Hero Honda Breaks Shackles – Registers 5 Lakh Units!

After a proposed split from Honda, many people have written off Hero Honda and project the company to be short money making entity. Defying this and all the market speculations, Hero Honda reported an immaculate jump of 42.75 percent as they registered total sales of 5,05,553 units for the month of October 2010 against 3,54,156 units they had sold during the corresponding month last year. This also happens to be the first time when Hero Honda has crossed the magical 5 lakh mark and obviously, their highest ever!

This mammoth figure breaks the earlier record of 4,35,933 units Hero Honda had set in May earlier this year. This also makes it the fifth consecutive month, where Hero Honda has sold more than 4 lakh units in a single month. This magical performance definitely demystifies the immense confidence a common man has on Hero Honda, still!

Hero Honda attributed this to revamped and refreshed lineup of their products along with the aggressive advertisement campaigning during the very recently held 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. ‘According to the company’, Hero Honda has launched 6 new motorcycle models in the Indian market recently. It’s only after Bajaj release their results, we would come to know whether it’s their (Bajaj’s) share which Hero Honda has gulped down or it’s an altogether a different and new customer base.. Nonetheless, however, ironical it may sound but Hero Honda has displayed their prowess and we have the Diwali week still to come.

– Saad Khan