FreeStyle Motocross Action Sports event by X-Fighters Comes to India: June 30 in New Delhi


The FreeStyle Motocross action sports team Red Bull X- Fighters are all set to perform the bone chilling stunts in New Delhi on June 30. The event is labeled as the X-Fighters Jam and will feature the world’s finest motocross riders like Nick Franklin, Nick De Wit, Gilles Dejong and Jimmy Verburgh. The incredible show will be performed in Rajpath, New Delhi and will be accompanied by fireworks and music by popular DJ Artists.

The FMX(FreeStyle Motocross) event has been introduced in Asia by Red bull who is the official sponsor of the event, FMX  is hugely famous and enjoys the cult status in the cities they have already performed, recently X-Fighters have performed in Sri-Lanka and Pakistan too. This is the first time X-Fighters will be performing the gravity defying aerial stunts in India.

Learn more about the event history at their official website.

Here is one video of FMX to get you guys excited: