Honda CBF Stunner 125 Review by Sankesh

Hello everyone! This is Sankesh, 20 year young guy studying to be a Mechanical Engineer from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. Am a hardcore automobile enthusiast & this is my first bike review though I stepped into this heavenly world of biking at the age 12. My bro’s legendary RX-Z was both my master & pet for a long time!

And now I am a proud owner of The New Honda CBF Stunner 125 – Absolute Sensation! I badly needed a bike to travel 20 kms to college everyday & here is my journey of 2100 kms that I have passionately drove in MY bike. Feels so proud to say that! We booked on 17/01/2011 & got it home very next day. The moment I sat on my bike I promised her that I’ll look after with utmost care till the rest of her life!

As there are already a lot of reviews on this mean machine in this website, few things you might feel repeated. So please bear with me! My priorities were:

  • Fuel economy (as I had to travel 40 kms daily)
  • Performance
  • Looks
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

150cc engines & above were ruled out & pulsars were out of my interest for reasons. When I saw the first Stunner on road, it was love at first sight & without knowing the technical details I just wanted to buy this beauty. I did a bit of research & came to choose between Stunner & Pulsar 135.

Also the delivery period made me not to think of the New CB Unicorn. I took a test drive & felt everything as expected. After reading few reviews everything was in favour of my stunner & decided to go for it! Also BikeAdvice played an important role in deciding to choose CBF Stunner. Thanks Deepak!

For those interested in technical stuff, here are the specifications:


  • Overall length 2012
  • Overall Width 734
  • Overall height 1111
  • Wheelbase 1271
  • Ground Clearance 173


  • Kerb weight 128 kg
  • Maximum weight 170 kg


  • Fuel Tank 10 L
  • Reserve 2 L


  • Bore & Stroke 52.4 X 57.8 mm
  • Compression ratio 9.2 : 1
  • Displacement 124.7 cc


  • Acceleration (0-60 kph) 5.2 s

Chassis – Advanced Design Diamond Frame

  • Front suspension Telescopic Fork
  • Rear suspension 3 step spring loaded Hydraulic shocks.

Engine & Transmission

  • Net Power 11 BHP @ 8000 rpm
  • Torque 11 Nm @ 6500 rpm
  • Air filter Viscous type
  • Primary Reduction 3.35
  • Gear Ratio – First 3.076, Second 1.944, Third 1.473, Fourth 1.19, Fifth 1.038
  • Final Reduction 3.071


  • Battery 12V 3A (M.F)

Looks, Styling & Handling

The launch of upgraded version of Stunner with new features like tachometer, engine cowl makes it more competitive & sporty. Everything looks sporty, the handlebar, fuel tank, head lights, black coated engine, instrumentation, mirrors, indicator lights, split seats, tail guard & shocks.

It is the best looking bike in its segment & the sharp fairing kills me from every angle! Other bikers still gaze at this bike in traffic & few couldn’t make it out to be a 125cc engine.

Thanks to superb cornering due to separate handlebars & no dead weight, am always first to head out of traffic. One can easily take sharp turns with a pillion & at times have managed to escape the traffic cop! Well, everyone has praised about the handling aspect in this bike.

Ergonomics is well taken care. The muscular fuel tank is designed such that the knee sticks to it. The foot pegs are in correct position, your knee & joints will never get stressed.

Engine & Performance

11.15 bhp & 11 Nm – most powerful – 125cc – 0-60 @ 5.2 s – 5 speed gear box => these say it all.

Great low-end torque – acceleration equivalent to a 150cc bike – good pick up. Engine is very smooth, refined & gear shifts butter smooth! Am sure all know this Honda’s trademark. I just love the roar of this engine.

No difficulty in gear shifting, requires a minimum force to tap it & one can easily bring back to neutral position. Coming to the main point – vibrations. I haven’t crossed 65kph yet (waiting for second service) & till now Han No Vibrations at all & hope the same above 65kph. This brought a big smile on my face!

Brakes & Control

I opted for discs at front & drum at rear. The efficient 240 mm discs are must for college hunks. 130 mm drum brake is not powerful, I had to adjust them. The braking system is perfect unlike powerful front discs in pulsar. The bike will never let you lose control in any harsh braking conditions.

The normal shocks are perfect & do their job well unlike those stiffer suspensions in pulsar. My bike has TVS tires but you can also insist for MRF tires.

Maintenance & Mileage

Honda – so zero maintenance – viscous air filters – maintenance free battery (no top-up no leakage) – tubeless tires => No worries! Am getting 56-60 kpl in Bangalore’s heavy traffic, driving at 55-60 kph. In highways its 68-70 kpl @ 45-50 kph. The figures might come down once you cross 65kph.

I suggest go on a long trip for 400-500 kms @ 45-50 kph for better fuel efficiency & enhanced engine life.

My Dislikes

  • Though the pillion seat looks sporty, it can be really dangerous during sudden braking at high speeds due to its height compared to the rider’s seat.
  • I felt the need of 6th gear due to shorter gear ratios.
  • A 150cc engine would have done justice, probably would have become the best seller!
  • Digital console with Honda Logo embossed would have been attractive (though I had no issues.)
  • Bit costly. OTR price in Bangalore- Rs.65,482/- But has got the best features & of course – Honda brand & reliability. So worth it. I managed to get Rs. 1500/- worth of accessories free!
  • Low mileage in its segment.

My Advice

Honda CBF Stunner is the best bike in its segment, no doubt in that! There are already lots of reviews here & few points might be the same.

But I have written what I have experienced on my lovely bike. It’s a perfect blend – commuter-performance packed – fuel efficient in most styled & powerful segment – international fame. I strongly recommend stunner for college guys.

Please Keep These Points in Mind

  • Avoid harsh riding in city & pillion riding till your first service.
  • Avoid use of clutch for longer periods & excessive braking.
  • Accelerate & decelerate smoothly at least till your run-in period.
  • Shift gears at appropriate speeds & RPM both during acceleration & deceleration. This will ensure good life of the gearbox.
  • Warm up the engine during cold start by idling for at least 2 mins.

Dear bikers, respect & love your bike, it will treat you the way you treat it. Modifications on this beauty will be great like mono shocks, full fairings etc… But don’t get disheartened if your bike gives low mileage than expected. Please clean your bike before a journey. Where there is a will, there is a bike!

Wear proper helmet, Ride safe & enjoy every moment of riding! Please comment. Thanks Deepak!


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