In the past two years the 100cc segment was redefined twice by two launches Bajaj Discover 100cc and Honda CB Twister. One is from India’s second largest two wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto and another is from world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer Honda. But what makes these two motorcycles to differ from each other? Let’s try to find it out.


Bajaj Auto rediscovered 100cc segment by launching Bajaj Discover 100cc  in July 2009. It’s the first 100cc bike which is entirely developed by Bajaj Auto and not with the help of Kawasaki. The other 100cc bikes such as Platina (Designs form Wind 125) and CT100 (Based on Kawasaki Boxer) were somewhere uses Kawasaki technology. The bike is mainly designed keeping Indian road conditions in mind and it is positioned as a long distance commuter bike.

Honda CB Twister is the first 100cc segment bike from Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India ltd. The bike is designed keeping global demand for stylish 100cc bike. The idea behind building CB Twister is to build a stylish 100cc commuter bike along with traditional Honda qualities such as fuel efficient and long lasting engine. Honda has positioned CB Twister as most stylish and powerful commuter 100cc bike.


Bajaj Discover has got DTS-Si 2.0 engine from Bajaj R & D team. DTS-Si stands for Digital Twin Spark with Swirl Induction while 2.0 stands for version like Apple iPhone 3,4. This is the same engine platform which was seen on XCD. The single cylinder, air cooled, SOHC, four stroke engine has bore x stroke of 47 x 54.4 mm which gives it engine displacement of 94.38 cc.

The bore/stroke ratio of 0.86 suggests that this is a long stroke engine which generally produces maximum torque at lower speed. The same thing has been seen in its power and torque figure. The maximum power of 7.7 bhp peaks @ 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 7.85 Nm peaks @ 5000 rpm. To churn out every drop of fuel the discover got specially designed pent roof combustion chamber, a molycote piston to reduce friction and Twin spark plug with swirl induction (In this system the spark plug positioned in swirl condition than traditional straight condition) .

Apart from this the ignition is controlled digitally rather than manually which means optimum fuel burn at any given rpm. It is always difficult to incorporate two spark plugs in a small capacity bike like Discover 100cc – The sole reason it took 6 years to launch 100cc DTS-i engine after Bajaj introduced twin spark technology in Pulsar. The bike comes with optional Electric start (previously as a standard feature). I personally like the new feature of auto choke in Discover which is very helpful in a cold morning. You don’t need to give choke – it will automatically start as the engine heats up. I personally liked exhaust note of Bajaj Discover 100cc.

On the other hand Honda CB Twister has got entire new and powerful engine form HMSI. The single cylinder, air cooled, OHC, four stroke engine has bore x stroke of 50 x 55.6 mm which gives it engine displacement of 109.1 cc. The bore stroke ratio stands at 0.90 which means this is also a long stroke engine. With this engine specification the bike is able to produce maximum power of 9 bhp @ 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 9 Nm @ 6000 rpm.

The reason behind CB Twister’s more power and torque compared to Discover is clear advantage of 15 cc. CB Twister figure remind us Bajaj Caliber 115 which was 111.2 cc bike with 9.5 bhp and 9.12 torque figure. CB Twister comes with vicious type air filter which require less maintenance due to its self cleaning nature. This is the feature which Bajaj Discover lacks. To churn out maximum performance out of this 109 cc engine Honda increases the size of intake funnel which supplies fuel from carburetor to combustion head, the twin valves are operated by high lift camshaft with twin air jacket, the offset crankshaft and rocker arms with roller which reduces friction and increase performance.

All these techniques are being used in larger displacement bikes to enhance performance and reduce friction. The exhaust note sounds very loud like sports bike. One more thing I would like to add here that till now we have seen 100cc horizontal engines from Honda in India be it Splendor, CD- Dawn or Passion but this one is vertical engine. The bike comes with optional electric start.

The power to weight ratio for Bajaj Discover stands at 66.96 bhp / tonne which is very low compared to 87.96 bhp / tonne for CB Twister. It is clear that CB Twister is more powerful bike than Bajaj Discover but as far as engine department concerns technology wise Discover has slight over edge on CB Twister engine. Discover’s compression ratio of 9.8 : 01 is higher than CB Twister’s 9.0 : 01 which means CB Twister has less problem with low octane fuel compare to Discover. When it comes to refinement both the engines are refined but CB Twister engine made more noise than Discover at lower speed. At higher speed the reverse is true.

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4.5/5

Throttle Response

In 100cc bike segment people mostly don’t care about throttle response as the 100cc bike are not meant for racing. But we are comparing here bikes which have redefined 100 cc segment. Discover has instant throttle response (provided ride control switch off as it makes you feel some hurdle in accelerating bike from economy zone to performance zone) thanks to TRICS III (III rd generation Throttle responsive ignition control system). This system ensures optimum ignition spark for given amount of engine rpm and throttle opening.

CB Twister uses similar kind of system but with different name of Digital CDI (Digitally controlled ignition) with multi mapping. With single ride Discover gives better feel of throttle response than with pillion ride while CB Twister does not have such problem due to higher torque.

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4.5/5


Discover got 5 speed constant mesh type gearbox which is segment first feature in 100cc segment. It has got toe and heel shifter which is standard in 100cc segment. The gearbox and clutch felt smooth enough but its little bit hard as the bike I tested was new. Discover has short gear ratio which means it generates low torque at lower rpm. The bike comes with Exhaust-TEC system to overcome this problem. Exhaust tech helps the engine to increase torque in low and mid range. Result you can drive Discover at 20 kmph speed in fifth gear without shifting in fourth gear. The torque is well spread across the gears.

Discover has got all down gearshift pattern which I personally don’t prefer but the segment under which Discover operates requires all down or up pattern. The 5 speed gearbox sometimes increases work of gear shifting in traffic but on highway it’s very useful. There is a minimal noise while shifting gear. Overall the clutch and gearbox felt positive but it’s not as smooth as on Pulsar 135 LS or Unicorn.

CB Twister got 4 speed constant mesh type gear box as usual seen in 100cc bike. But it has universal one down 3 up gearshift pattern and only toe shifter something unique in 100cc segment. CB Twister has long gear ratio for better initial pulling power. It has well spread torque across the gear. Not much to talk about Honda’s clutch and gearbox its always class leading however the clutch felt very short and the gearbox does not have smooth and slick feel which we see on Honda Unicorn. You can hear the click noise while shifting gear which was bit louder than Discover’s gearshift noise. Overall the clutch and gearbox could have been better according to Honda standard.

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4/5


Bajaj Discover has Single Down tube type of frame which is specially designed for long distance journey. The frame is single down tube but it splits between the portion of engine and swingarm. Discover uses rectangular swingarm which offers greater stability compare to tube type swingarm. It has longest swingarm in the 100cc segment. It also has longest wheelbase of 1305 mm in the 100cc segment which is very useful while cornering. The bike weighs only 115 kilograms despite having bulkier features like wider tyre, Nitrox suspension etc. It has 162 mm (6.38 inch) of ground clearance which is enough for most of the bumpy riding. Overall the chassis is well built and serves its purpose.

Honda CB Twister has Diamond type twin down tube frame which uses the engine as a stressed member. The frame is rigid and also gives advantage of increased power to weight ratio. As Discover CB Twister also has box type rectangular swingarm but it’s thicker than Discover swingarm and looks attractive too. CB Twister chassis offers optimum control and stability. The wheelbase of 1262 mm is lower than of Discover but it helps very much in city riding conditions. In terms of weight Honda has put CB Twister on strict diet, it weighs only 108 Kg. It has 180 mm (7.09 inch) ground clearance which covers almost any kind of bumpy ride.

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4/5

Tyres and Rim

Bajaj Discover has tyre size of 2.75 x 17 at front and 3.00 x 17 at rear. It has Eurogrip tube type tyre which are not much famous for its road grip but the quality is constantly improving. Discover has firm road grip on dry surfaces and in instant braking condition but in wet conditions the tyre grip was not firm enough like MRF tyres. One thing I would like to add here that Bajaj was first to introduced 17 inch tyre and rim on Discover 125cc in 2004 and after that it has became tradition to use 17 inch tyre and rim. The main benefit of 17 inch tyre and rim is it brings down overall centre of gravity compare to 18 inches tyre and rim. The same thing rider can feel while doing steep cornering at high speed. Overall the wider tyres are doing good job but could have been better with MRF zapper tyres.

CB Twister uses tyre size of 70/100 x 17 (2.75 inch x 17) at front and 80/100 x 17 (3.15 inch x 17) inch tyre at rear. It has MRF Tubeless tyre at front and rear which is segment first feature. The road grip is excellent and sets new benchmark for its class. Although CB Twister has wider tyres compare to Discover, they don’t look that much wide as Discover tyres look.

Bajaj Discover: 3.5/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4.5/5


Bajaj Discover has Telescopic fork as a front suspension which offers travel of 130 mm (5.12 inch) which is highest for 100cc segment. It has got segment first Nitrox Suspension at rear which offers travel rate of 110 mm (4.33 inch). The suspension feel of Discover has really improved after introduction of Nitrox suspension and you can feel this while riding on dirt roads and potholes. Discover comes with anti friction bush in front suspension to increase the suspension life.

As against this CB Twister has Telescopic fork as a front suspension which offers travel of 50 mm (2inches) and spring loaded Hydraulic shock absorber at rear which offers travel of 50 mm (2 inches) same as front suspension (Note: The travel rate for CB Twister was not mentioned in manual. When asked to the salesperson at Honda, he said that it’s 2 inch for front and rear – but I doubt the front suspension travel rate figure). The rear suspension felt very stiffer. Although suspension felt good it is area which leaves room for improvement in CB Twister.

Bajaj Discover: 4.5/5 | Honda CB Twister: 3.5/5


Bajaj Discover has 130 mm drum brake at front and 110 mm drum brake at rear as per the 100cc class. Both the brakes felt very good while braking. However the rear brake pedal needs to be pressed hardly to get desired result. I interacted with so many Discover owners about the braking they said that braking is good enough but the brake pads worn out very fast.

As far as 100cc class concern Drum brakes are enough but Honda has gone one step ahead and equipped CB Twister with Disc brake.

CB Twister has 240 mm front disc brake at front and 110 mm drum brake at rear. Also, it comes with drum brake variant which has 130 mm drum brake at front. To be frank I didn’t find CB Twister disc brake that much effective as disc brakes are known for, in fact drum brake version worked very effective. Apart from this you need to apply more pressure on front lever to get effective braking in disc brake version. It is the rear brake which works very effective on disk brake version.

Bajaj Discover: 3.5/4 | Honda CB Twister: 4/5

Style and Build Quality

Bajaj Discover retains its plane jane looks as far as styling concern. Nothing new in Discover’s styling. It has the same 6 year old headlight with twin pilot lamps which still looks good. The same LED tail light which still looks good than any other 100cc bike. The same tank which feels litter bit sporty and muscular compare to other 100cc bike. The same grab rail and alloy wheel with the same paint quality.

I personally don’t like the paint quality of Discover. The graphics looks cool. The basic tank filler looks outdated on Discover tank. The mirrors look good and provide adequate visibility. Discover offers four colour choices black blue, black green, black magnepa and flame red. Overall built quality of Discover leaves some room for improvement. Overall looks of Discover still have some charm like Passion looks but it’s high time for Discover to have some fresh styling.

Honda has made a true style icon for 100cc segment and that is CB Twister. CB Twister styling is inspired from its eldest brother Honda CB1000R. The curvy headlight with screenless front cowl and curvy indicators enhance its front look. The floating side cowl which is rare in the 100cc segment gives the bike bigger and sporty look. The side cowl also channels air to engine to enhance engine cooling. The muscular fuel tank of CB Twister looks most stylish in the 100cc segment. The V Shaped alloy wheels first in the 100cc segment. A short muffler looks good but I personally like to have bigger muffler on CB Twister.

The tail light derives cue from Honda shine. The tail looks short but attractive. The half chain case cover is novelty in 100cc segment. It looks sporty but increases maintenance part of chain lubing and cleaning. It seems like CB Twister has followed Japanese trend of forward biased styling. Moreover the bike is aerodynamically designed so that you don’t have wind force problem riding at higher speed. The mirrors look trendy but do not provide adequate visibility.

Paint and finish quality is of top class. The rear plastic grab rail which has steel tube inside does not look good on CB Twister moreover the plastic quality is not up to the mark. CB Twister offers five colour choices of metallic yellow, pearl nightstar black, pearl siena red, pearl fiji blue and candy palm green. The overall built quality of CB Twister leaves very little room for improvement. As far as looks concern CB Twister has truly redefined 100cc segment and no bike in 100cc segment can come close to CB Twister. It’s FZ of 100 cc segment.

Bajaj Discover: 3.5/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4.5/5

Electricals and Instrument Panel

Bajaj Discover has retained its plane jane looks of speedometer (we might have digital display as upgrade in future) which was there in Discover 125cc. It includes speedometer, trip meter and fuel gauge. On the dashboard you have neutral indicator, Low battery indicator, side indicator and high beam indicator. Discover got maintenance free battery which is rarity in 100cc segment. For the front headlight unit Discover got 35/35 watt bulb with separate twin pilot lamps.

You don’t have problem while riding in dark night as the light beam is clear and cover much of the visibility area. The rear got LED tail lamp which looks very good in night with side light indicators. Discover has class leading switchgear quality. It also has pass switch which is very useful on highway while overtaking in night. Horn sounds good but not as seen on Pulsar. Beside this Discover has DC lighting system which ensures your bulb last long. It also has battery protector unit which ensures your headlight will not work until the engine starts.

CB Twister has got entirely fresh speedometer which looks trendy. The speedometer combines fuel gauge and speedometer in one single unit rather than two different unit seen on Discover. The speedometer also incorporates neutral indicator, high beam indicator and side light indicator which we generally see on dashboard of other bikes. The dashboard has nothing except Honda logo.

CB Twister also has maintenance free battery as seen on Discover. For the front light CB Twister got 35/35 watts halogen light. The tail lamp looks like Hero Honda ambition’s tail lamp. The curvy side indicators look nice with front headlight unit. The light beam is clear and apt but lacks in covering area of visibility in the dark night. The switchgear lacks in quality and felt rough while driving. CB Twister does not have pass switch and trip meter as seen on Discover. Horn sounds better than other Honda motorcycle. Overall it has basic package except trendy speedometer.

Bajaj Discover: 4.5/5 | Honda CB Twister: 3.5/5

Ride and Handling

On the ride front Bajaj Discover gives you pure commuter bike ride feeling but it excels in this criterion. The seat has been redesigned and well padded to give comfortable ride to pillion on long journey. Discover saddle height kept at lower so that a 5ft 6 inch tall (or Short) man can easily ride the bike. The handlebar height has been increased so that the saddle height will not create any problem for tall rider. Discover has an upright seating posture which is standard in 100cc class.

The traditional tank design of Discover offers good knee recess while riding. The palm grip felt soft and much improved from earlier versions of Discover. The foot pegs are positioned rightly both for front and rear. It has very good stability both in terms of straight line and cornering thanks to its longer wheelbase. It comes with “ease of handling” as a standard feature. It has very good ride quality but if ridden at higher speed for long time the fatigue factor starts showing up due to vibrations at higher speed. Although vibrations are there the bike remain stable at higher speed. Overall Discover offers class leading ride and handling quality as far as 100cc commuter segment concern.

I don’t have word to speak about CB Twister ride as far as 100cc segment concern. The ride of CB Twister made me to think the way we look at 100cc bikes. It felt like I am riding a sports bike. Its true 100cc sports bike like Pulsar 135 LS even if the seating posture remains upright same as Discover. The seat is well padded and I felt very comfortable while seating as a pillion on CB Twister.

The handlebar position felt very comfortable. Moreover the tank design offers class leading knee recess. The palm grip felt very soft. Both the front and rear foot pegs are well positioned. The bike remains very stable while cornering at higher speed but Discover offers better straight line stability than CB Twister. It is also very comfortable for long distance high speed cruising as vibrations are lower compare to Discover at higher speed. Overall CB Twister has truly redefined the ride factor of 100cc class. It has the fun factor of riding which none of the other 100cc bike has.

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4.5/5


This is the area where 100cc segment owner is not concern much and the same thing reflects in the Discover’s performance figure. It takes more than 10 seconds to reach 0-60 mark. Although I have not tested the top speed of bike according to most of the leading automobile magazine it’s in the band of 90-95 KMPH. Discover’s performance figures are adequate enough according to its class.

But it’s Honda CB Twister which is clear winner in performance segment of 100cc bikes. It can do 0-60 stuff in just little bit over 7 seconds, three seconds faster than Discover. Top speed is another area where it has outperformed every other bike in 100cc segment it can easily do over 95 KMPH according to most of the leading automobile magazine. The performance figures of CB Twister are really outstanding considering the class in which it operates.

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 5/5

Fuel Efficiency

Mileage is the trump card of 100cc segment and the area which is dominated by Bajaj Discover. Discover is able to return 70-75 Km / liter in city riding condition something which other bikes can dream off. It is the biggest reason why Discover is selling like hot cake. Even with worst riding it can give you mileage of 63 KM/ Liter. If you ride in the range of 50-55 KMPH on highway you can stretch this figure to 85 KM/ liter.

For taking correct picture of fuel efficiency you need to ride the bike around 400- 500 kilometres which was not possible in my case so I asked the Discover owners about the fuel efficiency and above figures are indications of the same. Only two persons said me that he has reported mileage drop to 65 KMPL in city ride condition after 10,000 kilometres which I think ok kind of thing. With 8 liter fuel tank Discover can give you range of 600 Kilometres so less fuel station visits in a month. You also have ride control switch which indicates move from economy zone to power zone while accelerating throttle in order to get better mileage.

On the other hand despite giving class leading performance figure Honda CB Twister does not compromise on Fuel efficiency front. The bike reported 60-65KM / liter in city ride conditions and 58 KM / liter as worst fuel efficiency figure. I don’t think we can stretch the figure on highway as the bike is meant to enjoy highway riding but if ridden carefully on highway in the band of 50-55 KMPH it can return 70 KM / liter figure. With 8 liter fuel tank CB Twister can give you 560 Kilometres range with single full tank.

Bajaj Discover: 5/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4/5


Bajaj Discover has Ex-showroom price of Rs. 40,900 (On road Rs. 46 ,600) for Kick start version and Rs. 44,020 (On road Rs. 49,950) for electric start version in Ahmedabad. From the 1st January 2011 the same bikes is going to cost Rs.1000 more means around Ex-showroom price of 42,000 for kick start and 45,000 for Self start version. As against Honda CB Twister has Ex-showroom price of Rs. 44,837 (on road Rs. 49,690) for Kick Start, Rs. 47,710 (on road Rs. 52,749) for self start and Rs. 50,834 (on road Rs. 56,073) for self start and disk brake version. Both Discover and CB Twister justifies the prices as CB Twister is 110cc engine compare to Discover 94.38 cc and it offers stunning style too but CB Twister looks little bit overpriced.

Bajaj Discover: 4.5/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4/5


At last who is best out of two? Both bikes have different package to offer. One has segment beating fuel efficiency and features generally not seen in 100cc class other has segment beating style and power. One is true 100cc commuter the other is true 100cc sports bike. Both are purpose built bikes and aim different market segment. So let’s take it other way if fuel efficiency is your priority and want value for money package Discover is a bike you should go for.

If looks and power is your priority and don’t mind to spend some extra thousand bucks for the same. CB Twister is the bike you should go for. But it is unfair if after so long comparison I will not declare a winner here. Both bikes have a similar overall rating but CB Twister is overall winner as it slightly compromises on suspension and fuel efficiency front compare to Bajaj Discover.

Overall Rating

Bajaj Discover: 4/5 | Honda CB Twister: 4/5

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  • fas

    I would have choosen the HOnda only for that Honda engine and name/brand.

    • Deepak

      I would have chosen the same if I was buying a 100cc bike.

      • star4ulove

        I would go 4 Bajaj.. one day they will beat all the legends on the world market….their R n D is growing like PAM tree.. Every day new high…

      • soumyajit basu

        i have chosen honda cb twister.simply,bike of the year 2010.i just love to ride it as much as possible.


    • soumyajit basu

      i support you,who are the makers of super bikes,only they can make such a great bike.

      i have owned honda cb twister on 15th december,2010.riding the bike is like “yeh dil mange more”.


  • santosa

    For me bajaj is the final winner as it got style(not funny like twister)
    mileage(my friends are getting 80kmpl)

    • soumyajit basu

      if u don’t mind,why people like you to stick into the same boring designs.after seeing the “SAME” decade old designs in various bike manufactures like hero honda,yamaha and suzuki.
      i like the new look designs of hero honda “splender”.which has become worlds no.1 later.
      that “splender” design was the change of the look of the whole industry.
      then comes hero honda CBZ another trend setter as per looks goes.
      and when the sales of YAMAHA was boring from last 10 years,now they are in full gear with there 2 models FZ and R15.
      and now HONDA CB Twister,it’s not “THE STYLE”.it’s a trend setter between 100 cc and 110 cc you will see this look will be followed by the others.


  • sudeep mirza

    Well.. the comparison is really good and informative…
    I think, both the bikes are eyeing different segments of market.. (Twister as a sports bike… luring younger gen, Disco as a perfect commuter vehicle aimed at rather not-so-young gen..)

    keep it up!!


  • I have bought bajaj discover 100cc dts-si bike in dec 2009 and i have riden it for 7000kms.Now i would state its pros and cons
    1.Mileage of 80 to 85 km/ltr at 65 to 75 km/hr
    2.Excellent comfort
    3.Good stability and suspension
    4.Good Medium level torque
    5.Good bike for long rides..
    6.Easily reaches 90km/hr
    1.Low power with pillion
    2.Low on pickup during the intial torque
    3.Sometimes vibrates when reved high at the low end torque
    4.Bad front looks
    5.Bad rear tyre grip at sand area.
    for the past 1 year i did not have any engine problems or battery problems..It has been a superb bike for me..

    • k.v.n.sai krishna

      are you getting 80-85kmpl at 65-75km/hr ???
      i am getting good mileage 75+ but at 55 km/hr ..
      rEaLlY ?????? at 65-75 speed

      • Yeah sai,i am getting that mileage..I always travel above 65km/hr and you can expect above 80 mileage by making proper air filing in tyres of 30 in front and 40 in rear;(a nitrogen filled tyre always gives better mileage),proper gear shifting at correct speeds and by avoiding sudden revving of engine..

  • A comphresive note on both the 100cc bikes, i simply loved it.

  • Sachin

    Well i own the CB Twister & the hiway fuel efficiency in 40-50km in top gear is 84-85km/lit.i have testd this 3 times.

    • Diptadip

      My twister returned 85.7kmpl when tested on highway. I’m constantly getting 64-66kmpl in city conditions too.

      • sudeep mirza


        on which highway u run ur biky?
        This number looks too HOT!! 🙂

  • Ramana

    i too getting 78kmpl with twister

  • fari

    A comphresive note on both the 100cc bikes, i simply loved it.

  • Andres Iniesta

    Are you out of your mind? CB Twister a sports bike? Oh god you are insulting “SPORTS BIKES” by giving that name to Twister. Its a bloody commuter

    • AVS

      The author used the word ‘sports’ in comparison to the Indian view of Sports bike segment( just muscular look and short handles with digital dials- far enough for an average Indian to have a sportz segment bike features)……..hiiii

    • soumyajit basu

      you are right it’s basically a commuter with a drop down HONDA CBR is it?i am riding it since’s awesome.


    • soumyajit basu

      what do you mean by “SPORTS BIKE” as per your dictionary?you may be from different planet.


      • venkat

        I don’t understand how Twister looks are great. its back is worst ever seen. very skinny, looks like a moped from behind.

      • Sabyasachi

        Decently sporty enuf to give the 125 ccs a gud run for their money… in short bursts it fared better than platina and super splendour and the XCDs… bajaj trolled…

  • manjunath

    why the CNBC TV-18 Overdrive Awards 2011 is inserted in this article

  • Sujay

    Honda CB twister looks like a baby cycle.. specly the the back side

    • soumyajit basu

      yes you are right,but you know the words “dikhao pe mat jao apni akal lagao”.have u seen HONDA CBR range of bike and mostly the coming HONDA CBR cb twister are the drop down models of honda CBR it.

      send me more specific point to point review.

  • Chetan

    IMHO, both these bikes are worthless. What kind of sick people like the hopeless yellow and green colors of the twister? The black and blue colors look all right but still the bike looks very very skinny.

    I feel that the best 100cc bike available in India is still the Passion Plus (not the Passion Pro). Excellent build quality and reliability. Looks good and is a pleasure to ride.

    • AVS

      Ride passion plus and twister… How can we choose passion after riding twister( 7 bHp and 9 bHp)??
      But the rear suspension of passion is good whereas the rider comfort is always with twister.
      The low end torque is great in twister but passion needs to ride with its 2-3rd gears at 20-30 Kmph. Twister can easily ride with its 4th gear at 20-30 Kmph

  • k.v.n.sai krishna

    well written article

    i dont believe mileage figures of twister 85 kmpl on highways
    but discover is returning near to 100kmpl on highways
    i am happy to feel the trill with 50rs petrol and travelled 80+ kms on highway….just believing my bike
    thanks bajaj..
    coming to quality bajaj is good enough for that price but get inspected your bike before delivery for faulty bulbs and painting areas which i witnessed for my bike

    • sachin

      why are you finding it hard to belief that twister cannot give 85kmpl?I my self getting 84-85kmpl and its fact i have seen a twisters giving 87kmpl and this kmpl figure can be extended with better terms of performance twister beats even some 125cc bikes,and discover 100 is no match here.

      • k.v.n.sai krishna

        if true…its a good sign
        im happy with my discover n covered 7000kms
        still no problems found

        hope twisters may show up in their sales…but discover showed in sales…..crossed 10 lakhs with in 15 months

  • sanjiv kr. choudhary.

    i m in confusion which byk i hav to by twister or discover 100. i have not driven both byk. i m purchasing my first byk in life so please tell me which is the best for me. i want to know also which byk gives me the lasting in minimum mantance.

    • AVS

      You just ride the bikes you need to compare………..Thats the first step( your confusion will be removed in great after this).

      Only after your test drives, compare their reviews- second step.
      Then compare their price and mileage( since we are out of Petrol price!!)
      I ll suggest you Twister( if looking for a bike below 125 cc).

  • Sachin

    Its true that twister does return 85kmpl.i am myself getting that figure.& i have seen one twisters giving 88kmpl.

  • AVS

    Honda engines will deliver excellent mileage only after its 4th service( after that the mileage stabilizes ). The engine is so tuned to reduce wear and tear during its first rides. Whereas all Bajaj bikes will get excellent mileage from the start, but after 2 years, the mileage and performance continuously decreases( Its the process thats taking place in India for the past years). In case of low end torque Discover 100 cant beat twister in any stands( driving Twister thro’ the city in top gears at low speeds). All would remember the old Discover 110 cc at the time of CT100?? Whats its performance. In My opinion and experience, Pulsar series( except Baby Pulsar 135 ) is the only bikes that bajaj can boast……..Its the true fact.

    But Bajaj can boast of the good showroom reception while we are ought to buy their bikes.
    But Honda says” we have given you a good choice of bikes. Its your turn to test-ride them and have them..we guarentee…”thats all

  • Prabhu

    If i want to take a new bike in 100cc segment then my choice would be twister. Discover is very good option but i would recommend it for my dad, not my taste.

  • SarRaNG

    CB twister is very good 100cc bike for college going boys who want good style, performance with decent mileage.

  • yila

    Considering the price, Twister should have been compared with Discover 150 and not with Discover 100, which is far cheaper than Twister.

  • Niccolewis


    I find your reviews and other articles to be quite a great read once I get past all the bad grammar and spelling. This is a good comparitive review of the two bikes but I am wondering if you guys have realized that you are using the wrong images for this article? The majority of the images used here are of the TVS Apache bike. Please do get it changed since this article has been up for a while. If you are looking for someone to edit your articles before you post them on here do let me know. I’ll be happy to do so for you! Thanks!

  • Deepak

    Niccolewis, the file names of the images in this post and the apache post are the same. Hence when the images are loading from the cache, the browser gets confused and displays the wrong images. We will correct it soon.

  • Abhishek

    CB twister’s tyres sucks….
    its small and tiny like cycle..
    skid problem is there always when curvy turns…
    it is better on a straight road…
    style and economy rate is good…
    but when honda making a byk and why they only prefer economy..
    coz style is not only by head of bike its about complete byk.
    nd i think byk would be better if radial or broad tyres used…

    • soumyajit basu

      u are absolute wrong,thin tyre means more milage and thick tyres means less.and for your kind information these tyres are not like any other tyres,these are “MRF nylogrip zapper tubeless”.the next gen (tubeless),change your old mindset.
      no skid problem in curvy turns.

      but yes,in straigh t road,if you use rear break hard with or with out pillion riders………..YES,it’s skids,but not the way i thought.but as per biking rules we must use both brakes was my mistake not bikes.

      need your inputs,

  • Niccolewis

    @Manjunath – Just look through the article and you will see the images being used. Just check out the 2nd and the 3rd image in the post! I’m not trying to insult you but only trying to help you make your site look more professional. Good luck!

    @Deepak – I’m glad you are looking into the images. I am new to the world of bikes and I frequent your site for information on Indian bikes. I enjoyed this article because I am planning to pick up the CB Twister as my first bike!

  • kapil

    it was a good job done deepak, as i owe a Cb twister and after having my 1’st servicing done i am quite happy with the smoothness, but average wise i get nearly 45-48 as my daily running is not more than 10-15 km and that too in our colony only.
    Riding between speed of 40-45. is that the reason i am not getting the good mileage as Sachin is getting as written by him in his comment. i really want to get the same as Sachin is getting.What do i do ?
    Sachin can u also guide me on this it will be really a helping hand.

  • Mihir Acharya

    Hey Guys,
    I am going to get my first bike within a week.. First I was also confused between Twister and Discover 100, But now I have finalised Twister after taking test drives and reading reviews. Twister is very comfortable and smooth. And, it will surely give 65kmpl at minimum.
    I want to know that what should be the riding conditions and how should I handle twister till its 2-3rd service so that it delivers excellent mileage like 70-75kmpl.
    I know some points like checking air pressure and driving max. upto 40km/h till 1st service.
    Plz let me know more like about clutch controlling and all..

  • Samved

    I dont know why he has posted the photos of apache rtr

  • Badal

    This article is completely biased. I believe Mr.Mahavir is a simply Bajaj lover and his ratings are just showing his interest and his knowledge abt bike market is nill.

    for example he spoke abt Honda’s braking systems abt disc brake which is one of the most sophisticated braking system in indian market and he didn’t find worth to choose it.
    secondly he had given more points on suspension for Bajaj only for Nitrox which hardly works. If he could done a thorough review i.e. road test with a long trip he would never say this.

    The most funny in this article is he had added all the TVS Apache photos in Bajaj n Honda bile comparison.
    There is not even any comparison for Honda Twister and bajaj Discover.
    It could be a better review if this would ve done the long test drive for both the bikes.

    Guys plz don’t follow this review as i ve seen the most biased review in my life.

    • Ravi Kant

      Then badal, please suggest me which bike, I should go for. Twister is in my mind. My main parameters are fuel efficiency and suspension (Comfort). I am not able to decide coz this article is showing that suspension is good in discover while Twister suffers with skiding problem. Please help by your experience. I will have to decide within 2 days.
      Thanks a lot.

  • velu

    Hi ,
    I am planning to buy a new bike.I am cunfused because i don’t know which bike have to purchase.I am looking for bike gives good mileage and good look.I am planning to go for Honda unicorn. suggest me shall i go for Honda unicorn or otherwise pls suggest me some good bike with good mileage,good look,low maintenins

    • Prabhu

      Go ahead and buy unicorn. U will not regret abt ur decision.

  • aarshad

    Hey friends!

    Really nice work guys, its helping people who are buying their first bike. So I am also one of them and planning to buy my first bike. My choices are of course between the two bike which you people are already discussing(Discover & Twister). Please suggest me which bike I should go for my preference are:
    – Mileage minimum in city of 65-70 Kmpl (Max is always better)
    – Low maintenance cost
    – Comfort riding specially for pillion (my Girl friend)
    – Nice tyre hold on road means no skidding during rainy season
    – Style after all I have just crossed my teenage

    please come up with some suggestion it would be really a great and noble help!!

    • soumyajit basu

      simply go for twister.


      • shiv

        wait for Hero Ignitor………………..


    Hi ,
    I am planning to buy a new bike.I am confused because i don’t know which bike have to purchase.I am looking for bike gives good mileage, good look and maintainance free bike than i purchase the BAJAJ DISCOVER DTS-SI, this is very suitable for me, currently i ride the my bike(bajaj discover100cc) 65-70 km/day, and i found the average is 70-72km/ltrs. that is very economy bike.

  • seshadri82

    Twister is far more better product, the article would have been better if the comparision was done with other 100-110cc bikes.

    D100 is only for 2010, in few months they will sack it due to low sales, Bajaj has already come up with Boxer and the cycle will repeat, 1,00,000 boxer in 3 months, then again sack it then again launch Caliber 110cc (which will be nothing but Platina).

    Bajaj has learnt a great trick of hyped up launches, no one can beat Bajaj’s strategies

    • soumyajit basu

      there is a basic statistics.’bajaj financed there own bikes by bajaj finance,not HONDA’.that is why there sales figure is so great.and yes honda is expensive,b’coz of quality materials.that’s simple.


  • piyush

    i have purchased my 1st bike HONDA CB TWISTER and it is giving me a average of 68-71 Km/lit with a speed of 45-50 kmph

  • Khawar

    I have a bajaj pulsar 180cc,i have kept it very well,just drove it for 7500 kms in 3yrs,
    But it’s average sucks,it gives 30km/ltr.
    Now after reading all this, I want to sell my bike and buy one from d above,but please tell me, it really worth selling pulsar 180cc for them,and for what price,
    2.And if I have to buy,than which one from above 2,…..i really love my pulsar 180cc,but it’s average sucks….
    please reply to this thread,you will be very helpful,thanks I n advance.

    • soumyajit basu

      my suggestion would be tune your engine to the lowest RPM.i think u will get more an more out of every liter.


    • bharath

      Dude opt Honda CB Twister..

    • Sam

      You will absolute hate these 100cc babies after riding the powerful 180cc pulsar.

  • bibin


    i think discover is gud

    i hate twister

    • Misal

      why r u confuse me somebody told me twister is good or somebody is told discover i am confuse .. 🙁

  • bharath

    Guys don’t opt for BAJAJ… Its just waste.. Try HONDA once.. you will never leave then..
    for eg: take any of BAJAJ bike, after 1 or 2 years, the sound of the engine changes n you will be suffering.. whatever may be the pro’s n con’s but don’t insist on BAJAJ..
    I own HONDA UNICORN from past 5 years.. Still i own it Clocked 65000 kms.. Still the mileage, power, throttle response is the same.. NOISE of the engine is same..
    So HONDA rules..

  • Faizu

    i have choose HONDA CB TWISTER
    Its a powerfull bike

  • chetan

    honda twister look like a vicky i am very upset after purchasing this bike i have lost my wheel because of honda twister tyre is so week that is the reasion my wheel touch with road i bear loss 3600 rs with tax pls tell me do i change my tyre with r15

  • Rakesh Kumar

    I’ll go with Bajaj Discover Because it’s milege is better than any Honda bike

  • Chempakaraman

    MY Honda CB Twister 110CC BIKE is My best
    now 16533 km
    i only changed Brack sho chain and sprocket in 16000
    Time to Time service
    Still my gives me 103 to 117Km/Li——in hi way
    it is not a joke or Honda business

  • surendra singh solanki

    i like CB twister to see the over all performance…average is must but sometime pickup is also may enjoy sport bike…with disk break…..i will give 5/5 to CB TWISTER……..

  • kugan


    Thank you all folks.
    thread has given me a good view of both bikes..


  • Sahil

    Hey guys i have CB twister i have an accident few days befor beacuse of its tyre width,i changed that tyre with MRF Zapper and the bike performance is really cool,like no vibrations n good balnacing also the bike has the bike as it got earlier so it is very very very good bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayzepatel

    hi i am planing to buy cBtwister but after i gain 70 percent in second sem

  • debkiran

    what is the top speed of discover 100?

  • Mohit Tomar

    Which is better in overall comparision

    Twister or Stunner

    i’m confussed b/w these two bikes…..

  • anil

    i have purchased bajaj discover 100 dtsi last year and ride on but did not get 70 in city till now
    i am a good rider and frequent measure always
    its give only 60 to 65 in city truely.

  • anil

    when i purchased the discover 100 dtsi 23/07/2010 i think that its give milage 75 to 80 in city
    but disappoint in this matter and also disappoint in rear shocker movement rear shocker is some

  • anil

    i am not too happy to purchase discover 100 dtsi in front of milage and shocker front and rear
    like honda

  • Baala

    Hi Guys,

    I didnt find any TVS Apache photo in this fourm, after reviewing this fourm. I am planning to buy Discover DTS.

    Thanks to all for your valuable comments


  • hi every one
    all the info present here is very usfull and the comparison done here is accurate and tell evey good and the bad thing about the bikes

    first of all i would like to say somethin to @Khawar about p180
    dude i also have a p180 ug4 done 70k + in just a8 months still the bike gives an average of 42+ on highway and 38 to 39 in city
    dude start using fully synthetic oil in yur bike

    and as far as these two bikes are concerned i would prefer honda because the R&D they do on there engines before they come in the market
    and cb twister is a sure shot winner according to the other reviews tht i hav got online more over bajaj can never stand next to Honda be it what ever
    thumbs up to honda

    waithin for yur ppl input to this
    Regards Essa

    • its 18 months not 8 months sorry abt it

  • Rahul pawar

    Now u all confused me .which bike i shall buy?

    • Misal

      i am also confuse with twister or passion pro

  • Rahul

    i’d like bajaj discove 135cc in 2006,2007 model but im not getting now anywhere so pls suggest me for where i can get it ? i have also seemed twister 100cc its look is very beautiful but i want at least 125cc . so pls suggest me which is better in these ?

  • Harshad

    This comparison looks bias, as in actual sales the figure of discover is high if compare to twister.

  • Misal

    What about CB twister length. i think it is very small seat. or no digital gear display on head. or gear style is not good like 1st is up and 2 3 4 is down or one stand gear style.
    please help on this because i will purchase this bike on dassera.

  • abulhasan

    i buy a cb twister on 15 jan he is a good bike

  • Shubham

    plzz do comparison in passion pro nd twistr once i m bit confuse
    my e mail id is
    but i think passn pro is less avg giving bike around 65
    as i m 16 yrs old so which one suits me better
    plzz rply on my id

  • dharshan

    oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my twister only give 70kmpl, i am cheated by honda…………..

  • Pathania

    Hi i want my first bike wd good avrage twister or discover

    • prasad

      i think discover is best choice for u

  • Pathania

    Give me choice which btr cb twister or d100

  • kanishq

    i had used CBR 600 for 8 months.
    Now a owner of cb twister, due to change in priorities.
    The aerodynamics is just mind blowing. At 100kmph, bike runs in such a way like knife in butter. No shakes. Even in heavy winds. Freaking awesome.
    Other thng- balancing and cornering. To be honest, i DID NOT FEEL difference in the cornering and balancing ability of twister, as compared to CBR. It was as if i was riding cbr over a ghaat, i.e. Twisty road. Despite the thing it has such small rear tyre. Hats off, HONDA.
    Mileage- 65 in city, 76 on highway. The best 100-125 cc bike.

  • san

    hey guys ….my r15 gives 48.2kmpl i drive less than 85kmph…. i ride daily 145 kms per day… for my job…. its a pretty mileage too…n my bro has cb twister… he gets about 78kmpl….

  • blushh!! I tnk u have made mistake….. platina also unable to give this much of avg.

  • kanu pundit

    hero passion pro rocks bcoz it can be a little difference between milege but in looks and maal hero’s bikes r no. 1 which is very important in indian atmosphere, after few days u will see a khal…..khal…… khalalalalala……. sound in bajaj’s bikes mostly in discover.
    aur bhai hamare yahan makhhan jaisi roads to hai nahi is khal………khal………….khalalalala ……… se kaam chal jayega bike mein kuch dum bhi to hona chahiye.
    pakistan or afghanistan mein aapko bahut purani honda cd100 bikes mil jayengi haan wo purani ho chuki hain but ye khal ………… khal…………khalalalalalal………………to nahi karti, so think about it folks which is better and

    i dont like this khal……………….khal………………khalalalalalla…………………hopes u too dont like it.

  • nikhil

    what is RTR digital speedometer doing above there?????? in da 100 cc segment. hahaha

  • Gourab

    I own a twister since july’11. If u change ur engine oil every 2 months / 1000kms and also service ur bike atleast once a quarter. ur milage can go update 70kmpl in city and more than 80 on is the best bike one can ever have at this price range..Bajaj can never make such a bike with looks and milage at this price. Problem with bajaj bikes, no matter if its pulsar or discover, is that after a year the engine and chain sounds like anything which is disgusting..Tell bajaj to go and manufracture scooters and not bikes. Honda k saath aya hai compare karne..huh..

  • kalyan

    I am very much satisfied with my twister
    Its gives me 100km for 1.5litre in city and 110km in highways
    Makes you feel like riding a sport bike
    Good braking(disc) when compared to discover
    Comfort for both
    Trendy look specially for college guys . Discover lacks it
    Low maintanence
    Lacks pass switch
    Tube less tyres
    High cost when compared to discover
    Honda brand and 9 bhp power
    Nice beating

  • vikram

    then which is the best, dont give reason. say the name

  • Umang

    I think CB TWISTER wins the RACE when compared to DISCOVER 100cc
    Im Going For CB TWISTER as im In XI Class I need A good Fuel Efficient bike with style and power too.
    If Ur 30-40 Year old Go For discover 100cc .
    for Young Generation TWISTER ROCKS!!!..

  • Anshul Thakur

    i am having cb twister its a more stylish and more powerful bike than discover and its average and pick up is also very nice so i suggest to buy CB twister

  • vindisel

    There is no sense in comparing Twister with Bajaj 94 cc vehicle. Highly useless comparision and waste of energy in wriitng this article. Refrain from this type comparison of vehicles in future

  • Harihara Sudhan

    Bravo Mahavir… Awesome article and awesome comparison. Simply great. Keep up the good work. U r a bike genius. I never ever read such a article or comparison. Also the way you gauged is remarkable. You have a very good future.

  • bhupendra singh

    the bike are very sexy

  • shaji

    my discover have poblems only

  • shaji

    i have a discover bike all times its on workshop

  • harish koranga

    twister is rolla bike….

  • Rahul singh

    Frnds i m going to buy cb twister any 1 can give me exact mileage in highway nd in city….

  • Rahul singh

    Can any tell exact average of twister…?

  • Sabyasachi

    Truly pleasure riding in city conditions. packs enough punch to zip around the town. best in class power to weight ratio. and super smooth delivery of power. if one can sacrifice the mileage part slightly then a great bike.. may be creating a different category of “commuting sports bike”… and may be end the debate.. cheers

  • mohit makhija

    I purchase a new bike honda cb twister..

  • Surya

    In my opinion new DISCOVER 100T should be compared with cb twister. The old discover 100 has chain sprocket problem which makes sound after some years, it also lacks performance, i think bajaj platina 100 has better performance pickup and relibility, but no self start option. Twister is awesome bike but lacks top end speed. If you want more speed, power with good mileage then go for pulsar 135

  • Surya

    @kanu pandit i admit khal khal in discover 100 but twister is better than passion. And the new DREAM YUGA is better performing bike than passion. You said cd100 still can be seen on road, same is with 4s champion and bajaj boxer. I own a 2002 boxer still run like a gun, clutch plates changed after 9years.

  • Kiran dj

    I had buy a bajaj discover 100cc nice bike and it give milage upto 75_80 kmpl but twister which gives only 55-60 and in twister the old person upto age of 60 cannot sit in back because its soo height and some more persons hate that and 68,000 price but discover with self and 4 s engine with normal seat with more milage about 85kmpl and just 51,000 soo discover is best

  • jerry john

    I like honda cb twister. But now iam using discover 100 cc 4g (4 gear).. It has no resale value…. So im going to sell this bike now..