Honda CBF Stunner Ownership Review by Dinesh

Hello Machine lovers, this is Dinesh, Working in an IT firm in Bangalore. You don’t get to see a lot of reviews for bikes in 125cc category. Inspired by the other ownership reviews in BikeAdvice I wanted to share my experience with my Honda CBF Stunner.

A Short Intro About My Passion

Though I had a passion for bikes from my little age I didn’t know to properly ride a motorbike till I finished my college. My dad used a lot of bikes in his period like Yamaha RX100, Bullet, Hero Honda CT 100etc. But by the time I got my license he bought a new Activa.

Mostly I borrowed my friend’s vehicle to learn riding. After joining work my aim was to learn riding properly and get a new bike in my own money. I got second hand splendour initially and after learning proper riding I started my search for my ultimate new bike. My main requirements were:

  • Must be unique. (Should be a head turner)
  • Mileage (Needed for daily commuting)
  • Reliable (Quality matters in long term)

The First Sight

The shortlisted bikes were Unicorn, Gladiator, Hunk, Stunner (didn’t have much more bikes at that time). Stunner was about to be released and I had just seen some pics of it. When I first saw it in the showroom it was just stunning in looks! I really loved it. It satisfied all my requirements. I was little bit surprised to hear it was a 125cc machine. I wanted to take delivery on a special day and so as planned got my Stunner, black color on New Year of 2009(Jan1st).


  • First bike in 125cc segment to get a sporty half fairing.
  • First bike in 125cc segment to have a split seat.
  • Tubeless tyres for both front and rear.
  • Good mileage
  • Easy handling

Attention and Ride Quality

In 2009 my bike grabbed a lot of attention for its stylish looks and people enquired about the bike wherever I go. It gives a nice feeling when you are being noticed, isn’t it? You can ride in an upright position without any back pain or wrist pain. The foot pegs are very sporty. Since the handle bar is without any extra weight it’s very easy to zip around in traffic. Other bikes in this category don’t stand a chance.

The pickup is also very good that you won’t be left behind when the signal turns green. The ride quality is superb. The big turning radius provides you enough confidence to cut through sharp corners. My friend who owns an Apache took test ride in my bike and was pretty impressed with it.

Rating: 9 / 10

Braking and Tyres

The tubeless tyres MRF Tubeless tyres provide better stability and control. Even in wet or bumby roads the grip is very good. You don’t have the tension of puncture and getting stranded. One morning I found my bike tyre was deflating slowly. I just filled air and could travel further without any problem. After office I got it repaired nearby and it hardly took 10 minutes. The rear tyre is wider than other 125cc bikes and serves the purpose well. The front disc brakes are very effective.

Rating: 8.5 / 10


The important factor in deciding a bike: Mileage. In city traffic conditions I get around 55-60 kmpl. In highways its 60-65 kmpl. It also depends on how you ride. If you can ride below 60kmph you are assured of getting the best mileage all the time. Compared to discover 125 this figure might seem little low but believe me you won’t be disappointed either.

Design and Engine

The design is inspired from the CBR series with a sporty half cowl. Just love the curves from fuel tank till the tail. The step up seat adds to the beauty. As most of you would know Honda is famous for its engines all over the world. This one is no different from it. The engine is very smooth and gear shifting is good without any hiccups.

I have completed 20000kms and till date I haven’t faced any issues. I had done short trips to Nandhi hills, Skandagiri hills and covered around 200kms in a day. It was just awesome to ride. If serviced regularly and proper care is taken it serves you very well.


Now to the next important factor: Price. Generally the japanese bikes are little expensive than the Indian counterparts. The price is around 66k in Bangalore. The recent version are available in colors yellow, green and red are very attractive. It might be little higher than other 125cc bikes but definitely worth for its style, features and quality.


As two sides of a coin every bike has its pros and cons. Let’s see some of the cons of the bike:

  • After crossing 80kmph it starts vibrating. I pushed it around 100 and couldn’t go beyond because of the vibrations. It craves for little more power but couldn’t quarrel for a 125 cc engine which needs decent mileage.
  • Not comfortable for pillion rider for long rides.
  • The instrument cluster needs to be improved with a digital one.


If you are looking for a good looking bike with fuel efficiency and reasonable performance of a 125 cc engine then this one is for you. It’s loaded with sporty features and for daily commuting particularly for college guys who don’t want to burn their dad’s pocket. Speed freaks and cruiser dudes please look out for other powerful bikes.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

The above review is based about my personal opinion and my experience only. Please provide your valuable feedback and suggestions. Thank you! Four wheels move the body, two wheel moves the soul. Wear helmet. Happy Riding!