Hero Group to Rebrand Hero Honda

According to Hindu Business Line Hero Honda is planning a new branding strategy after its break up with Honda. As per the technical agreement the company can still use Honda name and technology till 2014 but Munjal led Hero group always believe in acting proactive. Hero Honda’s advertising firm JWT (James Walter Thompson, world’s fourth biggest advertising agency) has been asked to be ready for new media campaign.

According to one of the Hero Honda board members said “In terms of branding, there will be a gradual shift going towards 2014. They are planning a whole new corporate identity, including a new brand logo. The company is likely to hire a branding company soon to develop a new logo.”

According to JWT officials on condition of anonymity said that they have been asked to regroup for a new branding strategy for the Hero Group. The campaign was most likely to focus on the Hero Group’s motorcycling pedigree, although it’s involved in other business activities as well such as bicycles, auto components and electric two-wheelers.

The focus will be more on promoting individual brands such as Passion and Splendor as these brands have built themselves up in customers’ minds over a period of time. They also said that such development has happened but things are under wraps for now.

It seems like Hero Honda has to brand its motorcycle the way Bajaj Auto branding its motorcycle. Bajaj Auto is focusing more on Individual brand like Pulsar and Discover than the brand Bajaj and the strategy is paying off as well. The same way Hero Honda now onwards will focus more on branding Splendour and Passion than brand Hero Honda. It should also be noted that Munjal family is known for its marketing acumen and their strategy of minor upgrades has worked well so far for the company.

The company will continue with Hero Honda brand till 2014 as per the statement of Sunil Munjal. Post 2014 we will see the new brand name and logo. After that be prepare for new logo and brand name.

– Mahavir Kothari