2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide Launched in India at 29 Lakhs

Harley-Davidson has introduced the all-new Street Glide in India. The Street Glide arrives in India via the CBU route, and costs a whopping 29 Lakhs. It will be available at all the 11 Harley-Davidson showrooms across India.

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One look at the Street Glide, and what strikes you down is the shape of the fairing upfront on the bike. Harley-Davidson calls it the BatWing, and they claim it reduces the wind buffeting down by a considerable level. It also projects a kind of an identity of the bike, as it is irregular and unique. The other noticeable factor is the sheer bulk of the Street Glide, which borders quite on the fringes of intimidation.

The Street Glide is introduced under Harley-davidson’s PROJECT RUSHMORE. Official statement states that this project is aimed at improving key aspects of the touring experience associated with a Harley-Davidson. Scratch the surface, and you will realize it is just a puffed up name given to an exercise aimed at shrugging away the old-world technical inexpertise that Harley-Davidson has found itself unfortunately attached with.

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New features of the Harley-Davidson Street Glide are:

  • Dual Halogen lighting, Reflex™ Linked Brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and High Output Twin Cam 103™ powertrains on 2014 Street Glide are aimed at bolstering rider confidence in all situations.
  • High Output Twin Cam 103™ powertrain is aimed at delivering more spunk; exactly 138 Nm of peak torque at 3500 rpm. It will allow the rider to overtake with ease, and ride up inclines without a hiccup.
  • Reflex Linked Brakes are electronically linked brakes that maintain the balance of front and rear brakes, allowing rider control on all terrains.
  • A hydraulic clutch on the 2014 Street Glide ensures that jabbing the clutch lever is effortless, and that too despite the stiffer clutch springs.
  • The Dual Halogen Lamp setup performs better than a single lamp setup, with a better throw.
  • The 2014 Street Glide is equipped with newer front suspension parts to ensure an improved steering response. Fork diameter is increased from 43.1mm to 49mm and suspension damping has been re-tuned smoother ironing out of the tarmac deformities.

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There is a new color screen Boom! box infotainment system that combines practically everything one would need. The list includes audio, Bluetooth, GPS Navigation and feature for Intercom and CB communication. It has a High-resolution 4.3-inch colour screen, and speaker output is 25 watts per channel.

Depending on the models, one can get a two-channel or a four-channel output. Since the Boom!  Box supports Bluetooth, the rider’s phone can be paired to make or receive calls via a headset. It can also stream and play music from the phone. There is also a feature for viewing the phone SMSes on the Boom! Box Screen. A USB port allows connection of various devices like an iPod or simply an external storage device to play music.

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Boom! Box also supports CB radio and voice-activated (VOX) intercom functions. A Vehicle Information screen can display ambient air temperature, oil pressure, and Engine Idle Temperature Management Strategy (EITMS).  Radio functions include AM and FM bands plus WB (weather) and all radio functions are available through hand controls.

The 2014 Street Glide has restyled saddlebags that can be opened up or locked with the touch of a button, thus improving convenience. They offer more capacity than earlier, and their new sleeker design looks better. Similarly, there is a reshaped Tour-Pak that aids the saddlebags for the stowing activities. To further improve convenience, the fuel lid can be opened or closed via the touch of a finger.

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Speaking at the launch of the2014 Street Glide®, Mr.Anoop Prakash, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India said :

Project RUSHMORE is an epic, customer-focused journey by Harley-Davidson to fundamentally improve the riding experience for owners of touring models. It not only showcases our commitment to our core customers but also represents a new direction in product development at Harley-Davidson. The New Street Glide is our premier offering for the Indian market and offers the perfect balance between custom touring style and long haul functionality. With its stunning design and rider focused engineering, I am confident that it will rouse a sense and feeling of freedom like never before.

The Street Glide should appeal to those who have deep pockets and have a penchant for adventure. In doing so, they ensure that their tours will be comfortable, enjoyable to the last minute.