Hero Honda Karizma R – Ownership Experience

Right from my childhood, I have been fascinated about bikes; learning to ride on a LML Vespa, riding my dads HH Splendour (2001) in +2, to owning my dream bike CBZ in graduation. Now I own a machine, where I do get satisfied by everything it does, a HH Karizma R (Yellow). While riding a CBZ, I learned many things about biking. So a step more than what the CBZ does is definitely justified by Karizma. I am not a techie or a bike expert, just a normal biker who wants to feel the adrenalin of the bike whenever I ride it. So I just want to share my views about my machine, here @ BikeAdvice.

My Yellow Karizma R

Owning a Karizma is something “Above All”, yes definitely. Still, when I am struck in traffic or park it in any place, it’s an eye-catcher and people do ask me about the bike. Whenever the green light goes at the traffic signals. I always look behind after few seconds to see how many bikers are behind me. “Jet Set Go” really justifies it. There is enough power in the machine, even after crossing 120kmph. You can still feel the smoothness of the engine, and of course, the urging for more & more. Suspension, even on bad and damaged roads, is superb. Feels like you are in an SUV; even the pillion rider feels the same.

My Yellow Karizma R (2)

Braking: I can say the best braking among the bikes I have ridden. It listens to you, whatever the condition it might be, and does its job without any hesitation.

Mileage: It is not reasonable to expect 50 – 60 kmpl from a mean 223cc machine. 30 – 35 kmpl is quite a good number and it increases on highways. Cornering is excellent on this bike. Looks of the bike are amazing. Coming to the dashboard, there are three consoles – Speedo, tacho and digital fuel/time indicator, which are provided in cars only in recent times. HH had provided this to Karizmites years ago. People always admire its beauty, get annoyed by its power, surprised by its braking, elated by its riding.

My Yellow Karizma R (3)

I have completed 2 successful years, and have many memorable moments on this bike. I cannot compare this with any other bike because I like it… I have fallen in love with it. I am the least bothered about other bikes, and I feel its ones own choice/ feeling in choosing a machine. As a Karizmite, I always feel proud to own this Interceptor. I always thank HH for providing Indians a machine to feel the real racing experience in the form of Karizma R. Hero Honda, really “Desh Ki Dhadkan”, they know what’s in Indian hearts.

As we grow, we become old. Bikes are lucky, they get refreshed. Definitely Karizma R has stolen many hearts and let’s see if Karizma ZMR does the job. Safe and Happy Riding to all biking enthusiasts.

Kalyan Chakravarthy