An Event for Startups and Entrepreneurs

If you are a student who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, or if you are a business man who is on the mission of growing your company to the next level, then most probably you would be thankful to me if I was the first one to introduce you to I will be attending this event at Bangalore on 23-24 January (Saturday and Sunday) and if you want to join me, let me know.

About the Event: celebrates entrepreneurship, by encouraging and showcasing it where it matters the most – at the startup level. It provides a platform for startups from within and around the Indian subcontinent to participate, share, discuss and draw strength from the growing entrepreneurial community, in an effort to create world-class products and product leaders from the region. The success of is easily seen in the profile of the audiences that attend each event – VCs and Angel investors, mentors and industry veterans, other startups and established organizations seeking inspiration, collaboration and partners.

Vision: Several Years ago, when India first started venturing into the realm of the global economy, there was very little that we had to offer to the world in terms of talent, knowledge, ability, scale, and there was nothing we had in terms of prior experience. Thanks to several organizations, and the ability and visions of leaders at that time, India is enjoying its growth today. We believe that the next growth and economic stability for this nation will come from Startups, and from companies that are focused on building Intellectual Property. That’s where comes in., Today, is about giving entrepreneurs a platform to express their visions and showcase their imagination, with a working prototype, for the world to see. It’s about increasing partnership, collaboration and mindshare among a distinguished, qualified and well-connected audience. provides a unique platform for promising startup talent to communicate their creativity and innovation potential. As a meeting place for the smartest entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and professionals, stands true to its mantra “Create, Contribute, Collaborate.”

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