Next Generation Pulsar To Be Launched On 30th

I don’t remember waiting for such a long time for the launch of any bike like what’s happening with the Pulsar series. The date is finally revealed for the launch and it is 30th of this month (January). Wait with your fingers crossed as I update you with the live happening right from Mumbai from the launch spot.

The venue for the launch is Hotel ITC Grand Central in Mumbai. I’m very sure that the expectations for the next generation Pulsars keep rising as time pass by. We don’t have any clue as such on what are the engine variants with which they’ll be launching this whole new breed of bike.It’s been 10 successful years for Bajaj started dealing with the Pulsar brand of Motorcycles. It in fact became a kinds youth icon in India, which is the reason for its success in the Indian market. Overwhelmed by the success here, Bajaj also started exporting the Pulsar series to various other markets which include Indonesia and Singapore to name a few and the best part of the story is that they are equally success out there as well

Now, what make the expectations for the next generation Pulsars grow so high? This time it’s not a typical facelift or an upgrade which Indian bikes are used to. According to what Mr. Bajaj said in an interview, the next generation Pulsar is gonna be based on a whole new [platform and the technologies incorporated will be the best in class. Also, there are rumours and speculations that these Pulsars will make use of the technology and might also be based on the KTM platform. True? No? Let’s wait to see the reality.

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