Eco Friendly XS e-Bikes launched

Eco friendly e-bikes are becoming more and more popular these days as the prices of fuel are going high above common man’s reach. As a result most of the manufactures are trying to enter this segment with lots of expectation. Recently another set of eco friendly e-bikes were launched by Prabhatam Group. This news may not woo most people here in Bike Advice but it is definitely a cheapest way to commute. This battery operated marvel can save you loads of money on fuel prices while protecting the environment as well.

The next generation eco friendly XS e-bike has been launched in various models and ultimately runs at a speed of 25 Kmph at an energy cost of 7 paisa per Km. Now with the introduction of these bikes, people are assured of low cost traveling but they won’t be able to experience the thrill of speed.

Mr. Dinesh Gupta, Chairman of Prabhatam Group, was of the opinion that these bikes are introduced for the middle and lower middle class who crave to save their money on petrol. He further said that these XS bikes will also be an answer to increasing traffic and pollution. The Xs bikes will be soon launched in various parts of the country but right now it is launched only in northern India. The bike for now is available in Delhi.

Mr.Gupta also stressed that there is a growing demand for these XS bikes in Delhi because it can be easily driven by college students, women (including Housewives) and senior citizens. He further stressed that the bikes are made of strong materials and thus can carry up to 125 Kgs very easily.

One more reason that these companies are launching e-bikes may be because both the central and state governments are offering good rate of subsidies to the manufacturers of eco friendly bikes. The central government is offering 15% subsidy, while the state governments of Delhi and Chandigarh are offering subsidies up to 20%. Whosoever may enter this segment but one thing is for sure that this e-bikes segment will become the most scouted out segment soon.