Hero Honda is likely to be Hero Moto

So far, we have been getting to know a lot of stuff regarding upgraded models, mostly face-lifted models from world’s largest two wheelers manufacturer – Hero Honda. The models included the Hunk, Glamour, CBZ Xtreme, Karizma ZMR and so on.  Now, we have got sensational news. Hero Group is now all set to change the name of the company itself. Yes, we mean it. No kidding.  Its now gonna be Hero Moto.

Following the split by Munjal’s Hero Group from Japan’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer Honda in the recent past, we get to know regarding this name change. Hero Group has applied for this name ‘Hero Moto’ to the Registrar of Companies (ROC) to check for the availability of this name. It seems that the company is awaiting for the reply from ROC. But, even if the name is available and Hero Group gets it registered and patented by the Hero Group, expect the name change to take place not before two months atleast. The reason for this delay is that the company has to get the stakeholder’s nod before proceeding further on this issue.

But, one interesting fact here is that the brands of bikes and scooters would be continued in the market with their own names. For instance, Karizma ZMR would be called Hero Moto Karizma ZMR and the CBZ Xtreme would be called Hero Moto CBZ Xtreme. This sounds like a move after a lot of thoughts on it.

And now guess the amount which the Hero group has allocated for its total re-branding exercise.  It’s a mind whooping 200 and odd crores of Rupees. Also, this huge amount of money is going to play a very crucial role in the company’s export market strategy. The company has identified new markets in Latin America and a few other African nations as well. There are also plans to enter these markets in this financial year itself. Probably, the company may enter new markets with its new name – Hero Moto. Expect a write up from us in some two months on the topic ‘Bye Bye Hero Honda! Welcome Hero Moto’.

Author – BikeAdvice.in