e-Let’s Electric Scooter Showcased by Suzuki at the Auto Expo 2012

Suzuki displayed a chic electric scooter called as e-Let’s at the recently concluded Auto Expo 2012. The scooter had a huge box at the front which, though made sense, however took away all the front looks of it. Standing just beside the mighty Hayabusa, the scooter looked pretty small in size.

This scooter was supposed to get launched in Japan on 9th Janurary 2012.

Main pointers of the scooter are:

  • Zero emission
  • Highly Practical
  • High performance in-wheel motor
  • Regenerative Braking capability
  • Compact & lightweight chassis
  • Battery is charged from a 100V household outlet
  • On a single charge e-Let’s can run for about 30 kilometers (when ridden at 30 kmph on level roads)
  • It had tons of carriage space – big box at the front, small box near the legs, and possibly some boot space under the seat as well.
  • Length x Width x Height – 1665 x 600 x 985 (all in mm)
  • Power Unit: AC synchronous Electric motor

Good for intra city short distance visits to shorter distances like nearby grocery shops, supermarkets or other places, this scooter makes pretty good sense. However, there was a clear mark ‘Currently not sold in India’ at the detail banner of the scooter. Neither did Suzuki mention or talk about this scooter anywhere. But I guess it might be kept by Suzuki to gauge public response of us, Indians and the growing trend of electric motors might push Suzuki to launch these kind of products here in India sooner than later.

Saad Khan
Team BikeAdvice