Garware Adds its First Female Super Biker

How would you feel when a normal looking woman zips past you on the big bulbous Hyosung ST7. That is going to happen at least to many folks of in Pune when Priyanka Dangi would be flying his monster cruiser across Pune and its outskirts.

Priyanka Dangi, a student of St Mira’s College and resident of Pune has just bought the Hyosung ST7 Royale to fulfill her desire of owning a BIG bike. On the occasion, Priyanka said, “I am very happy to purchase this world class bike from Hyosung’s stable and I did not consider any other brand knowing the fact that Garware Motors will provide the best of the class product and services. It has always been my dream to one the ST 7 and now I do own one”

Instances like this do imbibe that confidence and the upcoming of the fairer sex and give a tough competition to what is predominantly called as a male dominated interest. Anyways, wish Priyanka a fantastic ride and wish our market and our roads get better so that we get to see more of similar instances.

Saad Khan
Team BikeAdvice