Hero CBZ Xtreme Ownership Review by Lakshman

Hi Everyone! This is my first ever review of a bike in a website. I am a regular reader of BikeAdvice.in so I have decided to publish it here. When I was in under graduation of 2nd year my dad promised me to buy a bike but it was like stars in the morning my dad failed to make promise full fill but after my graduation has completed and when I was out of station my dad called and asked me what’s your favorite bike without any hesitation I said hero CBZ Xtreme he said ok and there was no words again about the bike again my dad called after 9 days and asked me when are you returning I said 1st oct 2011 he said ok come without fail I said ok but I did not know that my dad was making a bike surprise party for me (Love you DAD & MOM).

Its 1st oct 2011 I reached my home town Hyderabad and it was as usual on 2nd oct but 3rd oct was a heavy surprise it was around 9 am in the morning my mom woke me up and said someone has come for you I went out and was surprised to see the bike in the Rain covered with a rexine cover I could not believe my eyes and I was in heaven I thanked my mom and dad for the surprise and had my bath and took the bike to the temple and made pooja.

Coming Straight Away to the Comparison of Old and New CBZ Xtreme

  • New digital – Analog combo meter console
  • All secure ignition switch with key shutter

During Day Time

During Night Time

  • Diamond lustre headlight

During day

During Night

  • Anti drag fuel tank.

  • 5 spoke wheels & front and rear disc brakes.

  • Prism shell LED tail lamp

During Day

During Night

  • Rear shocks with GRS

Engine and Performance

As the same old engine this new beast also has a heart (Engine) of 149.2 cc which can produce Max Power 10.6 kW (14.4 PO@ 8500 rpm) Max Torque 12.80 N m @ 6500 rpm. It has got Carburettor of CV type with carburetor controlled variable ignition. No kick start if we want we can make it for 4000 extra as now a days no one requires it still its good to have but company fitted is best so I dint fix one for mine. In the place of kick we got a new AMI – Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System for starting bike which is worth a good technology.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Transmission & Chassis

  • Cluch : Multiplate wet
  • Gear box : 5 Speed constant mesh
  • Chassis Type : Tabular, diamond type

[xrr rating=4/5]


  • Front : Telescopic hydraulic type.
  • Rear : Rectuglar swing arm with 5 step adjustab gas reservior suspension which is very good step taken by hero by fitting GRS for the rear suspension.

[xrr rating=5/5]

Coming to my review on engine I drove just 400 kms in which one was a small tour of 110 kms. I felt no vibrations when I drove my bike at a speed of 90 (Which I broke the rule of company just to check out engines stability). I drove on raw roads thanks to rear grs suspension and tubeless tires (filled with nitrogen air as most recommended).

I got over all mileage of 43-45 (under mixed conditions) before my first service. Once my 1st service is done I will re update about the proper mileage, since there is no change in engine I may get around 50- 53 as all the cbz old costumers are getting. I am happy with the mileage. I have tested the company add of 0-60kms in 5 sec approx under my testing conditions I got on to 0-60in 11 sec since I weight 93 my bike was not able to reach.

Thanks to hero for understanding young ster needs and made the seat split in to two and made us feel like moving in air. I was able to drive in 4 gear at a speed of 20 with no engine knockings on flat road but in first gear I wen I tried to reach high speeds the engine made lot of sound. I tried cornering It was stable thanks to anti drag fuel tank. Least but not the last the new tag line ‘Live Off The Edge’ suits it a lot.

Over all performance of the bike is very very good I give a rating of 4.6 / 5 and I am very happy and proud to have CBZ Xtreme (SAM – My bike name which I call it and make my friends call it since bike has got a heart in the form of Engine). On road price in Hyderabad is 78400 since my dad has got some friends he got it for 76000 it’s a gift from my parents and will maintain it as gift through out my life.