Asking You a Feedback for BikeAdvice

It has been nearly six months since I started this blog. I have covered almost all the bike reviews and always keeping up with the latest news in the biking industry. I hope you are enjoying the content and the interaction with other readers of BikeAdvice via the blog commenting feature. I am always thinking of how I can improve the blog, this time I have stopped thinking and am looking for your comments.

I just was to ask you straight away –

  • What can I do to improve your reading experience?
  • Is there something missing so far?
  • And what is your favourite part about this blog?

Do you know why I came up with this post? I was in a mindset that people would not take their time and give me free advice for improving my site. But just to give it a try, I emailed 8 people who were regular readers of BikeAdvice and to my astonishment, 6 of them gave big detailed points for improvement, one of them gave me a small suggestion and the other one told me he will give suggestions within a week.

Now I realized that people are really enthusiastic on giving free advice and it doesn’t hurt to ask. So, I am eagerly waiting for your comments. – Deepak