same as that in the 250R.

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It is well designed and gives good visibility under all comes with an orange backlit. The meter consol shows basic information like turn indicators, odometer, trip meter, fuel meter, speedometer and engine temperature. The wide fuel tank offers a good feel to clamp on with knees and its tall position gives it a bigger bike feel.

The inlet of fuel tank is such that it has a metal strip across its diameter from inside that prevents the dispenser nozzle from going in completely.while fuling attendants at every pump grumble about it. (pic attached). Full tank of fuel gives a range around 500km, so frequent stops for fueling can be avoided during touring.

Fit & Finish: (8/10)

The overall fit and finish is good. The plastic quality and build quality is good. Panels are well finished with no panel gaps. The seats are wide and gives good comfort for the rider as well as the pillion. The pillion seat got a rear grab rail also which is very usable one. But there is also some things which disappoints, the first is switch gear.

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The quality of switch gear is not up to the mark and it comes straight from cbstunner, but an intresting fact is that its big brother CBR 1000RR also got the same design switches (pic attached). The 150R also misses the engine killing switch and the passing flash switch. The bigger foot peg design is also not impressive.

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Small metal pegs would have been better which is now common. Another thing is the improper position of number plate which is mounted on bracket thats way too stretched up front. While go over bumps the front mudguard will hit on the number plate. Thats why I put number plate on my visor.

Ride, Comfort, Handling & Braking: (9/10)

The ride is not too soft but neither too stiff. I never felt wobbling or vibrations even cruising at higher speeds. The riding posture is perfect for sport riding as well as touring purpose also. The handling of bike is really awesome. It flicks unbelievably quickly. The bike is rock steady on straights. The stability gives tonnes of confidence to go faster and faster.

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I haven’t faced any problems like excessive engine heating even at worst traffic conditions. The handle bars doesn’t feel not much pressure on palms and wrists, and there won’t be a problem of backpain as the riding posture is comfortable. The short wheel base and light weight, which really boost the flickablity of bike. It also gives good cross wind stability.

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The 150R loves to corner and turns in quickly, its brilliant diamond type twin-spar frame encourages to ride on the limit. The bike always steers precise and smoothly. The nissin brakes are razor sharp and it gives excellent feedback. The ground clearance of 150R is 190mm. Even under very bad road conditions there is no issues with the ground clearance. Suspension is soft and good. I felt that the front ones dive’s a bit too much. But the rear suspension is perfect.

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Accessories & Miscs

The rear pillion seat detaches for a very compact area and can pretty much hold bike’s documents, riding gloves. The 150R comes with a tool kit with 2 spanners and screw drivers. It comes with a sareeguard as stock, its functional but looks neat without it.

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Headlight: It has a 12V 60/55W bulbs, which are very powerful and ensure good visibility on highways.
Tyres: It comes with MRF zapper-Q tubeless tyres, they ensure decent cornering, excellent traction and stability.

1st Service

I did the 1st service at 435kms. Oil filter and engine oil were changed. Engine oil is fully synthetic with the grade being 10w30 from Honda. Engine became lot smoother after the service. Also there is an improvement in the exhaust note.

Kitna Deti Hai?

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Well CBR 150R has a good fuel economy. It gaves a decent mileage of 45kmpl. I got a maximum of 49 kmpl on highway (at 6000-7000rpm). Full tank fuel gives a range around 500km, thats pretty good for touring purpose.


A comparison against 150R’s rival r15v2.0.

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  • Both are 150cc supersport machines and both are japanese.
  • R15 comes with SOHC system and CBR hav DOHC.
  • R15 has 17ps power and cbr makes 17.8ps.
  • comapared to cbr r15 has high up pillion seats and since the centre of gravity is moved up it affects the handling.
  • The aluminium swingarm on r15v2.0 is an excellent one.
  • Compared to r15v2.0 the cbr handles little bit more sharper because of its shorter wheelbase.
  • It would be very difficult to decide which one looks better each is impressively styled.

Honda CBR150R Specifications

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Engine: 149.4cc, Liquid Cooled, 4-valve, DOHC, 4-stroke engine
Power: 17.57 BHP @ 10,500 RPM
Torque: 12.66 Nm @ 8500 RPM
Transmission: 6 -speed manual
Top Speed: 134 km/h
0-100kmph: 11.95 seconds
Fuel Consumption: 35-40 km/l
Fuel Type: Petrol
Frame Type: Twin Tube Diamond
Suspension: Telescopic Fork (Front), Monoshock (Rear)
Tyres: 100/80/17 (Front), 130/70/17 (Back)
Brakes: 276 mm disc (Front), 220 mm disc (Back)
Ignition: Digital ECU based
Battery: 12 V- 6 Ah/ Maintenance Free
Headlamp: 12 V 60/55W H4

Honda CBR150R Dimensions

Length X Width X Height: 2000 mm X 825 mm X 1120 mm
Wheelbase: 1305 mm
Ground Clearance: 190 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13-litres
Kerb weight: 138 kgs


  • Light weight (138kg)
  • Comfortable riding posture
  • Shorter wheelbase boosts the flickability of bike
  • Layerd fairings
  • Powerfull headlamps
  • Truly international product
  • Razor sharp brakes
  • Refined engine & good ride quality
  • Best in class exhaust note
  • Youthful appearance
  • Excellent top end performance


  • Switch gears aren’t upto the mark
  • Passing flash & engine killing switches were missing
  • Poorly positioned number plate
  • No ABS(even as an option)
  • Foot pegs are of the oldest type
  • Slightly sluggish performance in city ride
  • It comes with a normal chain set, no Oring or Xring


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In simple, a bike which is so much fun & so easy to ride and gives a good spirit of riding experience. It has not just met my
expectations but exceeded it. If you are looking for a sporty, smooth, comfortable ride and brilliant top end performance and you are ready to go for a blast. This is the bike for you..!

I hope this review will help many to make right choices, and thanks Deepak for give such an oppurtunity to share my experience. thanks for reading. Always wear helmet & ride safe.

Leave your comments please.


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