Honda CBF Stunner Review by Raj

Hello All, I have my first bike gifted to me by my parents and it is a black colored Honda CBF Stunner. In the 125 cc to the 150 cc range it looks the best. I however, had tough time with the color choice. While it comes in red, yellow and grey, I went ahead with black.

Honda CBF Stunner

I had limits on budget and did not want to spend anything beyond Rs. 60,000. So, no way I could think of the Yamaha R15, or Bajaj Pulsar 220 or even a Karizma. All I looked for was just about 150 cc bike with tubeless tyres and decent looks. Thankfully, Honda Stunner comes with more than decent front half fairing, stepped up seat and both front and rear with tubeless tyres.

Electronics: The Honda Stunner stuns us with a digital speedometer, a trip meter fuel guage, a neutral indicator, high-beam indicator, pass light, and turn signal indicator that will make driving a breeze. The choke comes with meter and the tool box is under the back seat. While digital meters appeal, I don’t find analog meters to be any less. They thrill with the pointer scaling up as the speed rising. Also on the Stunner you would see that these meters are placed distant from handlebars so they are visible even while driving.

Handling: When you will sit on the Honda Stunner bike you will feel that you are riding a 200 cc something bike. It starts easily with the clutch and gear shifting very smooth. However, as you speed beyond 95 kmph there is some noise and vibration although I know that 60 kmph is good enough in city limits. I would say that Stunner is easy to handle as much as a child can handle it (it’s big by looks not for handling).

Mileage: I honestly expected around 45 kmpl but amazingly Stunner bike gives around 55-60 kmpl in the city and I am not in a position to tell about highway mileage though.

Quality: As for any Honda bike, the reassurance from company is there.

My Final Say: If you are looking for a bike to commute to college and home with good looks, styling and mileage, then instead of blowing your money on bikes like Karizma or Bajaj Pulsar 220 or Yamaha R15 you can bet your money on a Honda CBF Stunner.