Hero Honda Hunk Review by Yogesh

Hello Guys, To start with. Let me brief a bit about me and my passions. Well I am Yogesh and I am from Pune (although I belong to Raipur C.G.). My passions include Riding (@ high speeds) and I’m an absolute music maniac.

The Journey: From the very childhood I was very ardent to drive bikes and it started with a Bajaj Super scooter, when I was in 6th standard. Though I was a kid and couldn’t reach to the grounds on both sides, I make my balance and try control it firmly. Since that point of time my love towards two wheelers is exponentially growing.

I was a huge fan of Yamaha RX100 from that time but I was too small to own it. At my 8th standard I owned a Hero Puch which was a thrill to ride at that age group. Then came My College 12th standard when I bought my first splendor and I was very possessive about it. I have replaced the rims with RADO wheels.

I used to always take care of it, check everything of it frequently, washed it daily and it made me feel proud. Kept for two years then sold it to own Yamaha. As I mentioned before I loved high speeds from the very start. I bought my first RX135 in my college days and to tell you, it was an amazing experience and thrill to ride it.

Though drums brakes were a major setback of this bike but one must have proper control of their bike. Driving @ high speeds without control is the worst thing you can do to you. (Later I will tell some tips to control the bike @ high speeds while braking so no need to worry).

I enjoyed every ride of it might be city, might be highway. It feels like you’ve power underneath. Sometimes I used to remove the muffler and WOW man. It becomes a rocket launcher. Never ever do that. It adds up to the noise pollution which in fact is not good! It was the time after my college I need to move in to Pune where I bought my first bike in 2005 on my own expenses. Bajaj Pulsar 180 the heart-throb of many people at that time.

It was my first single handed bike (as my previous bikes were shared with my Bro) and I loved it like anything. Never a single day was missed when it haven’t touched 100kmph. I called it my soul mate and it never betrayed me ever. Even for any long drives on bad roads.

Looks wise it was totally black beast. Performance was damn good because of it’s DTS-i technology and it had a great balance on roads while braking and on turning at high speeds. Moreover I was very much impressed with the mileage I was getting. It was quite near to 60km/lt (Don’t be shocked! I tested it many times with 1 liter added over reserve and calculating the readings).

So that was the added advantage I was getting of it. People used to tell me that their Pulsar 180 is giving just 42km/lt (well it also depends on your driving technique and traffic conditions of course). I am the kind of guy that uses brakes effectively. Not always afraid of vehicles on road. (let me also give some driving tips for your safety See Later section).

I used to always go on long drives over weekends and it was never so tiring with the sitting posture of it. Also the seat was genuinely cushioned. My city drive included approx 50kms per day. It never gave me any trouble anywhere anyhow.

PS: If you take care of your loved ones they will take care of you!

Two years passed and I was enjoying every ride of it. A day came and someone stole my bike from my home parking. Believe me. I couldn’t believed this actually happened. For 3 months I wandered for insurance claim like anything and finally got the claim after a big mind blow. This time there were lot many new bikes introduced in the market (2007 Dec).

And I was in full throttle to test drive the best one under my budget. I was in mood to buy Pulsar 180 again, but my friend suggested me to try a new bike this time. I test drove Pulsar 200, Apache, Unicorn etc… Finally I went to Hero Honda showroom where Hunk is the newly introduced bike. I test drove it and found it very smooth and having good pickup as well. I booked the bike.

Believe me guys its been 3+ years and it has never ever given me slightest trouble. Moreover there in no extra sound from anywhere. Everything is so well placed and rigidly fixed that you’ll never know of irritating part noises. Getting an Avg of 47km/lt and the speed is Avg 80kmph and it also touches 100kmph almost daily. Till now it has covered 30000+kms and the engine is damn smooth. I love this part of honda. One of the most refined engine in current market.

While turning it has a different balance than pulsar as both are having different centre of gravity. It takes a little long turn than pulsar but once you have habit of it… it will be fun. I must admit that disc brakes are good but not as good as Pulsar. Even Karizma has much better disc brakes. But if you know the right technique of applying brakes that’s not at a problem.


On Braking: Always apply rear brakes a bit and within the slightest second apply front brake. Front disc brake breaks the motion and the momentum is absorbed in the front shock Absorbers, but remember. Do not ever pull clutch lever while braking. You of course need to shift gears down to control bike effectively but for that you don’t need to hold the clutch for long. Just change and leave the lever. Your bike won’t skid.

Driving Tips: Just stick to this simple point “You can drive at high speeds but never ever drive behind any vehicle”. This means you need to have a visibility of the road and vehicles and you should have proper judgment of the vehicles on the road. When I drive I consider every vehicle and try to calculate/guess where each vehicle will be moving on possible way finding to overtake.

I hope you got my point else read the point again. While driving don’t play with clutch… clutch is just to shift the gears only. And you can get better mileage. With this I am Braking here! This is the first time I am writing any review. 🙂

Waiting for your feedback and opinion!