Fuel Efficiency – Honda’s New Mantra for Success!

Honda is a brand that has got a huge market and goodwill in the country. Post their separation from the 26 year old Joint venture, the company now is taking every possible action to gain more and more of the market share and goodwill. The CEO and representative Director, Yamamoto, of Honda R&D said that the company is the largest in two wheeler production in the world but they are still lacking behind in India. He further said that the demand for fuel efficient models is huge in India and thus the company is keenly focusing on that constrain. He said that the company wants to introduce more and more fuel efficient bikes in the country so that their products can be sold hands on.

Mr.Yamamoto also said that the company is working on the fuel efficiency constrain and is keen to develop that technology. Also, the company is planning to introduce more fuel efficient models in the coming days especially in the scooter segment. There are few things that a Honda scooter lover can cherish; firstly the company is striving for fuel efficient scooters and bikes (more emphasis on scooters) and secondly the company is planning to develop the small scooter market in the country by introducing more scooters in the coming year.

Mr.Yamamoto said that after the breakup from Hero, Honda has a standalone brand which is developing day in and day out. He didn’t give any info on the future models that are to be introduced by Honda; however he said that the company is planning to introduce a 125cc fuel efficient scooter very soon however timeline wasn’t disclosed. It is clear from the statements of Suzuki that Honda has got its focus set on the fuel efficient engines and the scooter market. Mr. Yamamoto lastly said that fuel efficiency is utmost important and the company is looking to develop it further. We will have to now wait and see if Honda can deliver what it promised.