Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Price Hiked by Upto 4600 – July 2022

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 price hike affects all the 3 variants of the retro cruiser… Tripper navigation still remains an optional accessory…

So, from this month (July 2022) onwards, Royal Enfield have increased the asking price of all 3-variants of their popular Meteor 350 retro-cruiser. 

This price revision also includes the newly introduced 3 colours to the Meteor 350 line-up. 

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 All Variants New Pricing (July 2022)

The Meteor 350 is offered in 3 variants in India – Fireball, Stellar & Supernova. 

All the 3 variants have received a price hike ranging from Rs. 3,591/- for the base variant to Rs. 4,592/- for the top Supernova variant. 

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The base Fireball variant now starts at Rs. 2,05,844/- (ex-showroom) for all 4 colour options. 

The middle Stellar variant will now be starting at Rs. 2,11,924/- (ex-showroom) for Blue, Red, Black & Pure Black Custom colour options. 

The top-spec variant Supernova is now priced starting at Rs. 2,22,061/- for all 3 colour options. 

Do note the fact that Royal Enfield recently stopped offering the Tripper Navigation Pod as standard on the Meteor 350 & the Himalayan 411. 

It is not known at present whether the removal of the Tripper Navigation pod as standard is a permanent change or a temporary one. 

So, if you’re interested in picking up a new Meteor 350 motorcycle, you will be paying a little more from this month and will also need to add some amount extra to option their Tripper Navigation Pod.