Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Review by Mahindra

Hi all readers, am Mahindra from Coimbatore, currently doing Engineering Degree in Electronic Communication. Here in this review am not going to compare any other performance bikes. As am riding Hero Honda Karizma ZMR now is because of my mom. I thank her first before starting the review. This is purely based on my experience and instincts. This is a long story down there with some great pics… 🙂

I was like other boys just knowing the name of the bike and its cc and used to tell tons of stories without knowing facts. I thought biking is just for travel purpose from point A to point B but it was more than that when I entered to college life. Some blogs like BikeAdvice, XBHP, XKMPH, and Motorbeam made me to realize the true spirit of biking and most importantly the technical knowledge part.

Initial Stages of my Life

I had some experience with Indian bikes in beginning. My dad had a legendary Yamaha RX100. Till this date many people has some craze on RX100 which was rocking in roads at 90’s. Many times I used to hop on it and will fall from it in a bad way. Then he got 2006 model Splendor+ which used to be real fuel efficient commuter.

And lastly my dad laid his hands on 150cc bike which is to be 2009 model Unicorn. A bike with good pick-up and a class apart comfort. Unicorn used to be my favorite bike than 150’cc due to magnificent comfort it gives (one must ride this bike to feels its comfort and butter smooth gears). In this bike only I fully learned to ride in traffic and highways. So I have some experiences in bikes with different categories.

Choosing the Right Dream

Like all teenagers I too had the madness of buying new bike. After tired requests from my parents they finally agreed to buy me. As my dad itself got a 150cc bike so I never thought about fuel efficient commuters. So I chose its sibling unicorn dazzler because comfort was my priority than performance. To my result no one liked the looks of it not even by my friends.

My parent’s regretted it. Wow! this is the turning point for me to get my dream which I used to stare in roads and magazines. Guess what? Its Karizma. I simply named it to my parents due to anger for rejecting Dazzler (Are u going to buy me a Karizma? It possess all looks and everything what u expect from a bike with loud voice).

To my surprise they said ok in one question. I was excited in tons of joy. This bike in my school days in a magazine a black Karizma was glittering in full page, I can’t even remember magazine name but the looks stored in my mind. I never have imagined such a bike to own which is always a dream and my parents have said damn ok for it.

I started analyzing and researching then I found a new variant karizma was launched. I was impressed by its stunning and gigantic looks. And I start requests for ZMR. As whooping a price 1lac+ it took hardly six months to convince my parents. All this regards for convincing my parents and made them to understand my passion for bike goes to BikeAdvice and Xbhp. As they considered the price tag then I started analyzing on other bikes in this bracket. It was

  • Karizma ZMR
  • YZF R15
  • Pulsar 220F

Also I do some occasional long rides. Am a guy always find comfort so Pulsar 220F striked out from the list and am a 5ft 11’ inch with 83kg weight so I will look like a monster sitting in R15. So my choice left out with ZMR. Somewhere ZMR was tailor made to me.

ZMR in my Life

My parents agreed and I booked white ZMR. To my eagerness they said it will one month+ waiting period. Then I saw 4 Black ZMR closely standing in showroom. Wow! What a metallic paint finish it was sparkling. Then love went to Black Beauty. Then I bought Karizma Black ZMR 2011 model with everything registered.

It was 27th May 10 A.M the day where I watched in roads and magazines was in my hands. I got bike from a service engineer and he gave the keys to me. I sat on the bike and put keys in. The engine roared to life with an engine note from silencer and my name was welcomed in the dashboard (this makes something special as my bike greeted me).

The words can’t express my joyous at that moment. I did some pooja and while returning home I noted many turning their heads to my bike. This is where an owner gets pride and I too had it. I think this a whole lot of story. Sorry for boredom with my stories. Let’s look on to bike’s part.


To say I love the way huge built it looks. Please Don’t judge ZMR looks by viewing in pictures, its looks and hugeness, entirely awesome to see it in real. Its headlamp may look odd in pictures but it has the best headlamp design which is perfectly matched to bike’s hugeness. Rear part is not that much attractive but it’s really a head turner everywhere you go.

To my instincts I love its looks. Those ZMR logo makes the bike looks bold. Split Grab rails designed to latest trend which is common in every bike and gives some aesthetics. To say it is has ‘SuperBike’ looks.


In ZMR u never the feel the adrenaline rush as like p220 or apache 180. But it goes more equal to P220. Because of its 160kg of dry weight and large windscreen u can’t feel those rushes. But it really has breath taking pick up but will appear as linear smooth delivery. Power is provided at all rpm range.

Just a slight twist of throttle bikes zoom’s off. The FI really makes the bike’s throttle very crisp. I am satisfied with performance that I needed. Am not going to race nor a drag race my bike so I don’t expect raw power. I feel everything I got. Oil cooling is also provided for stress free engine from overheating after long rides. Bike is overall packed for ultimate touring.

Handling & Stability

This where I need to tell you the most. Handling is the superior part in ZMR. Even though it is clip-on handlebars you don’t need it to bend to hold it. Sitting posture is not up-straight nor sportier somewhere in the middle of these two. It offers the best comfortable ride. I love handling of FZ and in ZMR also has wide handlebars gives u more confidence at all levels.

It is stable at all speeds as far I gone. Rear tyres are not bigger but it offers best road grip. Even I attacked a corner heavily and close to touching my knee bit it’s all stable and sticking to the road. It can surpass comfortably even the largest potholes of India. Front disc brakes are not that much sharp as like apache or Pulsar but it can stop this beast at minimum time.

Rear disc has given right amount of power so it plays very well. To say it has best rear disc brake. The bike has low ground clearance due to full fairing and sometimes huge speed breakers will hit my center stand. But this is not a problem. To ride in city is bit complicated due to its power but in highways you are the king.

ZMR is not meant for city usage. To my college I travel 35kms daily but city riding is only for few kms so it is best companion to me. Its wide rear glasses offers you best road part from behind but it’s way too wide and this in traffic is very difficult to zip through the vehicles. Definitely it has some large turning radius people must be aware of the oncoming traffic from behind.


This is one thing which is kept Above all which are available under 250cc. When u put keys in the blue illumination appears and you will be greeted by a personalized message with your name. This is something more special and it impressed me very much.

A PGM-FI light blinks and checks your bikes sensors, fuel pump,etc. It has two trip meters for multiple records. A digital clock and real-time mileage indicator. Real time mileage indicator is bit funny thing and I don’t think it is big kind of usage to me.

Pros: According to me,

  • Humongous looks like SuperBikes.
  • Best dashboard
  • Smooth gears shifting
  • Good initial pick up.
  • Best ever comfort
  • Good stability
  • Mileage is good for the power it gives

Cons: Every bike has some negatives and according me only these few.

  • Bit difficult under high traffics
  • Front disc brake is not that much sharp
  • Very wide rear view mirrors and hard to handle in traffics
  • For such whooping price tag it must have a liquid cooling system
  • Again for this price there must be update in gearbox to 6 gears
  • Rear tyre should have been bigger and so it suits well with gigantic looks of the front. So better aesthetics in rear end also.

Final Verdict

Am a guy who seeks in comfort as primary purpose. For guys who takes their ride for the whole day and returns to his home without feeling any stress of riding the bike. This ultimate comfort can be provided only by ZMR. No other Indian bikes to compare in this category except Bullet. So if u looking for this kind of attitude then ZMR is yours. For drag races or track usage please never opt this wonderful machine.

My dear readers for hell’s sake please wear helmets and proper riding gears. Though riding gears may look like too fashion or something teased by your friends don’t hear it. It offers you protection to its best levels when you meet accidents. I know the worth of lives as I miss some of my friends due to accidents. Just remember when you are going fast without responsible, there is someone waiting for you in home.

“With Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”- spider-man (Bit funny but is has meaning). Thanks you BikeAdvice readers for spending ample amount of time. Hats-off! To Deepak for this wonderful portal which changed everything.

Real thanks to Deepak providing me the opportunity to express my story. All ownership reviews in this blog is awesome. According to me in this blog Karizma ZMR and R15 are best and special ownership reviews posted ever in internet. For ZMR Owners Dhak! Dhak! Go!