We Are Hiring Content Writers for BikeAdvice!

writerMany of you who follow BikeAdvice regularly would have noticed that our update frequency has reduced. We have been a little busy with other parts of our lives and haven’t been able to contribute to the site as much as we wish to.

We are now looking for content writers in the motorcycle category. The articles can be on any of the following topics.

  • Motorcycle news
  • Bike Reviews
  • Riding Tips
  • Interesting Facts for bikers
  • Anything related to motorcycles.

How to Apply

Leave a comment in this article as of why we should hire you. If your post is convincing, we will email you on the email ID you mention in the comments box and take it further. Please do not email us. There is a reason why we want you to comment here. We will tell you why later.

You will be selected on the following basis:

  • Enthusiasm to work with us
  • Quality of Language
  • Writing Style
  • Commitment level

I think you would already know about the benefits of working with us but let me state it again:

What You Will Get

  • Financial compensation for writing articles. Starts with Rs.0.50 per word and increases with time and quality.
  • A chance to work with us.
  • If you love motorcycles then you will not feel like this is work.
  • Chance to visit motorcycle launch events and visit auto expo to cover motorcycle news at our expense.