Hero Considering Diesel Motorcycles

We have all seen the break up of Hero and Honda. As a matter of fact, Hero group has the right to sell motorcycles powered by Honda’s technology till 2014. Hero group is looking to strengthen their grip in the market and thus they are trying to bring in new technologies and innovations for the future.

As per the news in NDTV, Hero group is continuously in talks with a Diesel engine supplier from Chennai. News has it that Hero group has asked the engine supplier to supply Diesel engines of displacement greater than 400cc, NDTV reports. NDTV further reports that the supplier is an Indo-US firm. However, the name of the supplier was not disclosed.

As of now, Hero group’s engines are currently under review with the Automotive Research Association of India. NDTV further reports that the agreement between Hero and the unknown Diesel engine supplier would likely to come in force next year i.e. in 2012. After the agreement comes in force, we may see birth of new Hero group Diesel powered motorcycle.

Well, we all are eager to see the Diesel powered motorcycles from Hero. I on behalf of everyone at Bike Advice hope that everything goes just fine. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Diesel motorcycles likely to hit market next year.