Honda CB Twister Review by Durga Prasad

First of all I have to tell something about myself, I am Durga Prasad B.Tech final year (4th) student. I think me already told much about myself ok I am coming to point. Like most of my friends after a big house war I am granted to have a bike when I am studying 2nd year i.e. March 2010. First me and my friend want to have used bikes then changed our minds to go for a new one, but which one?

Our specifications are sporty look, good look, stylish look and main thing is it should not eat our pockets. With experts opinion we wish to go for Honda Stunner having sporty look. At that time we have news that a new bike is going to release by Honda. I with my Dad went to order Stunner and also want to have a glance at the new bike. On approaching Honda Showroom it’s true the thing happened Love at first sight, While my father busy in placing order for Stunner I am busy in knowing Specifications of Honda CB Twister, I completely changed my mind cancelled the order of Stunner and ordered for Yellow Twister.

Twister Happiness

Today I am astonished to see that my new bike twister is going to celebrate its 2nd anniversary, but it’s still a new bike for me. Now, I want to tell something about my Bike….
If anyone asks about mileage I will tell 60. ( A fact about it is my bike newer given me hand, although my bike always in reserve). I enjoy daily going to college with my bike, my college is 15 km away from our temple city (Tirupathi). Before having bike I usually go to my college using Bus pass or by Share Auto, after having Twister with its wonderful mileage I go to college with a friend at a cost less than spare of a Share Auto (Thanks to 606060).

I call my bike 606060, because I bought it to my home at total expense of 60 thousand rupees, it gives me mileage 60 kmpl and I maintain speed of 60 kmph. Coming to performance of my bike, With my experience I can say that my Twister is having good handling, comes with good Road grip, it is better to choose Disk brakes as it is having a good pickup. I can say that it is truly Students bike because of its elevation on the tail most of middle aged people feel it as a sporty one and it causes slight discomfort for ladies to sit on the tail.

Makes me proud

Here I will tell u a story, one of my friends consulted me before he is going to buy a bike. I told about my bike, he is not interested and laughed at me having 110 cc engines, but I know that he doesn’t really know about its performance, road grip and its perfect handling and all.

He bought pulsar 150cc, after that one day with astonishment he come to me and said that, while he was going at a speed of 80 kmph a person riding Twister crossed him with more than 90 kmph speed, and he spoke something high about my bike. A funny thing here is he is still coming to college on a Share Auto.

A happy day with my Bikes Mileage

Yesterday, that is on 23rd February 2012 it’s almost 2 years with my bike. I and my friends planned to go for a ride to a nearby Tourist spot that is at a distance of 60 km from our city. As petrol costs are at peak as usual(75 rs per lit) I estimated to cover a total of 120 km distance as my bikes tank is almost nil which can hardly goes 5 km I filled it with 200 rs petrol.

It went beyond my expectation as 140 km due to a wrong turn. I am happy to see that my bike can go 40 more km with the remaining petrol. This means my bike covers 180 km distance with 200 rs petrol (2.7 litres).

There are much more reasons with my bike behind my happiness, I can simply say I LOVE MY BIKE.

P. Durga Prasad